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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

My Tribute to the Creative Jews - Part One

My Tribute to the Creative Jews and other Folks of our American Marvel Comic Books Company - A Dream Machine for Children Everywhere!

Part One: Will I Ever Pay Tribute to Stan "the Man" Lee?

By Karen Cole Peralta
Word Count: 6,200

I’m not trying to sell my writing with this. I’m warning people they may get hauled away to American concentration camps. Also, I’m going for a tribute to Stan “the Man” Lee of Marvel Comic Books, although I didn’t mention him a lot. I’ll pay him better tribute later.

Basically, the dude advised us to move north to deal with global warming a long time ago, and I remembered him for that. I think he would like what I’m talking about on this blog “dealt with” summarily, as he’s New York Jew through and through, but I think it may be a matter of having to take your actions into your own hands. Not very many people are dealing with this other than the victims, although I have found some concerned radicals and protestors on the Internet - and I know actions are being taken in real time regarding this. To some extent, the Alaskan concentration people are “on the run” and are claiming the camps there have closed down, which I still doubt, as they seem to be running people there through the railways.

It looks like we are heading for making Hitler and the WWII concentration camps look small - involving camps here in the “free” world of the USA holding millions upon millions of people, most of whom are American citizens, white, oppressed poor people in all probability, disaster victims especially, mental patients, welfare recipients and political dissidents. But we all had best become concerned: Latinos, Arab- and African-Americans, Blacks, people not even involved in politics, and everyone else.

Supporters of ‘our’ Left and Right Democrats, Republicans, all Parties, Jews, Blacks, Whites, Moslems, Pagans, Atheists, Men, Women, Children and Christians Unite! Also, especially radicals of any stripe whatsoever – who’ve got to deal with this.

Both left and right wingers should be looking into this one, people, and we are not kidding! This is NOT the “boy who cried wolf.” We’re talking genuine lousy times. Either Hillary Clinton or Rudolph Giuliani should be dealing with this, but what I’m scared of is they’re maybe being misadvised and some other types are in charge of this shindig, or it could be someone else in the Admin; wouldn’t know if Bush or Cheney or Obama or Schwarzenegger is involved. Chances are, he thinks he’s “brave” as a Christian and yes, he’s involved. He’s looking the other way completely on it and signing the paperwork “Yes.”

I’m not putting down the great job Mr. Bush did over 9/11 and the subsequent lack of terrorist events in the USA. It’s also possible they’re planning on putting terrorists into the death camps and dealing with them that way. But there’s a major problem with this, aside from the human rights of the terrorists, although that’s certainly involved.

They also start sticking other kinds of people in there, not only a few indigents, crooks, weirdoes and mental patients. It’s too many different kinds of people, get it? There’s way too much overlap. They do start coming to get other kinds of people; not only that, if private enterprise set that up, they can really start going for people. YES, you could hear that terrible door knock, on so many doors like during the Holocaust and it’s NO fun at all, people, then you will see men and or women with tasers, and they take you away to a concentration camp - and you might even have a job going and a life! Not that you don't if you're on welfare, but I just want to point out that they can "take away" anybody, in all probability, and you should try to become more informed about this serious issue.

I do, and I feel as if I am now putting myself in danger to try to get word out about this, not to mention my family. I saw two “guards” on a Washington State Ferry the other day, carrying tasers. I so much as stuck my arm out our car window, didn’t give them the finger or anything, and it wasn’t an illegal thing to do - and they deliberately passed close by and acted threatening. I don’t know what that was supposed to mean, and I hope I can create this blog post “safely” and not get in any trouble with the authorities – or whoever it is that may be putting people away in camps in the USA.

Anyway, the ferry incident demonstrates how the authorities could get out of hand very, very easily. Those two guys could probably have tasered me, for my arm merely hanging out of a car window. I wasn’t doing anything wrong, wasn’t bothering them at all – and then that. There are NOW armed uniformed guards at those FEMA camps, is what I seem to have learned. I don't think it's just a rumor.

