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Monday, April 6, 2009

Definitely No Laughing Matter

Woody Allen inspired this idea in me when I was fourteen, during a radio talk show interview he was giving where we were all invited to call in. I did, and to my extremely pleasant surprise, my call went through to Mr. Allen. "HI, WOODY!" I shrieked into the phone, not believing my incredible good fortune. We spoke for about ten minutes about concentration camps during the Holocaust, an issue Woody was directly addressing at the time, as he was trying to prevent their further intrusion into our lives (by the way, I'm not Jewish - I mean ALL our lives).

Woody admitted to me that he felt like his efforts wouldn't come to much, as he was seen primarily as a comedian and was not taken very seriously because of his career orientation at the time. The man, however, is a highly intelligent writer who wanted to address some serious issues, especially anything like further concentration camps. So this blog is dedicated to Woody Allen, who turned 74 this December 1 of 2008, a wonderful comedy film director who seriously wanted to advance this cause of NOT maintaining horrible detention concentration death camps in America or anywhere else.

I'm hoping, Russia is just mostly moving "certain people" around a lot, but "certain Russians" could USE REAL HOMES. For a change. The damage communism does is real - when will anyone ever address it as it occurs in China and Africa? The right wing seemd to try to, then George Bush and the New World Order apparently tried to set up Alaskan concentration camps; the left wing failed at it - I hope to God most of those people are being moved to better housing. Perhaps they are, perhaps they aren't. Hitler killed his victims through chicanery and trickery...and in droves.

But what does that imply? Mass genocide done quickly. TONS AND TONS OF CHEAP LETHAL INJECTIONS. I don't want to be a part of that, and I'm sure you don't either. Thank you - two people who posted here checked it out for me, and at least they didn't find any real evidence of anything weird. Another gentleman found several hundred people locked away in one of those things in about 2003, the year that is, and they might still be there. He saw mass white women and children in one of those, and the men were all missing - chances are they were Russians. Who knows?


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