Thursday, January 15, 2015

Maybe this is like the ads where you get a job and end up a slave in the sex trade. Who knows? You'd have to go there to find out, maybe.

Internship Opportunity: Summer 2015 Internships in Siberia, Russia

Educational Center "Cosmopolitan", Novosibirsk, Russia, is pleased to announce that we have several vacancies available for the summer 2015 internship program at the children's camps that we will be running in the beautiful Altai Mountains and in the delightful countryside just outside Novosibirsk, the administrative capital of Siberia and the centre of Russia.

Immerse yourself in a new community and culture, not simply as a tourist, but as a part of an international team. Join a group of volunteers from different countries, spend 2-8 weeks working at the International Summer Language Camp, living and having fun together while helping a community, and come home with a reward that lasts longer than an ordinary paycheck!

These positions are open to university students. No previous teaching experience, no previous knowledge of Russian is required. Interning at our camp, your students will gain valuable skills and experience for their future profession while being immersed in the Russian culture and having intensive practice in the Russian language.

To learn more about these summer internship opportunities, please visit or contact the Director Natalia Bodrova cosmoschool2@mail.ruor with any questions and application inquiries.