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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Letter from Akbar Azizi of the Support Ashraf Campaign

Dear Friends and Supporters of Ashraf,

Let me first begin by thanking all of you for caring so much about Ashraf residents and including us in your prayers and the time each and every one of you put into this humanitarian cause.

Thanks to this international campaign, of which we are a small part, the Iraqi government was forced to momentarily halt its decision to displace Ashraf residents.

This is what happened on December 15: Iraqi forces entered the camp with some 50 reporters from AP, CNN, Washington Post, a number of Arabic countries media, among others. Due to an explosion in Baghdad near their convoy, a number of reporters decided not to come.

The Iraqi forces, while stating that they are not going to remove anyone forcibly, did distribute pamphlets stating their resolve to close down camp Ashraf. So if you ask me, the international campaign in support of Ashraf succeeded in bringing enough pressure on the Iraqi government to force it not to execute the plot of the Iranian regime to displace Ashraf residents on December 15.

However, most assuredly they will continue their conspiracy on displacement - and hence we should continue this campaign until they give up this criminal plot. I also found out that the place they were planning to take the residents – Nogreh Salman – in the south has historically been a place to get rid of dissidents, and it has a notorious history.

Hence, the battle was won yesterday due to support of many parliamentarians, prominent figures, and many human-loving individuals like yourselves who went out of their way to raise their voices against injustice and who called on international organizations and statesmen to adopt responsible stances in this case.

I think this shows the power we have as human-loving individuals to affect things when we make a decision to stand against injustice. Needless to say, your prayers were an effective part of this campaign and heartened us all.

I received letters from many of you expressing your deep concern about the situation and trying to find out what happened. I received many emails from people who were praying that the assault of last July does not repeat itself. A four-year-old boy told his worried father that the Lord will save Ashraf; and He did.

For more information on this you may take a look at the following footage: Also, CNN has covered the story and you may have already seen that clip; you can also see that at

The AP, AFP, the Washington Post and other media sources have also reported on yesterday’s events in Ashraf.

Let me once again thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all you did on behalf of Ashraf residents. Ashraf will depend on your continued support until the day we win not only the battle but also the war itself - and justice prevails.

A promising world is on the horizon with a free Iran and a region and world liberated from Islamic fundamentalism, terrorism and the nuclear bomb.

United we are and we stand.

Best regards,

Akbar Azizi

Support Ashraf Campaign Coordinator

P.S. Almost forgot; on December 14-15:

· 120 congressmen from the U.S. called on President Obama to prevent displacement of Ashraf residents

· 2172 mayors of France issued a declaration in support of Ashraf

All this of course is due to a joint effort by us all. Each letter that you write pushes humanity in the right direction, as minute as it may be. Enjoy your power of goodness!