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Friday, November 27, 2009

Chin Refugee Detainee Died at Lenggeng Camp

18, September, 2009
Kuala Lumpur

Mr. Aung Lyn from Khua Kawng, Rezua Township died at Lenggeng Immigration camp on 15 September, 2009. Mr. Aung Lyn arrivied at Malaysia in February, 2007 and he stayed for more than two years in Malaysia. He was arrested on 29 May, 2009 in a raid of People Volunteer Corp (RELA), Immigration and Police at Putra Jaya where he worked.

According to the report of his brother, Mr. Aung Lyn was still healthy when he called him on 28 August but a moment later, his brother suddenly heard the news that Aung Lin died at the depot. His death is unbelievable and very difficult to bear for us, he added.

His fellow inmate also informed to Chin Refugee Committee, saying he was swelling and died within a few days. We believed that he might have been suffering from Meningitis. When he felt sick, his eyes became yellow and felt weak. A moment later, he died because he was neglected to admit to hospital for medical treatment by camp authorities.

After he died, his remaining was taken by the camp authority to Seremban hospital without giving information to any refugee organization and NGO so any organization could not know where the remaining was being kept. After three days, the Chin Refugee Committee came to know that his body was taken to Seremban Hospital. Fortunately, the body was released with the help of Chin refugee leaders without pay.

According to his relatives and villagers in Malaysia, one of Aung Lyn brother-in-laws also passed away at General Hospital, Kuala Lumpur on 17 July, 2009. He also was arrested for being undocumented and detained at Kajang Immigration camp. When he became sick, the camp authority admitted him to the hospital but he passed away a week later. He left his wife with seven months pregnancy, and the wife is being taken cared by the villagers in Malaysia.

An NGO, which helps the refugees, denounced the situation inside the detention camp that the camp authority always denies to access for medical treatment. The main infected diseases spread due to the drinking water and mice (rats), the NGO added. As the camp authority do not provided drinking water, the tap water is used for drinking which comes from dirty tank where dead rats are floating.