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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

These young men create actual music. They need justice of some kind. Is it too late for them?

Tell Amazon to Stop Selling Racist Music!

  • author: Chris Wolverton
  • target: Jeff Bezos, CEO of
  • signatures: 21,986
we've got 21,986 signatures, help us get to 22,000
White power bands such as Skrewdriver, Max Resist and The Bully Boys recruit young people into the Neonazi movement with catchy songs promoting their racist beliefs. One of the most popular Skrewdriver songs, a punk selection called "White Power," blames non-whites and diverse societies for riots and muggings, while calling for violence with the lyrics, "they should all be shot."

Whether these hateful, provocative lyrics are protected speech is open for debate. But major retailers have the power to ban white power music from their catalogs, therefore limiting its reach amongst impressionable youths.

Apple recently removed white power bands from iTunes, following criticism from the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), but continues to offer their music for download and hard copy purchase. Please sign the petition to urge the online retail giant to stop supporting hate speech and racism, and to pull white power music from their site!

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