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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Import Human Rights to Angola

Amnesty International USA
February 2010

Angola will participate in the United Nation's Universal Periodic Review (UPR) in February 2010. This is an important process where the human rights conditions in a country are evaluated and United Nation's member States provide recommendations on areas of concern and suggestions for improvement.

Despite Angola’s voluntary pledge to protect and promote human rights at the national level, made in the context of its election to the UN Human Rights Council in 2007, human rights continue to be violated in the country. The authorities have not only failed to prevent third parties from carrying out forced evictions, but have also ordered such evictions to be carried out. Human rights defenders have been subjected to harassment with threats being made to the continued existence of their organizations. One human rights organization has been banned and the United Nations Office for Human Rights was closed. Cases of suppression of freedom of expression and association have occurred, particularly in the province of Cabinda and at least one journalist remained in prison for almost a year after an unfair trial.

The United States should participate in Angola’s review and raise these human rights concerns along with appropriate recommendations that are in line with international human rights standards.