Monday, February 9, 2015

Well, they ran away from home for some reason.

Washington cops fear two missing girls are victims of sex trafficking

Keyanna Monson and Samantha Eldredge are classmates, 16 years old and thought to be missing and endangered, Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office detectives say. They disappeared last month and may be frequenting hotels in the Seattle area.

Two runaways who vanished last month may have fallen victim to Washington’s sex trade, authorities fear.

Keyanna Monson and Samantha Eldredge, both 16 years old and students at Snohomish High School, were last seen nearly two weeks ago.

Snohomish County detectives believe they may be going to hotels throughout the Seattle area “as victims of a sex trafficking ring,” detectives said.

“Personally I’m scared,” one of their classmates, unnamed, told KING-TV. “Snohomish has always been such a safe place.”

Detectives don’t know if the two girls are together, but they’re both considered missing and endangered.

After alerting authorities, Keyanna’s mother turned to Facebook earlier this week, pleading for her daughter’s return. Her post has garnered thousands of shares.

“I’ve tried almost everything but social media to help find her. I feel this is my last option,” Lynrae Monson wrote. “Please help bring her home safe!”

Three underage girls were found in a Seattle area sex trafficking raid led by the FBI in 2013, KING-TV added.