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Sunday, June 28, 2009

What is "Our" Obama Doing Exactly, Now?

Well, I hate to break this to anyone, but I heard a rumor that President Obama signed an executive order putting those facilities into place as potential concentration camps. Down the road apiece, but when we do not know.

I suppose he decided that since there will be disaster victims - there will need to be housing for them, thus the FEMA camps. But what ARE the FEMA camps? And where are all those "illegal" Mexicans going, to Hitler island?

I hope to God that he wasn't also thinking of overpopulation in the cities and towns and villages of the United States. Nor, the townships. I'm trying to have a sense of humor here, I guess. Anyway, all I can say, President Obama, is will it be Mexicans first, or disaster victims who pave such a lovely way?

Who will take down those gun turrets and nicety other ways to keep the camp population in line? Who will keep those gun turrets there and shoot disaster victims with no other place to go? IS THERE A REASON TO SHOOT DISASTER VICTIMS WITH NO OTHER PLACE TO GO? Maybe they could at least hit bathrooms in the surrounding woods before somebody comes along and says, "Come back here, Schnell!"

Are you reading this blog, President Obama? You're human, so I sincerely doubt your capacity to do so. The many issues you have to face have surely left you high and dry as to what to do. I just hope to God you know anything about crowd control and how to manage large groups of people who suddenly have no home.

As for me...I will keep on keeping tabs on these things. I just sincerely hope I'm not somehow causing them all to happen...through heavy breathing.

I'm human, we're human, and we all make mistakes, but what exactly is our liberal Obama, alias Gerorge Bush II, doing, me wonders, me wonders.