Syria Genocide War Crimes

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

If you don't like living there, there are no such alternatives.

America On The Brink 2014: Concentration Camps Are Being Built here in the USA...

Is this not the saddest news you have ever read? It's not a right-wing lie.

I think most of the prisoners are spillovers from the US prison system, and some of them, especially the ones in Alaska, are spillovers from Russia. Also, spillovers from the mental health system, and mostly the prisoners are coming from some kind of prior detention. Prior prison camps, in other words, run by the USA and other countries. And some of them may be refugees from other nations who are entering the US and coming out on the dark side of things. Lastly, of course, where else to put all the homeless people who can't afford their rent anymore?

Maybe raising the minimum wage? So that fewer people are homeless?