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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Internment Camps are the Likely Beginning

By Karen Cole
Here's an April Fool's Day Contribution
Trouble is it's for real - it's about Concentration Camp areas in Seattle

Well, there's a giant white tower installation that's obviously meant to be a gun turret. It's located several blocks downhill from 23rd Ave. S. in Seattle, beyond the Capital Hill district. It's sitting there waiting to be used again, as a tree marker of sorts. Like when trees are marked for some purpose, with those shiny yellow ribbons or orange ribbons. Usually that means they're going to be cut down later, or something in that area is going to be built. Like an internment camp, for example. In Seattle. Which is turning green.

The 100 foot high tower has one or two or three gun turrets up top. I could only see one when I viewed it, back on June 16 of 1986. It was the evening, almost twilight, and you could see all the reflection off its brilliant dun-colored dusty whiteness. It was dirty and neglected from lack of use, fortunately, but had obviously been built during the Sixties to keep hostile street protesters at bay. I looked up at it and gauged my chances for climbing up it, which would have necessitated an open door and a way into it. I didn't go over and check to see, but I'm sure the door into it was completely locked.

Internment camp beginning? Probably, and maybe meant as a marker. It was too well built and solid and tall to take down, probably, without it falling on someone's house. Like an immutable fate existing well into Seattle's future, as more and more people flood into it through childbirth, moving into the area, my Dad said it in Ohio, "Looks like they opened the Gates..." where concentration camps will be needed in WA State, just like Adolph Hitler proposed. The original ones in Russia, based on American Indian reservations, were all based on military installations. Every blasted one of them.

Maybe they are meant to be. I don't know. If there is serious overpopulation "again". It would start with the homeless, mentally ill warehoused people, senior citizens, disabled on SSI and SSDI, those incarcerated for any crimes, real or "imagined", and hiring the US Armed Services to deal with it. Not to mention cops, fire fighting personnel, and maybe even ads under the Want Ads in the paper. Internment camps, concentration camps, death camps, also you can leave them possibly if you stay on your medications camps. Boy Scout camps, camping out in the wilderness. Oh gosh, I don't know.

I feel like Ned Flanders on the Simpsons anymore about all this. What do you think? I am Internet addicted, coffee addicted, food addicted, and my neighbors all smoke cigarettes and drink. My poor husband is falling apart from extreme injuries he suffered in the War, and he's hanging in there well enough to use a machine that turns him upside down, while setting it all up himself. Meanwhile, I'm a book ghost writer who kind of believes in a god with no name who oversees the Universe, and might even be the Universe. I really believe in evolution, but like Jesse Jackson, I also believe in devolution.

The giant white tower for Blacks who fought back during the Civil Rights Movement, some of which rioted and killed people, bothers me. I would like to visit Seattle again, but you know, I've seen it all on TV, and I'm so bored, and my husband is always falling apart in misery and pain. I wonder if we should just drive to that area below 23rd Ave. S. and see if special services including cops who barely know exactly what's going on wave us down with whistles, tasers, guns and the like, and shoo us right into the internment camp, concentration camp or whatever is now being built down there.

April 1, 2014