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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Over 2.5 million people have died from genocide in Sudan.

Are your investments funding genocide?View this email in a browser
 Over 2.5 million people have died from genocide in Sudan.

Did your investments have a hand in these events?
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Join Investors Against Genocide in asking JPMorgan Chase to stop funding genocide
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Funding genocide
You might not be directly contributing to genocide, but did you know that some of the companies you're invested in might be? Investors Against Genocide (IAG) is a group of concerned individuals dedicated to persuading mutual funds and other investment firms to commit to genocide-free investing. 

So what exactly does this mean? The group works with individuals and institutional investors to encourage them to avoid investing in companies that substantially contribute to genocide or crimes against humanity. 

In particular, Investors Against Genocide is concerned with JPMorgan Chase’s position as one of the largest investors in PetroChina. According to reports, “through its closely related parent, China National Petroleum Company, [PetroChina] is helping to fund the government of Sudan’s campaign of violence.”
How you can help

For the last several years, IAG has presented a shareholder resolution on the JPMorgan Chase ballot asking the board to institute and announce procedures to ensure that the company avoids investments that contribute to genocide and other crimes against humanity. 

You’ll find IAG’s full explanation and voting recommendation here.
JPMorgan Chase’s response

While IAG wants a larger commitment, JPMorgan Chase states, “Our business practices reflect our support and respect for the protection of fundamental human rights and the prevention of crimes against humanity.” However, critics highlight that this statement avoids mention of the company’s investments in PetroChina.
What others are saying

According to a survey conducted by KRC Research in 2010, 88% of Americans want their investments to be genocide-free.Experts also cite that “84% of respondents say they will withdraw their investments from American companies that do business with companies that directly or indirectly support genocide.”
Where do you stand?

Is this issue important to you? JPMorgan Chase shareholders, be sure to cast your proxy votesby May 14th. 

Concerned consumers, make sure you voice your opinion bysigning the letter alongside Investors Against Genocide.
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