You may think I’m nuts, and there’s no such thing going on, or something. I really mostly used to help on the buses when concerned people were starting to help make everything wheelchair accessible, but I have been involved in civil rights, at least vaguely. I’m not insane. Please believe me on this. I read they are starting the transfers up there of the mental patients in Alaska. They have trains and ship them via railways. They even talk about it on the Internet, as though it was something they can get away with discussing. But they don’t go into a lot of great detail, and they kind of sound like they’re interacting with each other through the WWW, in order to coordinate their activities.

It’s a Bureaucracy; there is no one group or person who necessarily keeps track of it all, get it? The authorities are not there to help you; they only think they are sometimes, and other times a lot of them “know better” and they know not what they do because they don’t feel your pain. Absolutely nobody keeps thorough enough track of things overall. Haven’t you noticed the stuff about tasers lately on TV and the ‘Net?

All it takes is the whole situation gets out of hand, boom. I know there’s media, but they’re not always around to get involved. They do get busy with other things. Yes, with luck there will be media involvement, no, not with luck. Get the media you know involved in this, people, any of you having access to it. I’m gonna do so with my outsource team to the extent I can, but you should go ahead and see what you can do to look into this. I hope I’m not too early on this to get involvement.
What they’re doing is spread eagled out on the ‘Net and I have a feeling we’re supposed to get involved. Radicals in other countries like China and in the continent of Africa get regularly imprisoned, especially journalists and others who take an interest in things or snoop too deeply…

…so I’m being as careful as can be - snoop cautiously, but get a move on, and see what you guys with skills or anything can do. You don’t need extreme skills; do Internet researches or whatever. Take chances if you want to, but yeah, be careful with it. No kidding, the authorities are probably coming; they really frigging are, in all probability. I may be somewhat ahead of “the game” here - but all they have to do is go for certain areas of towns and cities, certain people and neighborhoods at first, to try to make like they’re “clearing them out” and it might be a doable. Yeah, they’ll fight back, but they can come after one family at a time and folks, people are not “Good Neighbors” anymore like they were in the good ol’ days.

Believe it or not, chances are, they’ll let them. I KNOW this for a fact because I’ve seen some of it done, way the heck back in the 80s - not that long ago. I live elsewhere now, but it’s only a matter of time before they branch out from the neighborhoods I mentioned and start attacking “more normal” ones.
Even if it doesn’t come to that and they don’t fight back or do - you know how there’s always new high tech weaponry and things coming out? You know how the riot police during protests are starting to look “less and less human?” They’re wearing a LOT more sophisticated riot gear, I’ve checked the tech, and YEAH, they’re getting ready for something.

Up to you and your friends, fellow people and families whether you want to fight them back. Don’t’ listen to the parts under Dr. King where he said to not risk your life, just be careful doing it. The Man didn’t want to lose people. This is not a hopeless situation. The authorities are only people but you won’t be able to talk to them when they are coming at you with tasers and new high tech gizmos. This is serious, and you are not like the heroes in the high tech fancy movies, folks. It hurts to be hit over the head and dragged away.

If they come and get you, fight back like you really mean it, get it down somehow, run away, whatever you have to do. If you think you are in one of “those neighborhoods,” get a permit for a gun and keep it hidden away. But remember that the authorities will probably kill you if you stand up to them with weapons; they’re famous for that. You have to be extremely careful about such matters, and only use weapons as a last resort.

In other words, if you don’t want guns, don’t bother with them. They’re the heavy dutiest thing you’ll ever own, so don’t buy what you don’t want. You lose your options with a gun in a microsecond, and if you’re the drinking or partying type, I especially advise you not to bother with guns. People who drink have a nasty tendency to play with them at parties. I’m not kidding about this at all; only responsible people should use guns.

Okay, that’s enough of a pacifist talking gun usage. I don’t even own or use them myself, and am not exactly what you would call a weapons expert. I’m mentioning it just because it’s easy for the authorities, who do have guns and also tasers nowadays, to traipse right off with you or your neighbors, if everybody’s so depressed or self righteous they can’t bend enough to help their friends and neighbors and take some long chances.

