Thursday, March 12, 2015

Senate Republicans: Don't hold human-trafficking laws hostage over abortion!

Hey, this sounds so cool! Let's kill off every woman or girl or whatever on the face of the planet, because humans only pollute the planet. If we're all dead, we won't have to suffer from this absolute nonsense anymore. And we won't be polluting and killing off all the rest of the life forms on Earth, or whatever this weird sicko place is. Maybe, Hell Planet.

  • author: Nathan Empsall
  • target: Senator Mitch McConnell, Senator John Cornyn, and the Senate Republicans
  • signatures: 16,263

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The Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act of 2015 is an amazing bill, originally supported by lawmakers from both parties. It would do much to help recovering girls and women forced into prostitution against their will.

But Senate Republicans are now suggesting that if they don't get their way on abortion rights language, they might not let the anti-human trafficking bill pass, ignoring these suffering women.

Think Progress reports that the bipartisan trafficking bill would "establish a fund to raise money for victims from the fees charged to traffickers," helping thousands of girls and women. But it turns out the bill's primary author, Texas Republican John Cornyn, hid a provision to expand what's known as "the Hyde Amendment," which bans support for women's reproductive health coverage.

Holding must-pass legislation and other popular bills hostage to pet amendments has become a common tactic for extremist Congressional Republicans. They shut down our federal government when they couldn't repeal the Affordable Care Act. They almost shut down the Department of Homeland Security when they couldn't get their way on immigration. And now they're saying it's their way on abortion or no new help for the victims of human trafficking.

Enough is enough. Tell Senate Republicans to stop subjecting the survivors of human trafficking to their pet demands and extremist gridlock! These women deserve better!

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