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Friday, March 28, 2014

How to Avoid Concentration Camps

By Karen Cole - Book, Article and Short Piece Ghost Writer

Well, start by not worshiping the simple life. Get your act together financially for your family and your kids and grandchildren. Move out of unprotected, “easy” areas that are likely to become an issue at some point in the future. Don’t live on muddy hills that cause mudslides. Invest your money in stocks and bonds, IRAs and other Internet methods so that you have a nest egg, and save up in untraceable ways through your bank, including potential saving accounts.

Do pay your taxes whenever you can, but if you can find ways, avoid paying high taxes you don’t need, and accumulate your wealth through buying property, eating right and becoming physically fit enough to weather the coming storms. Practice survival techniques, learn to kill animals only in appropriate ways that make sense to both you and them, if you can. Stock up on knives and sharpeners, and maybe keep an unloaded rifle or three in a locked gun case. Study martial arts, take care of your aging relatives and the disabled as much as you can. They will be needed somehow.

One of the most important things you can do is to remember this: survival of a concentration camp is paramount, so do go along with your captors as far as your own life and that of your loved ones or even strangers. But do your best to enlist the assistance of your friends and captors, getting them on your side whenever possible. Or, alternatively, rush the guards or whoever you think is in charge whenever you see them standing still enough to do so. Don’t just let your crowd get herded in; maybe even sacrifice your own life in order to ensure the survival of others. But remember that an alive you is more capable of doing real things in real life, so try your best to stay alive.

Another way to survive: not going to obviously wrong places. Don’t just wander into somewhere when you are not sure what is going on in there. Many Holocaust survivors (lots of them are not Jewish) have let people know that you can go along with your captors and survive, rush, kill, take over from your captors, conspire among each other and make a sacrificial play in order to get out of bad situations, etc. I will say here that sacrificing one person seems to only work when that person decides it is right, but there are situations where that is completely inappropriate. So don’t count on that.

Stay loose, eat when you can, get that water, don’t let them take your neighbors away without something being done, use your cell phones when possible, hide and do things in secret if needed, and don’t count on the Zombie Apocalypse to save you. Racially impure people are the original “zombies,” so don’t bother with that. Meanwhile, we appear to be a long ways off from concentration camps in America, although there appear to be a few of them. It’s hard to tell from the Internet websites. There is definitely something going on up in Alaska, involving trains and moving people up there from the US Prison System. I’m mainly worried about what we’re doing to criminal prisoners and within the mental health systems, as well as the hospital system. There are several underground connective networks where people can be taken underground, located deep under major urban cities.

Don’t go on psychiatric medications if you can help it; only if you’re sure you’re going to commit suicide or homicide someone else. Don’t try to talk someone else into going on meds either, unless you’re very sure they fit one or both of those two categories, or if they are suddenly buying a lot of guns and weapons and you don’t know for sure what they are likeliest to do with them. Remember that all the Nazis and all the Jews were human beings, and walk your dog, pet your cat, enjoy your life as much as it is meant to be enjoyed; don’t panic because far off in the future, or even soon something may happen. It’s just best to stay aware of these matters. Tasers are good, but whatever you do, don’t use them on yourself. What they are meant for is electrocution.

Finally, if you oppose my opinions for your own earthly reasons, recall this: the Nazis and the Russians, due to the Industrial Revolution, did churn out “thousands” of people who are barely human and managing to survive. They are not well off, but Switzerland sure is full of Germanic folks who have their own acts together. A lot of them hide their faces when they go on parade, just like the KKK used to do in America. I think they don’t want you to see something, who knows what? Maybe being America the Rainbow saves us, but overpopulation may have ended that story. I think the hospital system churning out disabled people may actually be a kind of “fin,” as it’s much more difficult for them to have children sometimes. If the planet drowns, the planet drowns.

I simply wonder if all those hidden faces, taken in a congregated sum Toto, look like mine. Machines can’t take over much yet, so I’m headed back to my TV set.