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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Planting Trees for Your Enemy - Welcome to Israel!

Dear Friends and Supporters,
Today is Rosh Hodesh S'hvat, the first day of the Jewish month of S'hvat So, exactly fifteen day from now, on February 4th, we will celebrate the Jewish tree holiday, Tu B'Shvat. 
There isn't much to celebrate for Palestinians whose trees have been uprooted, burned, cut down or poisoned.  Just a few weeks ago, the residents of Turmosaya discovered that 5,000 new saplings had been uprooted.  In other locations, mature trees providing a livelihood to families have been destroyed.  Since 2001, Rabbis For Human Rights has been showing a different face of Judaism by planting trees both in areas where trees have been destroyed, and in areas where the presence of trees might help prevent those lands from being taken over.
Your contribution today enables RHR to plant change and grow hope.  Please take a look at our new indiegogo campaign, donate, and distribute as widely as possible.  Your response will determine how many trees we will be able to plant this year.  With your help, busloads of Israelis will join hands with Palestinian farmers on Tu B'Shvat. Two days later, you can enable rabbinical students spending the year in Israel to join us in the olive groves and share our vision of rabbinic leadership. 
Hodesh Tov (Wishing a good month for all),
Rabbi Yehiel Grenimann, Director of the RHR Occupied Territories Field Work Department

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