Believe it or not, you might be able to stop them. Use stuff you see in books or TV shows or movies if you have to – unbelievably, IT WORKS. People have used moves like that in actions and there’s a chance they will work. Every time I’ve done something like that, it has worked for me. You can use your imagination and dope out a plan of attack. I’ve used Edgar Allen Poe novels, Sherlock Holmes books by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and even comic books can show you good stuff like how to freak someone out who’s pointing a gun at you. I stood down a whole parking lot full of impending teenage weirdoes just by confusing them.

That’s enough of that; you can figure out what to do. It’s survival of the so called “fittest” again seemingly, but don’t despair. You don’t have to be the fittest, although I would suggest exercising as much as you possibly can to get ready. Try bicycling, walking, jogging, room exercises, skating, martial arts - the last one will train you in fighting somewhat - or whatever.

Any martial arts and study of it will help you think straight and figure out what to do. If nothing else, it will give you self confidence, and you might at least go down fighting. Think this: it might help someone else against this doom scenario. Take some classes on it, people, and learn.

If you learn martial arts, maybe you won’t have to hit your kids to get them to stay away from your weapons, if you even need any such weapons. If nothing else, it can train you how to use said weapons more appropriately, and if your kids train in martial arts, get them into it and intrigued, and get them to be careful and very studied and serious about it. You don’t really play or horse around so much with MA and you have to train hard when you study it. It’s not a game; it’s a way of life.

Anyway, it’s chance taking, that’s a lot of advice from some experience, but you will have to figure it out on your own and maybe you have already done so. If you don’t like guns: we don’t happen to be keeping them around - may be safer that way, but if you’re legal, it’s entirely up to you.

The NRA (National Rifle Association) suggests you stock good quality rifles - but seriously, if you or your friends have hot tempers, get drunk, smoke cigs or use drugs, either stop doing that - or think twice about getting any guns, as they can be more trouble than they’re worth. You need to know how to handle those things to use them right, and no one who thinks they’re for “fun” should ever use them.

It’s harder than it looks and taking a class in it is best, unless you don’t want people to know you’ve got them. No use blowing each other away while waiting for “them” to show. Keep a low profile to discourage gun theft. Also, if you can, get a gun safe or cabinet - really important - and keep the key, combination or other access on your person or in immediate reach your kids can’t get at. A gun safe is the best thing you can get to keep a gun or guns in. Remember, there are groups to help gun owners, such as the NRA and the Minutemen, who advocate gun use against improper authorities who might be out to harass or kill you. These weird “authorities” might be private, but it’s hard to tell who’s who, so make sure you’re seriously endangered before you do any shooting.

And think about calling the cops first before you give it a go. You might want to check out your local police to see if they are at present trustworthy; if they are not, I wouldn’t bother, but if you check them out and they seem okay, call them when you need them. I hate to be such an alarmist, and at the moment, it’s not the regular police we’re worried about so much as the newer ones, possibly private industry, starting to crop up in various areas. I’m worried by now a lot of places have already been cleared out, like “bad neighborhoods.” And they are sending those people places like mental institutions and jails and now the concentration camps again. This time it’s death camps and that’s not what you want - out of life. Hang in there, and don’t call the cops if you don’t trust them at all or are suspicious.

Yeah, that’s what the really lousy times are about. They have evolved the camps over time, so chances are, once you are in one of those places, you are not ever coming out again. They’re not that easy to escape and they have surely begun to accelerate the process, so far as everything I have ever seen displays. Go to your library and read about the Holocaust - you will get a running acquaintance with one of the major systems that instituted death camps. The Nazis used killing Jewish people as a pretext to institute those, and of course they wiped out about ten million or more people across Europe that way. You can also check out the concentration camps of China, best way is on the Internet so far as I know, and you should get word out on these. People in China and Africa need those death camps worked on too; which area of attack is up to you and yours, as I only know so much about them and can help only in the area of letting you know these exist worldwide. Don’t despair; as the Jews and other people imprisoned and avoiding them during the Holocaust, you too can find ways to fight back. Don’t be afraid to take some chances and talk to people.

