Syria Genocide War Crimes

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Here's the Wunnerful Global Detention Project. Gee, it sounds school system related. What if?

You see, Switzerland and its banks benefitted the most from the Nazis. Who were basically fake Muslims like the Russians. Check out the Kremlin. All rainbow colored even. Such a "mosque." So why? Who knows. Overpopulation is a pretty good bet. Or a great, great lack of building places for people to live. But in the end, the lack of money is the root of all homicide.

I guess, the Bush administrations had something to do with this.

Nothing on North Korea for this group. I shall now check on China and Russia.

No Russia. No China (just Taiwan, the Christian country.) No North or South Vietnam. No Vietnam. Hoo girl, are we on the same side as Saudi Arabia. So, we're funding the enemy and the concentration camps in all the countries I just now mentioned above. Irrevocable conclusion.

Hello, CIA? You can find all this elsewhere on the Internet.

No Rwanda, and hardly anything in Africa...GOOD RIDDANCE!

Mauritania, the Slavery Capitol of the's one of "their" countries. Well, that's one way to ship um, "certain people" out of there. About women and they make valuable American, Canadian and third party country workers?

I kind of doubt it. Some of them, maybe the whiter looking ones. Or is it some other thing? Being more able bodied, more able to follow orders, being literate, say? Being literate must be incredibly helpful, considering, when it comes to not being shipped to North Korea. Or China. Or well, certain places in Africa. Or elsewhere. But come to think of it, being shipped to combat status. So, as usual, the whole thing is what I finally called Soldier's Revenge.

Only trouble is, they were already taking it. So...that's that.