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Thursday, October 24, 2013

End Slavery in Europe

End Slavery in Europe

Target: European Parliament
Goal: End all forms of slavery, including sex trafficking, throughout the European Union
A recent report from the European Parliament reveals a chilling statistic—approximately 880,000 people are in slavery across the European Union’s 27 member countries. According to these reports, human sex trafficking accounts for almost one-third of the total individuals in slavery in Europe, generating $33 billion in profit. These atrocities must be stopped – call on the European Parliament to enforce stricter punishments for human trafficking in the European Union.
Many of these European slaves are women and children, forced into sex trafficking. Others are domestic slaves, working in the homes of diplomats and the wealthy, particularly in France. Some are enslaved in the manufacturing business, making garments, while others work in the fields of Europe, planting and harvesting crops for landowners.
How are these innocent people enslaved? Some are lured across international borders on untrue premises, while others are refugees, or those ineligible for refugee status who are desperate to leave their country, hoping for a better life in the European Union. Many are brought into the country by traffickers, promising them a better life once they pay their debt to them for bringing them into Europe safely. Little do they know their debt will never be paid off, with evermore being required by their trafficker.
Though the thousands of slaves in Europe come from all over the world, most of them come from Nigeria and Vietnam. Others come from African countries, China or other Asian countries, or South America. The European government feels that the problem is one of immigration and border control, however many innocent people are being made victims to slavery. Unlike the United States, where trafficking occurs as well, there are no harsh penalties for traffickers, and often the victims of human trafficking are made out to be criminals. Support the victims of human trafficking in Europe by demanding stricter penalties for human traffickers in the European Union.

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Dear European Parliament Officials,
Please make a stand to end human trafficking throughout the European Union. A recent report has revealed that more than 800,000 people are currently enslaved in Europe, whether that be in sex trafficking, domestic slavery, or being enslaved in garment manufacturing or farming.
Though human trafficking occurs in many nations, including the United States, it is important to distinguish between the criminal, the trafficker, and the victim, the person enslaved. Do not criminalize those who have been enslaved, but instead create strict laws against human trafficking, and make strong investigative efforts throughout the European Union to locate and imprison all criminals involved in human trafficking, releasing those enslaved.
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Photo credit: Toni Lozano via Wikimedia Commons