Sunday, March 22, 2015

Here Comes Hillary Rodham Clinton as Warned About by Barack Obama

Well, let's see. She's all White and Aryan Pure, and an obvious Virgin Mary imposter. I guess that's for the world and the American public, but mostly I think this: it's because of a book called the Koran, or the Quo'ran, or something like that. Written by one Mohammed, first version one that laid it out, second version a replacement for him. So there are lots of Muhammad's out there, boys and men named Mohammed and some girls by now too. Anyway, the point herein? We have a major Friendly Enemy, the Muslims, Arabs, whoever, across the Pond from America, who can bandy up with anyone they please, including Russia, and here comes WWIII again. Really.

Praying to live forever might be the only such answer to such stuff. Or having children, and setting them up to go forward, or both. But I think it may be of help to consider the below as well, or as otherwise, if you feel fancy free enough to look into such stuff. There may be a way to make money at such considerations, or at least to earn some kind of a living:

Too many such persons in too crowded of areas could lead to concentration camps over there. And there were several such Ashrafs or places of concentration "over there" in the Old World where people were beginning to congregate, or oppose their governments, or whatever. And like Camp Ashraf to Camp Liberty, huge but small areas really, so many that somebody had to do something finally. I keep thinking, maybe you should stay in your apartment, trailer, or get a house. If you want to oppose Concentration Camp Syndrome, stay off mental wards and stay out of mental institutions. And don't stick your beloved relatives into them, either. They are not safe places to exist, and since I used to be a worker involved with them and have also been a patient there too, you might want to heed my warning about getting overly involved with them, including as family members. Helping people live outside of them is probably extremely for the best.

Soooo...Hillary Clinton managed to delist Camp Ashraf, get some of the people over to Camp Liberty, and ship some of them over to third party countries as refugees. Many people died, of unsanitary living conditions, diseases, being killed outright by the government, dying of injuries later, and fleeing (of course, some of them escaped and found ways) over there in Iraq and Iran. Now I'm worried about the Tar Sands Oil Pipeline, stretching all the way from Mexico into Canada, meaning the closing down of several Southwest to Pacific Northwest Indian Reservations. What happens over time is the oil companies buy out their lands, forcing the reservations to close shop.

Those people either fight back then, and go to jail (maybe, in lots and lots of droves) or simply sell their shares in the land and move elsewhere. A lot of them maybe simply houses elsewhere, further inland, travel to other countries, move back down into Mexico, actually make it up into Canada, etc. Some of them may be relocated, though. And some of them might marry the workers who are managing, working on building and repairing the Tar Sands Oil Pipeline. So they will literally be spread out all over the place, like "we" were either. So what?

Really. I'm just worried about the many, few or millions who could end up relocated "funny." In major outlying areas of the boonies, which could end up being the beginnings of something big. Well, if it gets that overpopulated in the United States of America, someday, if needed, there may be places out in the boonies that will house people. In major amounts. But given their secretive nature and location, it may be imperative to keep tabs on them, in some ways, through mass media and people going to visit them, so roadways will need to be constructed in order to travel to them. At the same time, housing developments are being built out in those boonies, so there will be plenty of circulation back and forth, checking out these perilous sets of circumstances. More roadways will lead to the environmental pollution factors that we needed items like ethanol and electric powered motor vehicles for, such as giant commercial trucks, railroads, buses, your own simple car, etc. Maybe more riding bicycles, motorcycles and walking will help the able-bodied get around.

I'm not too worried about concentration camps. In a way, they are at least housing. Joseph Stalin, a leader of Russia, kept checking them out, going into and out of them. Largely, they receive food supplies, beds, work orders, tend to be based on military installations, and have methods to enter and leave them. But they also often (being military based to begin with) feature things like gun turrets (sort of like those along the original Berlin Wall) and guards who are in the military in some manner or other, who don't like you if you seem to be headed otherwhere to where they think you should be going. So I guess that's the only concern: in places such as those, which may be work camps, slave factories, sexual slavery territories, kiddie vital organs reproduction farms, stem cell laboratories, etc. would people be free to come and go as they please?

