Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Secret FEMA Death Camps: Already At A Location Near You

And more of this ongoing tribute to Woody Allen, Super Genius. Basically, he just has a penis, and it used to make him move around really fast. Barbra Streisand kept out-speeding him. Well, the Autobahn is way over there in Europe, so who needs to view yet another freeway? I love Woody, I hate Barbra, I love Barbra, I hate Woody. Who doesn't.

My parents are dead. So am I, I think, often. This may be Hell, I dunno. Where I'm Jesus, mystically paying for something. No, I'm Karen, and this is real life, full of people who want to make sure I know I'm going to the wrong place in the Afterlife. I'm still waiting for those who want to reassure me that I'm going to the right place. Nobody is showing up. Instead, I'm getting Heaven in this life dangled at me, by those who want me to know they are there or were already in it somehow. Losers all, who need to be above me to have someone below them.

Which is why I'm really only a rape victim. There are other ones, they are all above me. Due to an "all white skin" preference, by Loreal. Because you're worth it. Or, are you? Actually, my kind has told you all to enjoy drowning, even though "my kind" only has freckles or is racially impure by having white skin and black hair. Which I found too confusing. So now I've got loads of little worms coming out of me. I don't "come out," the BM and worms do. Sooner or later. Sooner or later, the little buggies and worms start coming out of me. If they haven't already been doing so. Most of them live in my intestines, because that is where their primary food supply is located. So the ones that live in my hearts and lungs are always coming from there. They don't breed anywhere else.

I wrote this as the all-knowing Seer you don't need, Or, did I? Nah, I didn't. Somebody else did, who sounds super right wing. Well, Obama IS super right wing. I guess he may have been dreaming of world peace, but really he just wanted to be the first actual Black president of the USA, here in Africa, oops, I mean America. well they sound just alike

Ummmm....Ron Schwarz reference.

I don't know it all. I know next to nothing. And I'm dying of air pollution, among other things. Say, are you human? Thank you very much for reading this, if you're not a search engine robot. I keep thinking that is the primary readership of this entire blog.

It ain't so much as the left wing and right wing, the Dems versus the Pubs. Instead, those outlying areas really ARE there. In Europe, and in South America especially, due to the Nazis, those smaller buildings and stretches got referred to as "little schools." Because they have to keep all the adult "kiddies" there and punish them, to keep them going in straight lines (without much mercy) and not being allowed to leave fenced in areas.
My advice to you, is don't go in there. Never do so. Under any circumstances. But you know, you might need to have something, somewhere to live, after a natural disaster. And of course, here comes more natural disasters. So I guess where you're going is where you're going, isn't it?
Well...maybe the human race could die off. If it does, maybe the air pollution will dissipate somewhat, and the bombs won't go off, and then the world can continue without us. Or, maybe we could learn something in time, but I'm not aware of any such coordinated efforts.
And the Second Holocaust is well underway in post-Nazi Germany.
I shut up now, and let you read the following, making out of it what you will:

