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Monday, April 13, 2009

American Concentration Camps Proposed in Congress - H.R. 645

THE NEW WORLD ORDER is not some futuristic event. H.R. 645, a bill put forth in Congress by Rep. Alcee L. Hastings, D-FL., calls for the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security to establish six national emergency centers for corralling civilians on military installations. Consider the secret arrest and wrongful death of Larry Neal, a handicapped U.S. citizen: Apparently, it already started.

H.R. 645 brings to mind former Congressman Dan Hamburg’s warnings of prison trains and concentration camps that were published by the San Francisco Chronicle in February 2008. An excerpt from former Congressman Hamburg’s article is at the link below.

New World Order, Here So Soon?

See more about H.R. 645 in the World Net Daily report below, which was published February 2, 2009.


Bill creates detention camps in U.S. for 'emergencies'

Sweeping, undefined purpose raises worries about military police state

Alcee L. Hastings, D-Fla., has introduced to the House of Representatives a new bill, H.R. 645, calling for the secretary of homeland security to establish no fewer than six national emergency centers for corralling civilians on military installations.

The proposed bill, which has received little mainstream media attention, appears designed to create the type of detention center that those concerned about use of the military in domestic affairs fear could be used as concentration camps for political dissidents, such as occurred in Nazi Germany.

Heed the warning of a former Hitler Youth who sees America on the same path as pre-Nazi Germany in "Defeating the Totalitarian Lie" from WND Books!

The bill also appears to expand the president's emergency power, much as the executive order signed by President Bush on May 9, 2007, that, as WND reported, gave the president the authority to declare an emergency and take over the direction of all federal, state, local, territorial and tribal governments without even consulting Congress.

(See link above for entire article, including an explanation of why Rep. Hastings feels that America needs the detention centers for emergencies.)


Some people might want to contact their congressional representatives and ask that they vote NO - You and your family don't want to go! Some might want to mention the Neal family, who claim being victimized by the New World Order ahead of other civilians due to the secret arrest and wrongful death of Larry Neal. Larry was a mentally ill heart patient who police in Memphis/ Shelby County Jail denied having under arrest for 18 days until he died on August 1, 2003, then returned his body with no explanation, excuse, or reports, and his family is DENIED any investigation.

New World Order Nullifies Constitutional Rights for Neal Family

Larry Neal's survivors say news of Larry's death is censored (perhaps like news of H.R. 645) and that their efforts to get accountability in court were answered with a denial of justice, stalking, and victimization for merely asking: WHAT HAPPENED TO LARRY NEAL? They invite you to ask this question with them. Congress:

Bills like H.R. 645 illustrate why it is important to give assistance to the incarcerated mentally ill. Hitler started his quest for racial purity by ridding Germany of the mentally ill and chronically sick people first. Eventually, he moved on to other citizens. See this:


Under President Obama's administration, Americans are promised greater governmental transparency and equal justice. It behooves every American to trace this bill and see how their representatives vote, if it comes to a vote. This link is useful in tracing laws proposed in Congress:* H.R.645 was introduced in Congress on January 22, 2009, and it has no co-sponsors. If this bill reaches Congress for a vote, silent voting should be disallowed.

The Library of Congress report stated in part (see *4/8/09 note below):

Mr. HASTINGS of Florida introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, and in addition to the Committee on Armed Services, for a period to be subsequently determined by the Speaker, in each case for consideration of such provisions as fall within the jurisdiction of the committee concerned. See full text of the bill here:*


Everyone should want to know which representatives agree it is not enough that 1 in every 99.1 Americans is presently in prison, placing the U.S. far ahead of other nations in incarceration rates. The birthplace of the Declaration of Independence, Pennsylvania, has judges who confessed last Monday to sending poor children to privately-owned detention centers in exchange for $2.6 million in kickbacks. In many of the cases, the juveniles' probation officers did not recommend removing the children from their homes. Exposure of this prison profiteering scheme between veteran judges and private prison owners may cause some to wonder if Congressman Hastings was similarly compensated.

More information on Rep. Hastings from Wikipedia:

Alcee Lamar Hastings (born September 5, 1936) is a member of the United States House of Representatives representing Florida's 23rd congressional district (map). A Representative since 1993 and a Democrat, Hastings was previously a lawyer and judge. He spent ten years as a federal judge (1979-1989), but was impeached and removed from office for corruption and perjury. He is only the sixth federal judge to be impeached and removed from office in American history. Here is a link to vote for how you think Hastings is doing in office:


* April 8, 2009
H.R. 645 data no longer available at Library of Congress Link

When this article was published, the writer suggested that people read all of the bill language of the bill at the Library of Congress link: The bill is not at that link any longer, after this article has been read by nearly 5,000 and was duplicated on many people's websites with that link cited. Maybe there is a technical problem. No one would mind the public tracking this bill, hopefully.

February 25, 2009
H.R. 645 has a co-sponsor

Rep Gerlach, Jim [R-PA, 6th District]. Wikipedia's biographical data for Congressman Gerlach and information regarding his political positions and actions are available this link:

LAST ACTION: Feb 6, 2009 - House Armed Services: Referred to the Subcommittee on Terrorism, Unconventional Threats and Capabilities.

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