Syria Genocide War Crimes

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Burma is now being soaked with human blood and deep shame.

A Countryside of Concentration Camps

Burma could be the site of the world's next major genocide.

By Graeme Wood
Additional Info by Karen Cole
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Read the article for further info on how Muslims in Myanmar are being persecuted. Genocide is all over the world, can be in small places such as hotels and motels and sites called "Little Schools," which are not daycares but are small, hidden prisons where captives are held and tortured or detained often until they either die, escape, are reported about and/or are finally released. Often people mistakenly think these people are all Jews or political prisoners; in fact, all kinds of people across the world, men, women, children, teenagers and other animals are held in these disgraceful conditions, longing for their freedom. Their only comfort is each other whenever they can communicate, a book or some reading material, the hope of freedom or some bravado for their own cause, or finding a way to communicate somehow with the outside world. Many of them are currently dying without any assistance, but efforts are being made to find and free these people.