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Saturday, September 20, 2008

YouTube - FEMA Concentration Camps

If you go to YouTube and look up "concentration camps" you will find a LOT of videos on modern such internment camps and on the ones of the Holocaust. I didn't see much about the ones run by the Soviet Union and Russia, but from what little I know about them, they are still there and imprisoning Christians in them.


  1. Please...use your intelligence and research the crap being spewed by these lefty sites. Don't just be a parrot and repeat what some nut-job made up in his mom's basement. FEMA has no interest in "rounding" people up, throwing them in prison, etc....although there should be a law against stupid! Maybe that's what these"camps" are for....outlaw stupidity, then round up all these retarded conspiracy-theory nut cases!

  2. To the anonymous individual who said that "FEMA has no interest in rounding up people", and to research the crap being spewed by these nutjobs, please allow me to say that I have heard a former action officer who served over 30 years with the pentagon PERSONALLY admit the presence of the "Federal Emergency MILITARY ACTION" (not "management agency") concentration camps. What cloud where you on when Katrina hit, and FEMA was caught with their pants down. Why? Because their agenda wasn't "rescue", and so they were COMPLETELY UNPREPARED. Of course, they'll allow one fall guy to take the rap, to cover up their insidiously evil agenda. Have you also the grey matter to figure out why the vast majority of our troops have not been returned to this country? It's because they want FOREIGN troops in this country, because the foreign troops' absence of patriotism to the American people would cause them not to care about what extent they go in "controlling" the people in the event of marshall law. You want to talk about nutjobs and maniacs? Let's talk about the Bilderbergers, the TriLateral Comission (started by none other than David Rockefeller), and the Council on Foreign Relations, all a.k.a. the pro one world government ruling elite that pull all the strings and determine government policy.

    Nuff said.


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