Unbelievably, you may still be able to get some help from the regular cops, but you know, it’s up to you to look into that and see what you think. A lot of people figure in times like these, they’re better off without. I have called them, and when they showed up, they were of help, but it was limited. I don’t know that I particularly trust them, but I don’t be cop killers. You really get in bad trouble for doing that. Avoid killing as much as possible; only kill in utmost self defense, like if they are definitely coming for you with weapons drawn, and you know you didn’t do anything, or if you see them coming with tasers, prepare a way to get out or get away.

This is not meant as advice for crooks, but it could be taken by them if the authorities are “out to get you” for minor criminal activity. Minor crooks and possibly major ones could be targeted for sending to the camps. But if you’re really crooked and into fire power, I’ve no advice for you. I am not an advocate of “gangstas,” unless somehow they can withstand what I’m worried about or stand up to it, somehow, and avoid the camps.

If they can figure out a way to stand up to the camps, more power to them. If all they advocate is gun violence against cops - I wouldn’t know about it. I’d admire them if they could figure out a way to get these “authorities” to stop hauling people away to gigantic camps way out in the boonies. But if all they can do is advocate crime and violence, I don’t see them helping us against the camps menace, unless they change their minds.

I also wouldn’t both laying in any supplies of knives, swords, canes or anything too esoteric if I were you, when it comes to those “authorities,” as they use high tech gizmos - and it makes it pretty tricky. Pepper spray is usually too woosy to bother with it, and things like throwing stars, sticks and nunchuks may be useless, but it’s up to you to decide when it comes to things like heavy weapons. If you know they are coming to get you to send you to camps, it’s up to you. And it can be very hard to tell if that’s what they are doing, so try to get involved in the politics of ending this major oppression before it’s too late - and you’re gone.

Why am I so concerned about American concentration camps? It is definitely a worldwide syndrome, so it has finally caught up with the USA again; the last media known camps which people were widely aware of were during the 1940s, somewhat inland from the Pacific Coast. Also, the Alaskan camps are extremely likely to be solely death camps at some point in time, although at the moment they might not be entirely death camps. It just seems a not unlikely probability, so don’t go there. There were Japanese, German and Italian American concentration camps during WWII on the West Coast - and they were hidden away. I know I must have lost German American relatives one way or another in those, and I heard some of them died. Hidden things do not good keeping track make. It was probably more people than they said there were in them, not only the Japanese as the media reported - but other kinds of people, too.

There wasn’t a lot of publicity about them at the time - and a lot of people had no idea whatsoever they existed. Fortunately, they weren’t apparently death camps - although people died in them – and come to think, I saw some new reports that said there may have been death camp involvement after all. As for the people in them, some of them may have escaped, and a lot of them appear to have gotten out. I’ve never met a single person though who escaped from one of those. And I should really have met some of them at least, considering the hanging out I was doing a few years back, so I guess it’s possible those were death camps.

I’d worry if I were you; there was next to no publicity about them. But that was awhile ago. So don’t panic, but I’ve seen every sign that this time they are going to be death camps, so try very hard not to go there. I only know of the ones in Alaska when it comes to the USA, but ‘god’ only knows what’s now out in the boonies. We have plenty of hidden America they could tuck them away in the outskirts thereof. Be careful, you folks; be careful. They even stick some of those somewhere in big cities, like the smaller ones they had the “racially impure” Moslems in a few years back, and they can put those small ones right in the cities and towns. The USA might be infested with those, and I can’t think of a thing I or we can do about those. They’re hidden.

Maybe you could try to find one or several and uncover their existence. If we could get media involvement in on this, it could work. And call attention to the big huge ones that “off” or imprison droves of people.

They are not going to stick “Mexicans & Moslems” alone in there, other types of guys and gals! How do I know? I’ve been studying the Holocaust throughout Eastern and Central Europe and the USSR’s earlier version under Stalin during WWII – for over the last thirty years. Oppose this horror somehow. We have nothing to lose but our office tower coffee lunches! My version of doing this is to get word out through blogging right now. I will have to talk my family into anything else more active that we do, but for now, I’m trying to get the media intrigued if possible. I don’t have tons of evidence - except for what I find in libraries, and on the Internet and television. At least word is getting out, but there needs to be more activity on the part of the media and other people to do something about this situation.