As Obama’s administration continues to creep closer and closer to tyranny, one could only imagine how far he’d go before Americans started to revolt.  Lucky for Obama, he’s already begun plans to contain the situation, allowing him to progress with his agenda with as little resistance as possible—through the use of FEMA camps.
We all know, Obama is working all hours of the day to try and disarm as much of the population as possible, and although he claims it in the name of American safety, many U.S. citizens know otherwise.  But if it were to come to a point where Americans needed to be suppressed in order for the preservation of Obama’s reign to prevail, what would he do?
Obama has recently discussed his new proposal of “prolonged detention,” and that isn’t based off of a crime you have already committed.  In fact, Obama explains that he intends to incarcerate, until he sees fit, anyone that poses a threat to America and may potentially commit a crime in the future, including Americans.  As Liberal activists fight to have Gitmo shut down, Obama has taken advantage of the time to inform the American public of these indefinite detention centers.
Our Commander-in-Chief explains that these centers will be placed for all Guantanamo Bay prisoners that are too dangerous to let go and still remain a threat to our nation.  He goes on to mention that anyone else that is captured in this preemptive nature will also be housed here.  In the case of a revolt, how many American’s do you think will be deemed a threat to United States of America and indefinitely detained?  Where would Obama store all these people?
Enter FEMA camps.
Obama has ordered the secret construction of FEMA camps all over the country and he’s told his minions to do it as quietly as possible.  These FEMA camp’s may have the appearance of a helpful establishment placed there in preparation for a time of need (i.e. natural disaster), but look a little closer and you may see otherwise.
All FEMA facilities have several layers of fencing, all of which for some “mysterious” reason, have barbed wire at the top, pointing toward the inside of the fence.  Why would you want to keep people you are helping in? Along with this, electronically operated turnstiles guard the only entrance(s) into the gated sections.  Cameras can also be seen watching closely over the supposedly abandoned sites, and wind socks have been placed anticipating the arrival of helicopters.
Check out an example below:
FEMA camps are popping up in extremely inconspicuous places—an abandoned train yard, extra space on airport property, or even industrial complexes.   Want to see where the closest one is located near you?
Check it out here—it may be closer than you think.
On top of all this, the Army is also recruiting for what they are calling an, “Internment/Resettlement Specialist (31E).”  Of course they would love to explain that these specialist’s expertise would be used in other regions of the planet, and as you all know, the military isn’t allowed to operate in the United States.  If this is the case, then why the sudden need to recruit so many more?
(See also: Prominent Liberal: Secret Service Should Arrest Anyone That Says Bad Things About Obama) Well, he sure did fire his female Head of the Secret Service. After the entire Obama family successfully escaped from a weird Army dude who tried to Jack the Ripper all four of the Obama family who were successfully elsewhere than at the White House the dude was attacking at the time. So I guess Obama is a pushy, arrogant little rapist man who can't really stand other women than his wife. Well, I'm not much on other women either, and I can't really like other men than my husband. Yet I've always wanted to make and have friends, the weird thing I'm apparently not allowed to have anymore, and not even to begin with, from the first moment of birth of my life.
I'm like to have both male and female friends, not necessarily in that order. I'm not gay, but I wish I could have friends, instead of people who gang up on me as the Third Sex (which I like to think they are, not me, I guess) while I'm crippled and dying of worms. As a rape victim. Who watches weird rape shows, like Obama raping Hillary with an able assist by Bill Richardson. While I'm realizing I'm supposed to have raped two boys, the same two boys who later raped me. Then I realize my husband and daughter were "into it" too. I guess I'm a member of the great overall Rape Culture, the thing that keeps on raping me. Repeatedly. Without any mercy. Including me. I tend to want to rape myself, given all that happens to me. I guess that could indeed lead to masturbation. Isn't that an act of self abuse, where one rapes oneself? Yes, it is.
I'd rather just give up on sex. I'm 54, already had my one kid, and I'd like sex to be over with now. Instead of being constantly told I'm the Third Sex by members of it. Like I've been told all my life, which is getting pretty silly considering it's too late in my life for me to "go find a woman" or "go live in a group home" or whatever. I think maybe people should mind their own business when it comes to me. But I guess eventually, being unable to take care of myself will preclude something along the lines of me being allowed to take care of myself. Due to my being a rape victim.
Instead, rape seems to be the order of the day. I got raped again, by worms. I so much as ate some bad port, and now I'm thriving with them. So those who take care of me will have to deal with that, but I think they all have intestinal worms anyway. I don't really want to share mine. I don't really want more of theirs. But I guess if they haul me away to one of those places, I will be on my feet, ready to go to one, such as a nuclear shelter. Or whatever. I'm hoping by now that I get to seem to die at home, as a member of the Independent Living Movement who never once got to be a real member of it, so I am living with my aging, dying husband, who is getting to be an old fart who keeps threatening to have me put on a mental ward, but is unable to do so. They are too expensive, anyway. I think I will just have to go be normal, and not rant and rave so much about my attempts to get his attention. I shall just go along with things as they are, and maybe hope to myself that the all-knowing, all-seeing human race eventually dies out, or makes it to Canada, or something along those lines. I wouldn't know what. Well, my husband will eventually get bad enough Alzheimer's that he might give up and attempt to kill me. Hopefully not, but it will all depend on what he thinks I said about something.
Obama will soon take advantage of the law that Bush passed—but never used—under his administration. Bush passed a law that would allow the current President of the United States to declare martial law at their discretion under executive action—and we all know how much Obama loves to bypass congress.  Once this is in place, the military will have the power to act as Obama’s henchmen, and throw any freedom loving patriots into these FEMA Camps.
Long live the Dystopian reign of Obama.
What do you think—is it time to get worried yet?