If so, there might not be too many problems to worry about, and the places may just be large warehouse style facilities where they house people, either temporarily due to natural disasters or a need to establish some kind of work areas to get various building or other tasks accomplished, such as maybe airplane building, factories and private enterprise facilities, etc. Manufacturing of goods type places, stores even, shopping malls. So I guess the only worry if things don't seem to be too concerned about remaining guarded would be smaller facilities made for torturing outcast type people, housed in smaller buildings that are easy to hide (this sort of thing has been going on since well before the Inquisition in Europe and often just involves kidnapping women and children and anybody else, really) and keeping them somewhere against their will, for whatever reason. I think maybe limiting the type of thinking that blames the other guy or gal for your own problems, isolating people out and herding them into places, and letting people drift out of your lives and go outside to nowhere might be major factors. You might want to consider all that, and probably you have already been doing so. Or spending a lot of time killing time, cavorting with your friends and partying, or funning around looking for "thrill kills," or simply reading books.

Dunno. Maybe watching it all unfold on TV, where a certain President Clinton I guess will be presiding, representing a Clean New Racially Pure America, one with All-White Teeth and Extremely Personal Morality, where being only Able-Bodied and Able-Minded at all Times will be the only consideration, as might be a little boring for me. I might disdain voting for the Lady, as I already have done so anyway. They say President Obama and those before him, stretching all the way back to the Founding (note) Fathers are simply trying to get rid of Native Americans, really, maybe also Mexicans and to some extent poverty-stricken poor Whites and Blacks. As refugees continue to pour into the country and go various places, rather unmonitored by anything overall, and unchecked too. So it could lead to something like serious overpopulation someday, and I guess there will be a need to deal with those problems then. Me, I had exactly one Kid myself, and I feel like the world at up me and my kid and spat us both out. But really, I'm handling things okay, I'm still married, I and my husband are simply Getting Older and I'm mostly just experiencing Empty Nest Syndrome and waiting to hear from my daughter again someday. If not, I understand. She decided to go her own way, or something. She does seem to have friends out there somewhere. So she should be getting work her way sooner or later.

I have to worry about my own delicate condition. I am fine, just need to direct my life, go for walks, get out with my husband occasionally, watch our expenses, that sort of thing. I'm on a deworming medication for trichinosis currently, hoping that it won't make worms flood out of my face and flood also into my brain. I seem to still be thinking straight, in spite of everything in the world also flooding into my life through the Internet and the TV set. I like going to parks, checking out the scenery, hitting restaurants occasionally, and going for drives. I like enjoying my Freedom, in other words. But I'm not racially pure, and I'm not sure I enjoy the All-White/Brown/Black Virgin Mary approach to living. I'm also not a member of any ethnic minorities whatsoever. And I'm not much on being an American lately myself, really. I don't think I'm even going to vote in the next presidential election either, and I'm feeling wiped out enough on the concept to believe voting is a waste of time in my case. I think I'd rather Michelle Bachman had handled the enemy, but a weird penis stopped her apparently due to an extreme Selfie. And she seems to want to Kill all Disabled. So I'm getting less and less pro Politics, the thing that seems to be completely ruining anything remotely approaching a Human Existence on my part. I think I think I'm supposed to...go along with things instead. Kind of hang my hat where I am, try to survive all the pollution without choking to death, and enjoy what limited existence I have left, while feeling like a multiple Gang Rape Victim.

I dunno. It's not a very exciting life (maybe, in all the wrong ways) but I am holding onto it as usual. I did get my recent published book out, The Rainbow Horizon - A Tale of Goofy Chaos - and it doesn't seem to be a very good idea to die yet. I'm barely in my mid-50s and mean people are not a great reason why to die young, unless I'm actually only living in Hell and am constantly surrounded by demons and not people. Since I can't really think of this as the Afterlife, and since I'm the type who tends to believe that children are our only afterlife (or lives), continuing forward several generations, I'm not able to "handle the truth" apparently. I don't "pray right" or something. I am not sure what that is supposed to mean, that I'm "abnormal," except that it sure has a lot to do with a boy's new hairdo being, ummm, attractive to the wrong sorts of persons. Well, I think I'll wrap this one up soon.