One more time, I’m going to admit I’m doing this in honor of the Jews of New York City Metropolitan area, and Stan “the Man” Lee of Marvel Comics infamy. I grew up reading those and other comic books - and hundreds of adult books on politics and other choice topics. So I do know somewhat whereof I speak. But you have to find out what to do on your own. I’m not much of a leader type; I can only give you some advice. So this started out as a blog about Stan Lee and the fact he’s been sick somewhat lately so I was gong to do a tribute blog but it became this, because I began to find out more about the death camps. I’m going to try to get this blog over to NYC and Jews and others there - and see if I can whet any interest in this by them. They may be into the authorities restraining the terrorists too much to listen, but I have some contacts over there and they might.

Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Independents, anybody, we have to stop the concentration camps! This is not fair to the Jews - or Arnold Schwarzenegger - at all! My worst terror is a lot of stringing us along with “Oh, it’s taken care of and all is well,” and then they put more people into them. Who knows who, eventually? It’s not that well controlled, as the government doesn’t have or use tons of money for these things. Also, it doesn’t mean it’s not happening, as what I’ve read deeply implies that it does. And I’m not the “fraidy cat” type, as I’ve said; I’ve climbed mountains and cliffs, bike and motorcycle ridden, handled guns and knives, and I helped stop a house burglary once where the burglars were pretty violent oriented. I was lucky, but it shows that sort of thing is at least possible. I do have a startle reflex and I’m older now, but how are you?

There was a dude once named Malcolm Shabazz who said: if you are only one grain of sand, try to become several grains of sand. If you are feeling too alone, try to find some other people and get them into your life. Don’t stay hanging out on the Internet alone; those who do hang separately, “and it’s better to hang together than to hang separately.” All that “hanging out” is from statements by a dude named Ben Franklin, one of the Founding Fathers and Mothers of this country, way back in the 1700s. Bear that in mind, and get some people into your life.

Of course, why panic. It’s going to be awhile, but I’m worried about sporadic events. I’m sure they’re already happening, as I saw evidence on a WA state ferry the other day. Try also dumping the IP address on your home comp or notebook or whatever you’ve got occasionally to make you harder to track down. It’s a good regular practice to get into. Sometimes the machine will simply reset the IP address, and that’s one of the ways the authorities are stopped from tracking down your comp and home address.

Try giving out less personal info over the Net, and never keep your personal info stored on your comp. This could slow them down from sticking you in a concentration camp, or other awful non homelike facilities. Look into ways of dealing with your social security number.

I have also been advised about the “going peacefully” with them bit, and it’s valid enough, but you have to be prepared to go along with them and fully lose your life to do that. I would call that giving up, but if you have no chance to fight whatsoever - and they are only going to hurt you, consider going for it - if you think there’s a chance you can get out - of whatever institution you appear to be headed for. It just might work; follow your instincts, but if you go along with them, you might never come back.

It is the world’s oldest “authority’s argument”: to go quietly or put up a fight. I’m worried it will be needed to put up a fight, but yes, I have gone quietly and survived in the past. Best bet is to never get them over to you to begin with, but that could end up being over anything. That argument has been long around too, so don’t worry excessively. It makes you feel depressed - and you don’t need to end up on medications.

Those can poison your system and hurt you, and you shouldn’t take those unless you have severe mental illness and need to. I have seen people get crippled up and dead from medications meant to treat mental illness, but you might need to take them if you have extremely severe mental problems. I would suggest looking into herbal and other natural remedies such as vitamins and herbal teas or other natural remedies instead. I take daily vitamins - and my mate gives me herbal remedies. Normal system mental health medication right now is a bad bet when it comes to long term health care, but it’s up to you.

I’m getting perhaps worried too much here in a blog that was originally supposed to be a tribute to Stan “the Man” Lee, Marvel Comics writer, artist, editor and publisher par excellence, but I couldn’t help but blog about the death camps problem on his behalf, as he’s an American Jew - and surely does not want such atrocious things anywhere near his territory. Neither do me and my family, Jews or non Jews aside.

