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Thursday, July 4, 2013

I was kept as slave for 13 yrs

I was kept as slave for 13 yrs

No pay, no time off for worker held in squalor

Darrell Simester
Slave ... Darrell Simester worked on farm for no pay for 13 years

A SON who mysteriously disappeared on holiday has been reunited with his shattered family after 13 years as a SLAVE — in Wales.

Terrified Darrell Simester was rescued by his parents from hellish squalor after a tip-off from a woman who spotted him on a remote farm.

Anguished mum Jean and dad Tony had spent more than a decade appealing for information about their missing son — unaware he was being forced to toil from dawn till dusk for no pay.
Darrell Simester
Last seen aged 30 ... 'slave' Darrell Simester

Last night Darrell — who was last seen by his parents when he was 30 — told how for most of the time he had to share a shed with rats.

Now 43 — and with a deformed spine as a result of his nightmare — he said: “I felt forgotten, cut off from the world, a prisoner.”

His masters on the horse farm in Peterstone, South Wales — Irish travellers who at first promised him a proper job — never gave him a single day off.

Furious dad Tony, 66 — who described his son as “timid and vulnerable” — said in Kidderminster, Worcs: “What happened to him is horrendous, inhuman.

“These type of people roam the streets picking up the vulnerable and offering them a new life. Then they are treated like dogs.”

His son had not been allowed to see a doctor in 13 years and was found suffering from a hernia the “size of a football”.

He had infected feet, missing teeth and was starving.

Darrell, who faces intensive counselling to get over his ordeal, said: “I never had one day off in 13 years. I was scared what they’d do to me if I didn’t stay there.”
Hell ... 'slave' caravan
He was never locked in but his terror prevented him fleeing.

He saw other “slaves” come and go — often homeless people from nearby towns or Polish and Russian immigrants.

Darrell said: “I was never allowed in the house. They put me in a shed with rats.”

Two years ago he was given a tiny caravan. But he still had to wash his clothes in a horse trough.
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His family had contacted police more than 50 times.

Yesterday there was no sign of the owners.

Gwent police said: “We are investigating the conditions in which Mr Simester was living.”

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