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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Growing up, Alex was no different
than any child in this country.
She had hopes, dreams and wanted desperately to be loved.
However, her family situation was very rough and at just
15 years old she fled … taking her chances with life on
the streets.
By her 16th birthday, Alex was scared, alone and desperate.
She eventually fell under the influence of a pimp who sold
her to anyone willing to pay.
After two very painful years of abuse, Alex gained the courage
to contact the FBI. The information she provided helped put
two pimps in prison. They were arrested during Operation
Cross Country—the FBI’s annual enforcement action focusing
on victims of child sex trafficking.
Operation Cross Country is conducted by FBI in partnership
with Department of Justice and NCMEC. By working together
since 2003 we have helped the FBI round up thousands of
traffickers and recover nearly 3,600 children like Alex
from the streets.
But thousands of other children are at risk every day.
That’s why throughout January, National Slavery and
Human Trafficking Prevention Monthwe are asking supporters
like you to take a stand against the barbaric industry of child
exploitation through trafficking by making a special gift to
support our work on behalf of kids and families. With so many
vulnerable children like Alex out there who still need your help,
please give as generously as you possibly can today. Together
we can make a meaningful difference in their lives.
Very sincerely,
John D. Ryan
President and CEO
Your contribution will make it possible for our dedicated
team of specialists to continue helping law enforcement
recover children and capture traffickers, as well as provide
victims and their families the referrals, reunification
assistance and emotional support they need to get back
on their feet through our Family Advocacy Division and
Team HOPE. Please reach out by making a generous gift today.
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