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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Letter from Akbar Azizi

December 18, 2009

Dear Friends and Supporters of Ashraf,

Since convincing governments to adopt positions to protect Ashraf residents against brutal treatment by the Iraqi forces at the behest of the Iranian regime is not an easy endeavor to tackle, we want to do the next best thing: gain support from the legislative branch in your country for Ashraf protection. This is a necessary step prior to asking executive branches to act.

Therefore, I am asking you to take the time to write emails to your representatives in the legislative branch to support Ashraf residents and ask your families and friends to do the same. The number of people writing is an important factor, so we need to encourage our friends, too. This step has already been taken in Norway and England; you can mention this in your letter to encourage your representative. We don’t necessarily need a majority; even a number of lawmakers calling for Ashraf protection and releasing a press release will be a great help.

This will help urge the United Nations to take swift steps to protect Ashraf residents.

For those of you who are U.S. citizens, currently there is a resolution 704 in the U.S. House that calls on President Obama to protect Ashraf residents. This resolution has around 130 supporters up to this point. So please write to your representatives and urge them to back this resolution or thank them if they have already done so. I have attached the resolution to this email for your information.

I think if we do a good job here, the issue of protecting 3,400 residents of Ashraf may well come to a good and successful end.

Thank you for your continued support in this humanitarian cause with extensive regional significance for peace and democracy in the Middle East and the world we live in.

God bless you and best of wishes for the holidays ahead.


Akbar Azizi

Support-Ashraf Campaign Coordinator

120 US Congressmen deplore ongoing violence by Iraqi security forces against Camp Ashraf residents

120 US Congressmen from both Democratic and Republican Parties, in a resolution referred to US Congress, asked the US President to guarantee protection of Ashraf residents based on the international law and US commitments.

The US Congressmen strongly condemned the Iraqi government’s decision on relocation of Ashraf residents, who are protected persons under the Fourth Geneva Convention, as violation of International Law and International Humanitarian Law.

The resolution was announced during a news conference in front of the Capitol Hill on Tuesday, December 15.

In this news conference, held at the invitation of Congressman Bob Filner, Chairman of the House Veterans' Affairs Committee and co-Chair of the Iran Human Rights and Democracy Caucus, Congressmen Dana Rohrabacher, R-California, Mike Coffman, R-Colorado, Judge Ted Poe, R-Texas, Professor Steven Schneebaum, attorney of Ashraf residents’ families, Professor Raymond Tanter, former senior member of the US National Security Advisor, and Mrs. Homaira Hessami, representative of Ashraf residents’ families, delivered their speeches.

The text of the resolution presented to the US Congress is as Follows:

H. RES. 704
JULY 31, 2009

Mr. FILNER submitted the following resolution; which was referred to the
Committee on Foreign Affairs

Deploring the ongoing violence by Iraqi security forces
against the residents of Camp Ashraf in Iraq

Whereas on July 28, 2009, Iraqi troops and police carried out a violent raid against the residents of Camp Ashraf in Iraq, the longstanding home of an Iranian opposition group;
Whereas Iraqi troops fatally shot a number of Camp Ashraf residents and wounded scores of others; and
Whereas the United States Embassy Statement on Transfer of Security Responsibility for Camp Ashraf of December 28, 2008, states that, ‘‘The Government of Iraq has provided the US Government written assurances of humane treatment of the Camp Ashraf residents in accordance with Iraq’s Constitution, laws and international obligations.’’: Now, therefore, be it
Resolved, That the House of Representatives-
(1) deplores the ongoing violence by Iraqi security forces against the residents of Camp Ashraf;
(2) calls upon the Iraqi Government to live up to its commitment to the United States to ensure the continued well-being of those living in Camp Ashraf and prevent their involuntary return to Iran; and
(3) calls upon the President to take all necessary and appropriate steps to support the commitments of the United States under international law and treaty obligations to ensure the physical security and protection of Camp Ashraf residents against inhumane treatment and involuntary deportation by Iraqi security forces