Sunday, March 22, 2015

Citizens United the Movie - Long Term Project Finally Coming Through for Them

Mar 19 (3 days ago)

Dear Friends and Activists,

It already looks like Citizens United, The Movie, is shaping up to be
one seriously controversial film, and all we've done so far is start
to send the advance DVDs out to our initial supporters.

If you have seen the movie already, the whole movie, we'd love to
hear from you. Otherwise, if you are curious about what the fuss is
all about, there is still time for you to request your own review

Supporter Only Advance DVDs (Secret Surprise Reward):

But we can only do this until we get our first film festival
acceptance, which could happen any time.

We promised you an almost unprecedented production, and we believe we
delivered. Citizens United, The Movie, is an expansive narrative
story, bringing in many references to issues we care about (gay
lifestyles, veganism, war crimes, etc.) as progressive policy
activists, but ultimately about the necessity of amending the
constitution now, and the irresistable power of citizen activism.

Since this is not a documentary, like the other movies progressives
are supposed to make, we need to tell a story. There must be good
"guys" (in this case actually mostly good gals) and bad guys. We need
to have characters experience trials and be in jeopardy, and show the
badness of the bad guys (not always a pretty picture). But when you
watch the movie to the end, you will see how all the pieces of this
initiative come together. People are saying the ending of the movie
in particular is one of the most inspirational scenes ever filmed.

The French translation of the entire script is done and the
submission to the Cannes Film Festival is already in consideration.
For any French language buffs out there, here is the closing line of
the film, expressing certainty that when the people really come
together for a political cause, we cannot be defeated.

"Il y a une chose dont je suis certain . . . il n'y a rien qui ne
peut pas etre fait . . Si seulement les citoyens sont vraiment unis."

With that spirit, we present Citizens United, The Movie. If you want
a version with the French subtitles, we'll burn one for you custom.
Otherwise everyone gets the regular advance DVD we already have in

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