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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Concentration Camps in Sri Lanka Hold 250,000 Families

By Alan Gray
For NewsBlaze
Nov 18, 2009

The government of Sri Lanka has imprisoned over a quarter million men, women and children, since the end of the 33 year civil war.

A humanitarian crisis is unfolding due to the deteriorating living conditions for the families held in the Sri Lankan government internment camps.

The Sri Lankan government interned approximately 280,000 innocent civilian survivors, about 10-percent of the Tamils in Sri Lanka, following the defeat of the Tamil Tigers in May of this year.

To control press coverage and suppress a public outcry for the inhumane treatment of the surviving Sri Lankan Tamil civilians, the government barred media from the camps.

In addition, the government has limited access to the camps to International NGOs, including the International Red Cross and organizations associated with the UN.