Doesn’t mean it’s not a happening event, and millions of people could end up heavily involved. The key point would be to get the media interested. There’s already a mental institution with over 2,000,000 capacities of room not too far away from the main camp’s location, although it may be across the state of Alaska - nowadays an easy distance to traverse - and it’s filling up. There’s transfers going on over to the other place - which I read on the Internet, which holds so much info, it showed up. This has to mean whosever’s involved in the planning and the Internet coverage stages is anything but terrified they’re going to get caught right now, but I searched around more thoroughly - and there’s a COVERUP beginning to go on, which wasn’t quite there before. They had more information available, but now it looks like they may start closing some of the info off. I wouldn’t count on their absolute ability to do that, and it may be possible to play on their guilt as people in some manner. Know any good psychological tactics - for negotiations or what have you?

Yes, they claim they are not putting people in there, and from what I read around, they are either finishing building the place and already transferring people - or they’re begun putting other kinds of people away. It usually starts, this kind of thing, with indigents (people without money), crooks and mental patients. We have welfare in the USA - so that slows them down on the indigents. It doesn’t even begin to end there. It could be your wife, your mom, your brother, your sister, your father, your children, your neighbor - and then YOU. Keep on top.

Please don’t despair; spread words. Don’t just stay out of Alaska; that’s not good enough. I wouldn’t suggest traveling there and confronting them - unless you can get up some people, maybe a couple dozen - at least. Make sure they are willing to face the worst - if you make a run of it to Alaska. Read about people who do protests and actions on the Internet, read as extensively as possible - if you want to take this up. Get likeminded people to you together at your college or university or wherever you can, and you could mount an action. Don’t be terrified by this sort of thing. I’m afraid I am somewhat, and of course I’m afraid sometimes I’m just being an alarmist. But I’m not the only one stuck wondering about this - even though I’m not Jewish - and I have to think about it. I’m married to a man of color, my daughter is brown, and I’m white with freckles. We’re not “racially pure,” and I have to wonder about what’s going on.

Even worse related terror of mine: conservative Republican Evangelicals maybe wanting to stick somebody, Jews or somebody else, away. Mostly, I think all kinds of Republicans are turning their backs on this issue. But if Jews don’t move on this, who will? And if it’s not them this time - will they? There aren’t that many Jewish people in this country, really. Although some of them have power, they might not be enough people to stop this from happening, or even enough to want to stop it from happening themselves. They’ve been trying to stop Evangelical Christians from taking over the country somewhat, but I don’t know how much they can do. And they haven’t really said a lot that I know of about this issue.

Who can blame them? I’m not fingering Jews; they may be trying to say they’re not afraid to go in those places - because of the historical Anti-Semitic threats. They don’t want to reveal feelings of perpetual acts of intimidation to the rest of us - get it? “We’re not scared of you,” is perhaps what they want others to know. That kind of stuff is from thousands of years of stupid persecution against Jewish people. I am of the long considered opinion that they’re entitled to stay out of those places, good grief - yeah! But not to arrange to put other people in there instead of them, which I don't really think they would be very "up for" doing.

It will end up being them again sooner or later if it keeps up, I’m worried. Please, no spreading rumors about Jews. We need their help on this issue - not them in trouble, too. It’s what got the human race into trouble before; please don’t make weird stuff up about Jewish people. It draws all other kinds of people into this mess, which could include you. You may think it’s vengeance for you personally, but it’s not; many people think this kind of twisted thought, other than you. Everybody ends up suffering, and there is no such “vengeance.” Like Gandhi once put it, an eye for an eye leads to nothing but a lot of blind people. It can lead to nothing but evil, people, and all of the other times, many more people than the Jews went into the concentration camps - all kinds of people. My worst nightmare about Black America, also, may have finally come true. It was that they’d finally stick them into those unhappy “homes.” I call it Concentration Camp Syndrome. It has definitely gone worldwide and is getting out of control.