I am very seriously physically disabled, and rather mentally challenged now and exhausted. Hopefully, I will get some more rest tonight, and start to feel better soon. I don't think I'm going to make a full recovery via my own actions that easily, probably only a partial recovery is best, considering my overall life, but I think I should be able to handle the world's problems as I perceive them in my own way, without a lot of sexism masquerading as a bunch of other things being a way to pretend that my own personal life is something so unique that it doesn't matter at all to anyone other than just me. At least, I would like to think it matters to my husband. We are pretty much only an aging married couple now, not a "mated pair" but yes, that is also what we are. Currently. Until possibly someone in his giant outside group, which is apparently now the entire "human race" at all times now, decides to do anything at all to me.

Then, as usual, he will be friends with them, not me, and get along with them. And tell me to do impossibly things I cannot do. Basically, due to something Satanic and against my will, he will be doing that sort of thing until he is dead. Me, I will be wondering if I'm using the computer too often somehow, and wondering why anything resembling a normal life is gone for me lately. I think it's simply lack of sleep, so I will have to be trying my best to get some rest. While my husband, who introduced himself to me as my "stalker" instead of dating me, will keep insisting he has to have a "good time" (maybe his real name is Charlie? Like in Vietnam? That seems weird. Good time Charlie. Well, I don't know what else to make of that) with me. Well, I want to have a Good Time with him, but I think he's getting to the point where he wants to do ALL the talking, ALL the time. We do have the TV set for that one, really. And I do have the Internet for the other one. But I am seriously thinking about spending a lot more time off it somehow, and not drinking any more coffee, Coke, or caffeine products. It's hard to get away from hard drugs like that. They are everywhere. Trick is we both need to live our lives, and he learns to need to respect me more before it becomes too late to do so. He's an Ablist, I have no other way to put it, and he's made me rather Barefoot and Pregnant, which I'm not able to be anymore. I went on psychiatric medication over Big City Living and the extreme Freeways, Highways, and everybody else being in weird Wolfpack Groups at me instead of letting me into anything real. So I'm at a loss to explain much further.

I do head a group of some 130 or more writers, editors, marketers, publishers, people who do media stuff, involving ghost writing, editing, etc. I make some money still off of this proclivity, and am not fully retired as of yet. I feel like as a middle-aged woman, I should be entitled to express my own beliefs and opinions, instead of trying so hard to live for someone else's. But it may be a bit too late to, ummm, stick with doing either. My family keeps surrounding me for the kill. They all know exactly how bad being on medications and being interred onto a mental ward or into a mental hospital is, and it's getting fairly obvious where all this lovely stuff is slowly actually proceeding.

So I'll be lucky if my life ends in a standard (probably substandard) nursing home, or I die at home, as most of the people in the Independent Living Movement have let me know about in multiples. When they were human beings, at any rate, and not just all white corpses stuck sitting permanently immobile in wheelchairs. Especially the female ones. It seems odd, the Virgin Mary impetus toward the ideal White Female being a Dead, Executed One, put on tons of pills or whatever in order to kill them, or being Executed in Public on TV. I am hoping that will be over with soon. Maybe it finally is, so I guess I will have to see if President Hillary manages to remain alive after all.

Hillary, Hitler. Hitler, Hillary Clinton. Well, she's really Hillary Rodham originally. They said, "Don't pillary Hillary" in a magazine I read once, but it looks like a Racially Pure world to me sometimes. I'm not quite sure what the point to that is. I keep thinking I have a weird enemy called feminism, or a weird friend called the same thing. I'm not sure which is which. There is a form of feminism based on how good looking and tall you are, and nothing else whatsoever. Then there is a form of feminism based on how you think, what you say, and of course how much money you have at your disposal. Me, I think I'm going to ditch the very idea for a bite of breakfast, figure I'm managing somehow to at least partially live my partial existence, and hope somehow I become less other people's business. They really are my hands, my arms, my private parts, etc. And I'm the one who has to react, use them, manipulate them, etc. But I'm getting more and more tired of doing so, while I feel like the entire universe is crowding in...I do feel like somebody else is the Thief.