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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Arresting people leads to sticking them away somewhere ungood.

Ft. Lauderdale: Stop Criminalizing Feeding of the Poor and Homeless!

  • author: Randy Mcquade
  • target: John P. "Jack" Seiler, Mayor/Commissioner of Ft. Lauderdale Romney Rogers, Vice Mayor / Commissioner of Ft. Lauderdale Bruce G. Roberts, Ft. Lauderdale Commissioner Charlotte E. Rodstrom, Ft. Lauderdale Commissioner Bobby B. DuBose, Ft. Lauderdale Comm
  • signatures: 25,030
we've got 25,030 signatures, help us get to 26,000
90 year old Arnold Abbott of Ft. Lauderdale, Fl has been feeding the homeless since 1990.  A new city ordinance has now made this illegal. Mr. Abbott and two ministers of the Sanctruary Church were arrested Tuesday 11/4/2014.  After being released, Mr. Abbott went right back to his work and was arrested again.

In opposition to mr. Abbott and his work, the mayor of Ft. Lauderdale, John P. "Jack" Seiler has suggested that the homeless need to rely on the government for food. Obviously, this has not worked and as Americans, we should be free to feed, assist or take care of anyone we please with OUR food bought with OUR money and distributed on OUR public land.

Please sign this petition and let the Ft. Lauderdale city leaders know that we, the American public, will not tolerate such laws that so disregard our freedoms and basic human decency.

you have the power to create change.