Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Wicked Witchcraft. Be careful whom you work for - they might wish your pay away.

Help Rescue Them from Blame

“It is impossible that a child has made a pact with the devil.”
So says Father José Luis de la Fuente, SDB, director of the Don Bosco Center in Kara, Togo. Here, he works hard to counter the deeply rooted cultural beliefs that routinely demonize children -- and blame them for illnesses, deaths and other misfortunes that are more accurately the outcome of overwhelming poverty.
These children are not witches. Yet every day, innocent little girls and boys like Georgette and Rosalie -- whom you may have already read about -- are accused of sorcery, and subjected to heinous physical and psychological abuse. Many are outright murdered in the name of “justice.”
Fortunately for Georgette and Rosalie, they not only survived their ordeals but -- thanks to the intercession of Fr. José and the Don Bosco staff -- they are thriving in school and dreaming of brighter futures free of stigma and blame.
Sadly, others are not so lucky. But YOU can be their savior!
In Togo, and elsewhere in Africa and Asia where poverty is endemic and tribal traditions run deep, tens of thousands of children are routinely victimized by customs that devalue their unique humanity.
This is why we are committed to addressing the root causes and conditions that lead to accusations of witchcraft … and the resulting violations of children’s basic rights.
The Don Bosco Center offers a loving home where youth can recover from their physical and emotional wounds. The Center provides pathways out of despair and hopelessness through education and training. Our Salesian missionaries are there for these children, advocating on their behalf for lasting societal change.
Your gift today helps victimized girls and boys discover the self-confidence and dignity that allows them to proclaim, “I am not a witch!” Thank you for your caring and compassionate support!