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Friday, January 2, 2015

How leper colonies led to Indian Reservations led to the Gulag

You aren't allowed to exit them once you enter them, as is obvious by all the fencing and barbed wire. Prisons are prisons are prisons.

WORK SHALL MAKE YOU FREE - The sign over Auschwitz, Poland and in Germany
Yes, such work in prison camps shall probably make you dead.

Communism is the world's worst failure. Trying to make everyone alike, trying to make all wages alike and the same exact one, trying to make the tax rates all alike, etc. Conservative Republicans, Independents etc are all into ridiculous plans for us. Democrats remain Commies in drag, nothing changes and the Social Security amounts bounce up and down. Next, we're offered Hillary Clinton for the women folks, and she's evil as all hell. She's largely a nanobot being led around by robots on the Internet. Is she even a real human being?

Anyway, I have learned a lot by researching concentration etc. camps on this blog. I have learned that President Barack Obama is horse manure. Figures, because he's a rapist. He held back a lot, but apparently he's into first strike capabilities behind the general American public's backs. Gee, I even voted for him twice, helped put him into office, and now he's okaying the FEMA camps. They are being put into place, ostensibly to assist those who need shelter in time of disaster. But they are being outfitted so that there is no easy way to ever leave them.

So...they are going to be all those wonderful types of camps, and I don't mean summer camps for children. Germany, meanwhile, has seemingly learned her lessons and is now offering young people wonderful camps where they can go get meaningful job skills and enjoy themselves by painting pretty pictures on fences. But what's on the other side of said fences, Neo Nazis? Ostensibly again, but it does looks kind of like the Youth Conservation Corps and the Young Adult Conservation Corps in the United States. The latter program was killed by the Republicans under President Ronald Wilson Reagan. Yet it involved having to sign in and sign out, no truly free coming and going. An incredibly low wage was involved, but you were only allowed "in the program" for just one year. We worked for the National Parks and Recreation Services, the National Forest Services and suchlike. Signing in and signing out, ostensibly again because we were all "juvenile delinquents."

It doesn't seem to matter whether it's a Democrat or a Republican. If you're a mental patient, no matter what you did or didn't do, you get put onto a locked ward before it's even proven whether or not you are really of harm to yourself and/or others. And then they try you in a courtroom a mock monkey court, a kangaroo court, where they even grill corpses with questions as to whether or not they can answer said questions. They can even strap you to a table and pull a sheet right over your face, in an attempt to silence you permanently. This is done for the "crime" of being mentally ill, or at least someone called you in and claimed you were mentally ill.

I saw them grilling a woman with a sheet draw over her face. They used the name Virginia Smith, kept asking the obviously beginning to rot thing on the stretcher their questions over and over. "She" kept not answering them, apparently because she was very, very dead at the time. So what the heck, you're just doing your jobs, right? That must be sacred, because then you can pay your meager rent with the meager pay you're getting to ask a question corpses and then go outside and sneak a smoke, smoke that toke, whether it's cigs or pot or booze.

Putting away people and treating them like you're a bunch of nurses and doctors at a hospital, because it's called a Mental Hospital. Really? I saw this done to a Navy SEAL once. His brother phoned him in after a fist fight. The SEAL was sane, and wondered allowed why this was being done to him. He was making phone calls to his lawyer, but as usual the phone system was tied up. He finally got a lawyer and got out of there, but he was no more sane than anyone else there. I stopped a house burglary several years ago, and was put onto a mental ward for my troubles.

Anyway, I have worked on both sides of those "hospital" desks, as a paid soul there too, so I have certainly seen it a great deal of it all. So I know for a fact that FEMA camps in the United States are being slowly set up by workers who are merely hired for the job and who look completely away from what they are doing, while knowing completely better about it...they are being set up to become internment camps, then concentration camps, then death camps. That's got to be exactly what is happening right here in the highly and hugely underpopulated United States. Is that what you want your legacy as a worker to be, simply because you want to earn a living?

I like being a Twelfth Man for the Hawks, as that seems healthy to me. But yeah, they indoctrinate football players too, so they are rapists, weirdos who shove their wives around, and people who seem to need to be traded around on a regular basis. Is there something good about football? Maybe feminism and women's football might actually be a good idea, on lower levels at least, rather than a male cult that worships male gods unto a male Armageddon.

It does get overcrowded in the big cities, and it can be very hard to find work there. But that's not why. No, and internment camps (that's the general name for all of those places, really) will end up taking on spillover from other countries than the "good old" USA, coming in from North Korea, Russia, China etc etc etc. And they will take on prisoners, war prisoners, mental patients, the homeless especially and all kinds of other people, many of whom will seem like Americans and most of which will be FOB (Fresh off the Boat) or in other words recently from other countries. And many of them will be coming from other places in America where they barely can speak or understand English, Spanish and many other such languages.

I hope the American Red Cross is prepared to go into FEMA camps. I hope somebody at least will be able to exit them occasionally, as they are being set up to become "The Hotel California," such a lovely place, such a lovely face as President Hillary Clinton's or Sarah Palin's. Basically, what President of the USA when whoever it is stands in front of a green screen? Whatever it is? Pretty soon, it will be something made solely of pixels and entirely computer animated. What will people be able to do then, but simply watch TV, do their jobs, go out to party and collect their welfare and Social Security checks? And SSI and SSDI checks?

Poverty will not be punished away, either. So the gun turrets will be used on those unfortunate enough to be stowed away in the lovely FEMA camps which everyone, including me, is forced to go right along with. After all, what can you do about such a problem, other than simply reading this article? Other than asking someone or several such people to do something about this problem, I haven't a clue as to how this will work on behalf of the benefit of humanity, mankind or whatever you want to call the general American and worldwide population...

I expect there will be plenty of deaths from worms.