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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Amnesty International Australia

Dear People,
Have you heard about Go Back To Where You Came From? It's an SBS TV series that puts six people in the shoes of asylum seekers for a month, as they retrace the journeys refugees take to Australia.
Along the way, they're confronted with the real experiences of refugees: immigration raids in Malaysia, harsh living in a Kenyan refugee camp, and traumatic conditions of conflict zones in Iraq and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Last year's series changes the hearts and minds of those who watched it - and this year's season is shaping up to be even bigger.
This is a rare chance to reach everyday Australians in their living rooms. That's why we're asking you to invite a few people over and hold a screening. We'll give you all the help you need to get started and make your event a success. Click here to get started.
Last year's season of Go Back To Where You Came From was watched by almost a million people. It helped Australians see what it'd be like to be an asylum seeker - an Afghan Hazara fleeing ethnic cleansing at the hands of the Taliban, or a family escaping war in Africa - and the difficult choices they have to make.
Our research has shown that community views around 'boat people' are largely based on myths, not facts - the myth that seeking asylum by boat is illegal, or that there is an orderly queue that they're jumping. And that's the reason 'Go Back' is so powerful; it cuts through all the misinformation, and puts the experiences of real people back in the spotlight.
Can you join hundreds of Amnesty supporters and hold a screening of your own? If each of us can get just one more person to watch Go Back, we'll be on our way to having a better, more humane conversation about asylum seekers.
It's up to you how big you want to make your event - whether it's a one-off viewing party in your living room with a few friends, or booking out a room at a local pub, community hall, library or cinema. Either way, we'll give you some great tips and support to make it fun and worthwhile.
Regardless of whether you believe your friends are already supportive of refugees or not, this is a great opportunity to come together, watch something thought-provoking and talk about it. Chances are they'll go home and talk to other people, helping start a new conversation about asylum seekers.
Alex Pagliaro
Refugee Campaigner
Amnesty International Australia
PS: It's fine if you're not comfortable holding a screening - but we'd love to know if you're planning on tuning in. Just click here to let us know.