Syria Genocide War Crimes

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Monday, June 22, 2009

Several years ago, I interviewed former Rothschild Illuminati member Doc Marquis about what he knew about he NWO agenda for America. He used to work hard for this Illuminati agenda in the past, including working at FORT LEWIS to recruit into the Illuminati NWO agenda. Then he became a Christian and began exposing the NWO agenda through "Christians Exposing The Occult." (At least, we HOPE he has fully come out! I give him the benefit of the doubt...otherwise with HIS Rothschild Illuminati background, I would not want to meet him in a dark alley.)

Doc knew that the modern GUILLOTINES were present then at Fort Lewis, as my later reporting has confirmed. Yes, Doc HAS handled the modern guillotines! He even participated in Rothschild Illuminati rituals in which they were used...testing the waters ahead of time so to speak. I asked him, "well, how did they work?" He replied, "oh, they worked just fine!" That's what I was afraid of.....(Thank you Jacob Rothschild and Illuminati family and Lubavitch Chabad's NOAHIDE LAWS for the GUILLOTINE AGENDA...pardon my sarcasm. I am sure your people love to read my reports! Lot's of free publicity, eh?)

THE FEMA DEATH CAMP OF THE MOJAVE is a full gassing/cremating DEATH CAMP, dedicated to the TERMINATION OF ALL ON FEMA’S "RED/BLUE LIST" (plus MANY other lists) UNDER MARTIAL LAW.

I have previously documented this horrific death camp, and documented the eyewitness accounts of several former NWO supporters who were flown out there. My friends, DOC MARQUIS (Illuminati) and ELAINE KNOST (CIA/Luciferian), formerly high level Illuminati Luciferians but now Christians for many years, were both flown separately to this facility in the Mojave Desert of California.

It boasts a landing strip. According to even another contact, a DEA agent I met in California at the GRENADA FORUM,who personally investigated this FEMA facility, it was recently DOUBLED IN SIZE TO INCREASE KILLING CAPACITY.

People have asked me, "WHY don't you go out there to that place and get photographs for documentation...???" How foolish to even think about it! The level security around such facilities is incredible!

Such detention camp facilities are meant to be isolated and out of sight from general public viewing. Also they are remote to make escape or entrance to rescue victims an impossibility. Professional military grade motion detection devices, remote cameras, ground sensors, all play a role in keeping away intruders or investigators.

Once the plane lands, Doc explained, you travel by jeep about 14 miles to an area enclosed in desert mountains.

It is fully staffed. All staff members WEAR BLACK SWAT TEAM UNIFORMS. When I asked Doc Marquis what his sentiments were, back when he was a member of the Illuminati and given a tour of this killing facility, his reply was, “SHEER JOY! I REJOICED at the thought of CHRISTIANS BEING TERMINATED IN THIS PLACE!” A chilling response, but typical of this nation’s Satanists/Illuminists and NWO supporters! (And sadly, as one Messianic Jewish friend admitted, typical of some in the Jewish communities in America who believe that " is the CHRISTIANS' turn to go to the camps now." How sad...)

This FEMA death camp was shown off as something the NWO and FEMA was literally PROUD OF!!! And there are MANY more FEMA/Homeland Security detention camps whose ultimate purpose under MARTIAL LAW is NOT TO SAVE LIFE, but to TERMINATE HUMAN LIVES DEEMED UNWORTHY OF ENTERING INTO THE DAWNING OF LUCIFER’S NEW WORLD ORDER. KNOW THE COLD HARD FACTS ABOUT FEMA!

So please, think TWICE before surrendering and going meekly to such camps under a STATE OF MARTIAL LAW in YOUR region.

-Pamela Schuffert