Syria Genocide War Crimes

Thursday, February 7, 2013


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Dear Karen,
As thousands of people flee violence in Mali, Oxfam is there.
Oxfam members make our work around the world possible. Will you join us today?
URGENT: Armed conflict in Mali has driven nearly 375,000 people from their homes. In the last month alone, thousands of people have fled fighting, seeking safety from violence that includes human rights violations, sexual assault and the conscription of child soldiers.
Some people haven't been able to make it out of the country yet – but for the 145,000 refugees who have crossed the border into neighboring countries, the situation is deteriorating. In Niger's camps, one out of every five child refugees is malnourished.
These are the moments when your Oxfam membership matters the most, Karen. We're working to help refugees access clean drinking water, sanitation facilities and other resources to prevent the spread of disease – but the only way to ramp this work up and keep other programs going strong in more than 90 countries around the world is with your help.
Will you become an Oxfam member with a gift of $35, Karen?
As families flee armed conflict in Mali, they're taking refuge in neighboring countries like Mauritania, Niger and Burkina Faso, which are already struggling to recover from last year's devastating food crisis. In some areas, refugees now outnumber their impoverished hosts, and resources are stretched.
We may not be able to put an immediate stop to violence in Mali, but we can make a difference for refugees in camps in Niger, families recovering from food shortages across the Sahel region of West Africa and poor communities facing challenges in developing countries around the world. By helping families protect their health with public health support, boost their crop yields through access to clean water and launch small businesses through Oxfam-supported loan programs, we're giving people the resources they need to improve their lives. And every day, we're pushing for the better world we know is possible.
But in tough times like these, making that vision a reality means we all have to dig a little deeper. Will you rise to this challenge before February 15 and become an Oxfam member for 2013?
Members like you are fueling Oxfam's projects around the globe – and, with 1,000 new members, we can help change even more lives in the coming year. It starts now.
Thanks in advance for your support.
Raymond C. Offenheiser
Oxfam America