Syria Genocide War Crimes

Monday, December 8, 2008

LARGE Death Concentration Camps

They’re all over the raw planet - not just in the past
There's several in China of "five real different sizes"
There's bunches in Africa they sent my good friends
There's now MANY in the United States of America
It "had" to come - and we all think it's only "them."

It is not us to blame you see for it - but how can we
Ever oppose them; well, I say, write your congress!
Please grab any method you can, and write to them.
I would also say: mount an action, use any weapons;
Find some weapons inventive, and descend on them.
But you will have to get something of yours together
And I sit here, disabled, forever unable to participate.

Anything you can think of, please do so forthwith, but
I am sitting at home, female, unable to make anything.
I feel guilt-ridden, laughed to scorn, rudely obnoxious.
Like all poets, I would jump out a window . . . but can't.