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Friday, August 7, 2009

A 2-million bed mental hospital? What Happened to Larry Neal?

Jul 1, 2009
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By Mary Neal

I have a question. Why does any congressional rep feel that we need “emergency centers” in America that are capable of holding millions of people under armed guard?

And secondly, is anyone really building a mental institution in Alaska with 2 million beds as reported in this link?

Serious World Politics Blog:

Here is one interesting quote from that website that is real strange.

"This blog is mainly about relocation internment concentration death camps in America. Not since the Holocaust has there been so much potential for concentration, torture and even death camps in the outlying areas of America, especially Alaska, where there's something big going on outside of Fairbanks, not far from a two million bed American mental institution. TWO MILLION BEDS? Isn't that expecting a bit of a mental population - or something else? It's not very far from Siberia..."

Legislators, I frequently write that we need more mental hospital space, but if there really is a 2-million bed facility being built in Alaska, that seems a bit much. Plus, mental hospitals should be located in each state within easy reach by transportation vendors so that families can visit their sick relatives and participate in their recouperation process. You would not want to ship all the sick people to Alaska, and Alaska probably does not have anywhere near that many mentally ill. So I assume the website is wrong about a gigantic mental hospital being built, right?

I don't know if the report on the 2-million bed mental hospital in Alaska is real, but I know that H.R. 645 is real. It is right here on Thomas, the Library of Congress site to track congressional bills:

Speaking of mentally ill people, I am disappointed to report that the United States Department of Justice is overdue on its Response to our Freedom of Information Act Requests for records related to Shelby County Jail where my mentally and physically handicapped brother, Larry Neal, was secretly arrested Guantanamo-style, and died under yet undisclosed circumstances on August 1, 2003 after weeks of secret incarceration.

Now, I recognize that I am not a person whose opinion matters, being black and far from wealthy. However, I will make this request anyway. I would prefer that y'all don't use the buzz words "OPEN DISCLOSURE" and "EQUAL JUSTICE" or say America needs to have expensive wars to uphold human rights in foreign lands another time until you tell us WHAT HAPPENED TO LARRY NEAL.

What about this? Let's get some equal justice and human rights going on in America, especially surrounding the suspicious death and conspiracy of cover-up regarding this handicapped U.S. citizen before we fire another shot to promote "democracy" abroad.

In fact, it would be a good idea to wait until you determine that all U.S. prisoners, especially condemned inmates, get every opportunity (including post-conviction DNA testing) to prove their innocence before facilitating hanging other nations' leaders for killing their own innocent citizens.

Certainly, people should be alarmed if facilities resembling concentration camps are erected in a land where citizens disappear into government custody and emerge in body bags without explanation like my brother did. So I ask that all Care2 members please call your representatives and let them know you want them to vote no on H.R. 645 if it ever comes up for a vote in Congress.

Good gracious! The notion of spending billions of dollars on "emergency centers" to prepare for a "possible crisis" like Katrina while thousands of folks are losing their homes and are in economic crisis right now simply does not compute, representatives. I don't know what Rep. Hastings has in mind to propose the six concentration camps or emergency centers, whichever the case may be, but people need to call their representatives and ask about the plan. While you are on the phone, ask the folks in D.C. this question for me: WHAT HAPPENED TO LARRY NEAL? Below is the contact info.


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Mary Neal