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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Save Families of Ashraf residents from arrest and execution‏

Latest Letter from Akbar Azizi
February 2, 2010

Dear friend and supporter of Ashraf,

The Iranian regime has resorted to barbaric torture and execution to continue its reign of terror against the uprising of the Iranian people. Those arrested in the demonstrations, specially if they have visited Ashraf, have contact with residents, or are relatives to Ashraf residents are tagged as ‘Mohareb’ (enemy of God) whose punishment is death.

In this new wave of executions, 11 people have been condemned to death, two have been hanged, and many others are awaiting their trials. Following the December 27 uprising of ‘Ashura’, prisons in Iran are filled with political prisoners, majority of whom are university students.

The European Union, U.S. and a number of international organizations such as Amnesty International have already condemned the executions and kangaroo show trials broadcasted on official Iranian TV station. The United Nations and its bodies have a clear obligation to halt this outrageous conduct by the Iranian judiciary.

Here is a letter of one of the relatives of those sentenced to death who lives in Ashraf written on February 1st and addressed to Amnesty International:

I am Akbar Madadzadeh, a resident of Camp Ashraf in Iraq. I am writing to you with regards to the arrest of my brother and sister who were arrested by Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence on 8 March 2009 on no charge. They are still detained in Evin notorious prison under mental and psychological pressures and harassed without having committed any crime.

My sister Shabnam Madadzadeh, who is a student in Karaj Teacher Training University, was arrested by the agents of the regime’s Intelligence Ministry. After her arrest, my brother Farzad Madadzadeh, who was following up the reason for her arrest, was arrested too, while my family did not know about his whereabouts for quite a while.

I request that you take all necessary measures to prevent execution of my sister and brother and ask for their immediate release.

The people of Iran more than ever need the intervention of human rights and other international organizations to save the lives of innocent people who are being tortured, harassed and executed under the rule of the most horrible dictatorship of the century.

Please sign the petition in the URL address provided which is addressed to UN Secretary General. Also let your friends and relatives know about this ordeal and encourage them to do the same.

God bless you for what you do in fighting for the human rights of others.

Best regards,

Akbar Azizi

Support-Ashraf Campaign Coordinator

Ashraf_families petition URL:

Please sign the above petition and send the following letter or your own letter in this regard to United Nations:

Hon. Ban Ki-moon


United Nations

Cc: UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay

Dear Secretary General,

I strongly condemn arbitrary execution of Iranian demonstrators by the Iranian government and judiciary. In particular, I condemn execution of families and relatives of Ashraf residents who live in Iran under the charge of Mohareb (someone waging war against God). It is outrageous that a regime would tag its opposition as “enemy of God” and hands over a death sentence to anybody who has contact with its opposition, the PMOI.

The international community should call for the immediate release of all political prisoners in Iran and I urge the UN and its pertinent bodies to take urgent and effective action against these flagrant violations of human rights.

I urge the United Nations Security Council to adopt specific steps to halt execution and torture of political prisoners in Iran and to bring those responsible to justice.

Date & signature:

You may read the press release below issued on January 28 by the Iranian National Council of Resistance (NCRI) for further information:

Two political prisoners hanged in Iran today

Mullahs’ judiciary sentences 11 political prisoners to death

Maryam Rajavi: People’s courageous uprising will continue until overthrow of the regime despite these barbaric crimes

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, described death sentences issued for 11 political prisoners on the bogus charge of “mohareb” (waging war on God) and the hanging of two as a new phase in the medieval regime’s barbarity. She stressed that this was a clear sign of the regime’s weakness and exasperation in face of the nationwide uprising. Resorting to such crimes would only strengthen people’s resolve to change the religious dictatorship, she added. The People of Iran and youths in particular will no doubt continue with their courageous uprising until the overthrow of the clerical rule in its entirety and establishment of freedom and democracy in their country, Mrs. Rajavi emphasized.

The two political prisoners were hanged today for “organizing protest demonstrations” and having links to “recent riots,” although they had been arrested months before the nationwide uprisings that were sparked by the sham elections in June. They had been imprisoned throughout this period.

The mullahs' Deputy Minister of the Intelligence and Security said yesterday, “More than 20 members of the Mojahedin (PMOI) who were involved in organizing riots have been arrested and are charged with moharebeh.”

Earlier, the Judiciary's First Deputy had said, “In light of the fact that the movement is an organized movement,… anyone who helps it in any way or under any circumstances, would deserve the title of Mohareb.” (State-run TV Channel 2, December 30, 2009)

Mrs. Rajavi called on the United Nations Secretary General, UN Security Council, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, and all other relevant international bodies to take urgent measures to prevent killing of political prisoners and those detained during recent uprisings. She reiterated that inaction on the part of the international community toward the bloodthirsty regime would embolden it to continue with killings and atrocities.

She called for the referral of the regime’s human rights violations and brutal suppression of the people’s uprising to the UN Security Council for the adoption of binding measures including bringing to trial the regime’s leaders and those responsible for suppression, killing and torture. Political and economical ties with the regime must be made conditional on full improvement of the human rights situation in Iran, she reiterated, adding that it is the minimum the Iranian people expect from the international community.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

January 28, 2010