The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was one long effort against that, and I’m happy to oblige him and them - about this especially. Fortunately, a lot of Black and other people are more well-to-do nowadays - but I have a funny feeling about the whole thing. I wish I was dead wrong, but I know I’m not, and I may just be early when it comes to warning you.

“God” only knows, but they may come and get anybody if this turns in the direction it’s headed into. I know there is at least a two million slots facility mental institution in Alaska, and that seems odd in a state with not that many people in it, so they are slipping those people off into the boonies – obviously – and it looks like they slipped the mental institution building in first. Their next plan involves the concentration camp that’s definitely there - and probably some more of them. What I read said they were still building the main camp - but they are probably finished now - and it is being filled up. The plan seems to be to make transfers between them.

I just recently found out there’s hundred thousand bed facilities near Okanagan on the State of Washington and Canada border. Some radicals think that’s where they’re going to put the real dissidents, come such practices, which according to some are already happening. Read this blog for more information. Try not to be afraid of getting involved, but do it with other people, such as The People’s Action Alerts Network, or a large group you can add yourself to and thus not be in danger.

I am sincerely hoping they do not catch us at this. If they do, we shall attempt to fight back - and also alert the media - but of course they may not give us enough time. Well, at least we tried, and maybe through this blog and other means “we” shall win. I have won in the past, but admittedly they were not battles on this “grand” of a scale. Still, I’m going to hold onto hope, so with a lot of media attention, maybe we can end the camps.

“God” - in short, many other good people - help me. We studied around, and I figured it out. Now there are only the deeds to do, seeing what can be done to slow The World’s Worst Monster Of All Time Other Than War, namely the myriad Concentration Camps Deaths Systems. We won’t be able to save everybody’s lives, but if we slow it down by opposing outright deaths, and of course the possibility of tortures and humiliation practices, we’ll save some lives, perhaps several millions. Don’t despair if you take this on - and find yourself unable to do much of anything. At least you will have tried, but don’t give up too easily. It may take awhile to really discover what’s happening.

I took this up when I realized it could easily get out of hand and destroy an extremely large amount of people, going way beyond any needed but dire tragedian population control. There is no need for murder as a method of population control that I know of, and I have opposed serial murders somewhat. This sort of thing is “hiding swift murders on a massive scale” - and there cannot be a strict need for it, when we have birth control, border guards against flooding into the USA, gays who don’t have kids, smaller families, etc. I honestly think concentration death camps are not a proper method for population check, as our American people cannot be so far gone from controls.

I walk through the streets where I live, and it’s not overflowing with people. The fact we have a lot of available freeways can make urban areas seem somewhat crowded, but it’s not so bad we need to have millions of people murdered over it, is it? I live in a big, sprawling urban area and it’s nowhere near being “too crowded” - just the freeways get a little clogged.

There is no serious overpopulation problem, and such a thing is being way, way too overplayed. It’s mostly somewhat crowded in the bigger cities and metropolitan urban areas. I have looked around the United States recently, and no, it is not that bad. Let’s tackle this and get rid of the concentration camps, maybe even in other countries such as China, if we can really get something going.

I think it’s the right thing to do, so please encourage this. But I am ignorant about what exactly is going on. I feel a lot of trepidation taking on this important project, and though I have some limited experience, I have never myself “begun an action” involving lots of people against anything - and have operated mostly on my own. I am willing to help with this, but if my family ultimately disapproves, I shall have to stick to using the Internet to handle whatever aspects of taking action or communication regarding taking action that I can. It may have to be entirely over the Internet from where I’m sitting, but you might do more. Perhaps you could put out some press releases and write articles for your local newspapers. You could use radio, cable TV, or blog and post about this on sites related to the problem, or start up your own blog or website, like we did.

Good luck dudes, ladies and all your folks. Please feel free to write our email about this issue, and of course, write us if you have any freelance or contracted writing business for us. I will do my best to answer any questions or concerns you have to the best of my abilities, but please remember, anything you do about this is yours to accomplish. We also could use any great ideas you have – remember, this is all going on RIGHT NOW.

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