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Friday, January 2, 2015




Did Nazi Germany possess advance technology from Grey Alien 
It would seem that Hitler possessed an almost godly reassurance that his 
Nazi forces could overcome the growing opposition from France, England 
and the United States of America.  But why did Hitler presume that he would
overcome such great odds?  Many speculate that Adolph Hitler and the 
Third Reich held top-secret information by recovering a downed 
Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) in 1936.

According to Van Helsing, author of Secret Societies and their power in the 
20th century, residents of a small town woke up to a massive crash and 
reported that within an hour SS troops were at the crash site recovering the 
remains of the crew and the disc-shaped aircraft.  This event happened 3 
years before the start of WWII and could be the beginning of Hitler's secret 
connection with Grey Alien beings which helped the Third Reich produce 
some of the worlds most advance technologies to wage his war!

If correct, the implications surrounding the beginning of advance 
technologies on Earth could be accredited to extra-terrestrial beings from 
out side our planet.  Either Hitler recovered a downed UFO and its 
occupants, which led to reverse engineering, or Hitler opened a direct line 
communication with Grey Aliens (extra-terrestrial beings) who helped Nazi 
scientist create an array of "super weapons."

Taking into account that this article was not written in German, but English, 
we believe that reverse engineering would be the most likely of events.  
Why?  If Hitler's Third Reich had direct communication with Grey Alien 
beings, it would seem that technology would have developed quicker within 
the years of the Third Reich's reign.  Attempting to reverse engineer 
advance Grey Alien technology would take time, and supplies us with a 
better explanation as to why Nazi Germany struggled to maintain the 
superior advantage.

The most interesting fact about Hitler's scientists is where they all ended up 
at wars end; the United States.  Today, the U.S. Government heads the way 
in top-secret agendas with a strange "alien" twist.  We also believe that the 
U.S. Government continued Nazi Germany's reverse engineering of Grey 
Alien space craft and ultimately found a direct line of communication to 
Extra-Biological Entities (formal name given to Grey Aliens by the 
United States Government).