Friday, January 23, 2015


We were in the hospital all together and we didn't know
Our Lord and Savior, coming to kill us swiftly
So quickly with his thin, pocket Sci-Fi killing machine.
Passing around the tasers, maybe that would get their attention.

In fact, we were having 7 Eleven ice cream in all flavors
All three or four, in the small little girl cups that Beatrice wanted
To blossom in the snow wanting to breathe freely without
The cigarette smoke coming from all the vehicles.

In the parking lot I saw a man named Goofy Chaos
A Black young man, who looked like soot and Walt Disney World.
He said he had many names, and one of them sold records
So long ago, when he was both a Crip and a Blood.

I told him, don't kill that lesbian lady, let's give her a ride
Just like in the college dorm rooms of my own mind that I had already attended
But never really lived or been in for some unknown reason
Having to do with satanic hell, or perhaps beautiful white people.

Goofy Chaos was the order of the day all around.
Then Goku, the wise Scruffy version, showed up and tried to fulfill all our dreams.
He was going to kill us all, rather than making us stand around waiting
To die of choking, horrible surgeries, and other things Goku knew.
I marveled at his Muslim wisdom and his deep and abiding courage.

Then Andrea, the wisest woman I have ever, who knows
Jezebel from the Bible is fascinating to her and she is NOT "them"
And she and my best friend forever hides in the bookcase
Behind a secret compartment that nobody gives a hoot about.
You see, Andrea wants to lead a real normal life.
Certain Jewish people have no idea of what they are, uh...missing.
Certain Christian people wonder at how anyone goes on living.
Certain Nazi people want to be good forever, and sigh for a very long time.
Certain Muslim people mean it when it's you committed the crime.
I just want another cup full of any soft spoon ice cream.

By Karen Cole, book ghost writer

Stan Lauk

Dear Karen,

Thank you for your important message and deeds, your devotion is truly sacred.

My magazine is both British and Russian, it has several editions, but I am from Moscow, it's true - and for fairness' sake, I have 11 nationalities in my blood, so I can easily understand and feel different cultures.