Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Nazi death camp side of things...back in the past, where it should have belonged?

There were three, not two, main Auschwitz buildings. There were two main lines: one led to hard physical labor, the other led to nearly immediate death via gas truck. You got in the back, in a line, and watched the person ahead of you get gassed to death. Sort of like instant death from pollution, concentrated in a single burst. Then the bodies were burned up mostly in crematoriums. I think in my kind's case, "I" was mostly Catholic, and didn't get a crack AT ALL at the "other line." It was the work line in the camps. Instead, I have a feeling that "my kind" mostly was led to the edge of very large pits, far outside ANY of the actual concentration camps, shot in the back of the head, and didn't have any chances in life whatsoever.

Now, go out there, and save all those "Jewish" or other ritzy rich white-looking people. Like last time. Or whoever's side you're on. They deserve your wonderfulness. Because they ALL had a crack at living through the Holocaust. Or did they? Or did every one of them, except for "my kind?" Which is what everybody else says about things, sooner or later...that "my kind" or "our kind" always got the Inquisition routine, probably without any mercy whatsoever. So anyway, enjoy your drowning deaths, or work against them if you can, People. Or forget it, because it's getting overcrowded again. By persons of all kinds, which is who all died in the Holocaust, and also alongside the edges of giant pits. Containing bodies like a six-breasted woman, in a weirder-out war zone. Including Jews, Nazis, Catholics, the disabled, men women and children, Russian war prisoners, Muslims, Buddhists, prostitutes, the mentally ill, ordinary folks, farmers, surely some of my own distant relatives, on and on and on. And many people lost their entire hundred member or less families, while this sort of event has repeated itself throughout human history, seeming to ask for somebody to come along and change things. I don't think I'm going to, as just a type of extra "last unicorn," really. Who may have been an extraneous detail when it comes to racial inferiority. But how does that work? If I'm such an extraneous detail, and that WAS the idea...how would I know.

Comparison studies. Apples, pears and oranges. And somebody else is bananas.

I'd like to rant and rave about my kind dying in it, but haven't quite done so yet. I plan on going to the place someday soon, but think something is going to drag my feet about things.

I helped write one book about the Holocaust, and I pretty much did it as "slave labor." In Europe, they call book ghost writers a name I can't repeat - but which is pretty much the same thing as Stupenegel. Book Negro. Because we write for pay and not pleasure, and help other writers get their work out in a manner more to the profession's choosing. But we take upfront pay usually, sometimes for a short credit underneath the author's name on a published book. On the Holocaust book, I arranged its commercial publication, but got no credit whatsoever, and the book was rewritten to add more material from the family involved. Well, so what. I stopped writing and editing on spec manuscripts after that. And yet the victims got their book, the film was made and duly stored on IMDb on the Internet...a place built by the pilfered "wealth" of poverty-stricken dying Jews, the bodies of hired mercenary Nazis, and the American influence of banks now located conveniently in Switzerland. Well, I tend to think this, as that country certainly has a lot to do with the foundations of the World Wide Web. I don't really know an awful lot about it, you see. I hear soon there is going to be a newer version of the computer banks storing more important info in Japan.

Whether I'm going to get any of my work placed there...or ours from GWI and RWI or in general ghost writing...is only a matter of Time. And who will read such things in the future, if we have all died along the way? Space aliens, somebody else's future children...the enemy...journalists...something else far beyond me. Or nobody, but it will be stored for the generations whether or not it is ever read again...supposedly, everything.

Auschwitz 'hell on Earth': RT correspondent spends night at Nazi death camp

Published: May 18, 2015

Auschwitz is “hell on Earth,” said RT’s Paula Slier after spending a night at the former Nazi concentration camp where scores of Jews were killed during WWII. The trip was a part of Slier’s documentary, in which she traces her relatives' Holocaust horror.Auschwitz is “hell on Earth,” said RT’s Paula Slier after spending a night at the former Nazi concentration camp where scores of Jews were killed during WWII. The trip was a part of Slier’s documentary, in which she traces her relatives' Holocaust horror.

“It was extremely evocative. Auschwitz [Nazi concentration camp built in occupied Poland] is hell on Earth. And when you go to hell at night and you have the watchtowers and the barbed wire casting their shadows, and almost following you around everywhere, it’s almost terrifying if you like,” Slier said in an interview to RT.

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Found by chance, old letters once written by a young Flip Slier took RT journalist on a personal mission to follow her relative’s last path from home to a Nazi death camp.

“I started off to find out what happened to Flip Slier. During the course of my research I found out that 119 members of my family had been killed. Most of them were gassed in Auschwitz. I am talking all about my grandfather’s brothers and sisters, my great-aunts, my great-uncles, my cousins, my great-grandmother,” she said.

Screenshot from RT video

Flip was gassed in Sobibor concentration camp in Poland. He was only 17 when the Netherlands surrendered to the invading Nazi army. Within two years, he was sent to a labor camp. It was there, hands callused from digging canals, but with access to paper and a pen, he sent the majority of the letters to his parents.

During her investigation Slier met a grandson of Rudolf Hess, a commandant at Auschwitz.

“Essentially I was meeting a grandson of the man who was responsible for killing my family and I felt conflicted about meeting him. But he has separated himself from his family.”

Screenshot from RT video

She said the man is using the Hess family name only to spread the message to the world that Auschwitz must not happen again.

“Of course it’s a message I appreciate. I asked him whether or not he thought that the Holocaust could happen again and he said ‘Yes’.”

According to Slier, today we are witnessing the attempts to re-write history, 70 years after the end of WWII.

“And only by finding out what happened to our families, only by recording the testimonies of people who were there ,we with facts can stop this revision of history,” she concluded.

Watch Paula’s story in ‘119 Lives Unlived’ documentary which premieres globally on RTDoc and RT International on May 20.