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Monday, July 6, 2009

Are there FEMA concentration camps?

Well, I don' t know. And we don't know. I would think it is an attempt to help disaster victims, and that is what President Obama signed into existence. But yes, they are outfitted for Martial Law, maybe thanks to the lovely "troublemakers." But during the last crisis of Hurrican Katrina, nothing seemed to much happen along the lines of rioting and killing people.

So I am hoping the FEMA camps will work out somehow, but their main problem seems to be lack of adequate funding or the capacity to build people superior housing they can escape to during a major disaster. What shall be done given the current economic crises does not look "pretty" to a journalist like me from here.

We can only hope for the sake of disaster victims that there will be no more such New World Order, Rex 84 or whatever such plans to "assist" disaster victims by housing them in concentration camps as before has been done - so many hideous and perverted times. We can only hope and vote, as Osama Bin Laden once put it himself, strangely enough, that our votes will somehow matter.

I wish I could offer you, Dear Readers, a way out of this crisis. We voted for President Obama, and I am dearly hoping that all will work out eventually in the end. Meanwhile, yes, don't let them come and take you away somewhere for no good reason at all. It would be for the best to not do so, although I deeply suspect the first such victims will be people that the authorities take away for some legal reason matter or another, such as illegal alien status, under President Schwarzenegger. I would suggest never voting for such a man as President.

The link in the title above leads to an Arnold Schwarzenegger page I can no longer work on, probably due to a computer malfunction that I will eventually fix, if it comes to pass that I am able to fix it. However, it is tempting to think that some sort of conspiracy is involved. I doubt it seriously, but anyway I am currently unable to add news about California Governor Arnold Schwarznegger. Chances are, it is indeed a computer malfunction that is "in the way."

His father was SS personnel during the Holocaust. At least "our Arnie" admits the Holocaust happened. At least, there is hope if he is elected that he will not make Hitler's mistakes, and somehow all will work out. But I think we are better off with a two term President Obama who is trying to help disaster victims. Potential President Schwarzenegger is someone I cannot reliably trust yet, unless he mends his racist ways completely and does not send Mexican-Americans to concentration camps. Also, Obama could use the time to figure it all out, and 8 years at least gives him something in the way of time to help him do so.

We are not Mexican-Americans, but I have friends in that community, and I would be very sad to see them come after me right after they came after them, as one thing could simply lead straightways to the other. Even the Nazis admitted they did not know really for sure at all times what was going on. They only did what they did due to War, Deprivation, and Poverty - and maybe even overpopulation. I have read their stuff, and they were human either, but you know.

Anyway, I hope we do not end up in concentration camps.......