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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Relocation Internment Concentration Death Camps

Concentration Camps in America: A Growing Threat to Americans

As to the concentration internment relocation death camps issue: please Google "American concentration camps." You will just about go into shock, there is so much information on the hundreds of them we now have. Also, Google "Alaskan concentration camps," "Wyoming concentration camps" and "Nebraska concentration camps." You will find much information regarding how we now have several running concentration camps. Check out other "boonie" outlying, low population states in the USA - there are many more of them there. Concentration and internment camps, which will lead to death camps, are not only in China - they are here.

Please join whatever effort you can against them. There are some interested organizations I have found on the Internet that have been "buzzing" them and trying to figure them out. Recently, local authorities claimed the Alaska camp, which is just outside of Fairbanks, is "closed." I doubt that completely. There are trains running steadily to that site, and transfers of some sort are being made.

It's in the same state as a two million bed (TWO MILLION?!?!) mental institution, and I have read they have been transferring people back and forth. Anyone may end up in such an institution: people with minor mental illness such as depression, who don't need to be institutionalized; the elderly and disabled; political dissidents; welfare recipients; hurricane and disaster survivors; etc.

Meanwhile, the State of Alaska is a mere stone's throw away across the Bering Strait from Siberia, where there were huge Russian concentration slave work camps in that communist nation during WWII. I have heard that some of those camps are still open for business, and contain Jews and Christians. And of course, they have started up major concentration camps in China, too.

Is killing people the true answer to overpopulation? We have birth control, alternative lifestyle preferences, feminism leading to women having fewer children, and many other population control answers. Why send people to concentration internment camps, which could get out of hand with the use of technology such as immobilizing taser guns and quick, cheap execution methods such as lethal injections? Millions upon millions of innocent people could easily be destroyed - US citizens, yet.

Check it out, and get involved. Write your Congress members and Senators, and tell them there are concentration and internment camps which are sure to become death camps - if they are not already doing so - right here in America. Make people do something about this; tell your friends, neighbors and coworkers, and take action.

This extremely important issue needs to be brought to the forefront of American society, before it's too late. Think about it when you're voting for President.

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