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Thursday, November 19, 2009

FEMA plans to establish emergency 'base camps' for 300 to 2,000 people

By Jacob Goodwin, Editor-in-Chief
GSN Government Security News
Published June 10th, 2009

FEMA is planning to award a contract to a logistics and management company that could establish and operate one or two "base camps" that could provide food, shelter and basic needs to approximately 300-2,000 people in each camp, in the event that the president declares a disaster or emergency anywhere in the continental U.S.

The chosen vendor must be capable of opening one or two base camps within 72 hours of receiving its task order, in case of an emergency, such as a hurricane, flood, earthquake, cyclone, tornado, blizzard, avalanche, tsunami or act of terrorism, according to a Request For Information (RFI) issued by FEMA on June 3.

"The contractor shall house all authorized camp occupants with tents or modular units, equip tents and other facilities with air conditioning and heating (HVAC) and leveled plywood floors (or equivalent) as well as provide bedding, meal services, kitchen, dining hall, limited recreation facilities, operations center, medical unit, refrigerated trucks, shower units, hand wash units, potable (drinking) water, water purification and manifold distribution systems, toilets, on-site manifold distribution of black and grey water and associated on-site sanitation systems, complete laundry service, industrial generators, and light towers," said FEMA's special notice.

The camps would operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and the vendor would be expected to provide the "multi-disciplined personnel" to operate all the required services.

"Whenever practical, displaced citizens will be given the first opportunities for employment within the camp, assuming skills and capabilities are pertinent for the open positions," says the RFI.

The federal government would furnish the land for the site of the base camp, as well as security for the camp.

The contractor will provide a check-in facility at the entrance to the base camp which should function in accordance with the formats spelled out in the National Incident Management System (NIMS), says the FEMA document. The contractor will also provide photo identification cards for all camp occupants, which will be used to access lodging, base camp facilities, meals and laundry services.

The vendor will also provide "fencing and barricades around the perimeter of the base camp," it adds.

Prospective vendors are requested to provide their capabilities information to FEMA by June 17.