Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Well, I guess Adolf Hitler via Julius Caesar via the Pharoah of Egypt is the Gift that Keeps on Giving. Hey, how about China? Several Ming dynasties later, it's almost always a man who does that kind of dirty work. I'll say! Let's make it a woman next time, so she can do the exact same thing that the man does. Have people executed when she doesn't really know what's going on, either. Whaddya think?

I guess the Emperor has no clothes. Who else?

Maybe, shortly, the World. Five minutes to midnight. Sheesh!

Same old same old. Got anything new for me? I'm bored out of my tree. Oink. You know, pigs do sniff out truffles. Well, Kim, I weigh more than you do and you're better looking than I am and I am a woman, yet. Was born female, and all. My kid left home, probably for Mexico. If not, she has to stick around nearby and tank in air pollution.

Kim, you are hereby forgiven by Karen personally for everything you are doing. Trouble is, I keep thinking you are my doppleganger, or something. In other words, somebody who's ripping me off, and doing an impression of someone like me, or me. Somebody who feels alone, isolated, trapped, who never thinks she's really with somebody else.

And I'm not a leader of anything...except for Ghost Writer, Inc. I'm just a mom with a very small family, most of which is dying on me. Maybe, even my kid. My husband loses his temper and doesn't get straight what I say. So I'm doing this blog for the sake of something to say. In the world. Well, thanks again, Kim, for being Hitler and giving me something to say.

Do you suppose that makes me a bitch? Yes, it does. The Final Solution is pollution, I guess. Make North Korea so polluted, everybody there dies from the air pollution alone. But come to think of it, it's wafting your way from East China all the time. Just like your government. Wafting its way from Russia, where it originated from. Good ol' communism. In the States now, due to Black people, we are constantly discussing how to implement socialism, communism and Marxism (well, maybe not THAT so much) while Russia is preparing to invade us.

Due to your WONDERFUL actions. Coordinating with Russia and China. In order to invade the good ol' funny farm USA, which is mostly dying from air pollution by now. Gee, do you think Hitler was the culprit because he fessed up how Evil he was? In spades? He kept doing that, going on about how evil he was. I guess he wanted us to think he was honest. Well, you know, it's always the road you're on, and I'm sorry Kim, but I'm dying of air pollution. In spades.

So...they can't make funny cars. Cars that run on electric instead of gas. Because it's such a long slow process, taking a chance on polluting the environment by getting all the materials together and building electric cars. Like you, Kim, I'm stuck trying to figure it all out. I guess you probably have a simpler method going than mine. I keep thinking somehow I could be God, and try to figure it all out so I can vote appropriately. I think I may be abstaining from the next election, local or otherwise, but instead I will probably change my damn "female" mind (it is one, really) and end up voting for Hillary Rodham Clinton, the amazing White Female Hitler Candidate. Who's supposed to be all racially pure at all times. Maybe I'm the last unicorn. I'm NOT racially pure, nor racially pure with freckles. I'm a very racially impure planetary outcast that the planet hates and is murdering on purpose, and now I'm dying of worms on top of the air pollution.

Each of my two sisters, who each have my problem anyway, are in places where they are neither dying of worms, nor air pollution. So it's supposed to be personally me. If it is, I guess there is no way to BE a member of any such "third sexes," or have some kind of warped out sex life that "proves something." Instead, I'm supposed to be a "good time" for my husband. Which means he isn't really that interested in taking care of my while I'm dying, unless I don't talk with them a lot. Oops, I mean, "him." Yes, he's them, so are you, and you are an imposter. Meanwhile, I'm the "real McCoy" for no known reason to Man. I'm all alone in the world, really, or just think I am.

Dare I say it? Maybe I am the imposter, and you're the real McCoy. All alone in the world. Well, welcome to the ancient Greco-Roman Alpha-Omega concept. Yes, you're an Alpha and I'm an Omega. But sometimes, I think I am the world's ONLY omega. Often, I think. Something is trying to tell me all about Death from Worms, sea worms that is. Yes, that small farm in WA State got flooded by the Ocean (the Pacific Ocean) and now I'm loaded with Movie Monsters. The little tiny worms that only the Ocean can bring. Tons and tons and tons of them.

There is no getting rid of them. I'm planning on having my intestines purged. I'm going to arrange to have a colonoscopy, if they don't think it's too expensive to medically cover it, and I'm going to have myself PURGED from top to bottom. In other words, from my mount to my anus. I'm going to shit out everything, if possible, and be totally squeaky clean that way. That's my plan. Then I'm either going to have a colonoscopy, or not. I may call it off, because it's to check for colon cancer, not just to purge me. For some reason, you can't even buy a proper purge ANYWHERE on the Internet. While you think you are purging North Korea, I'M THE IDIOT WHO NEEDS A PURGE TO GET RID OF MY SEA OF INTESTINAL WORMS. Well, you know, they always come back. All it takes is one female pregnant worm, still in there, or whatever. About that third sex, maybe worms have it, who knows? Not people, worms.

It will clear out my intestine of everything, including the mucous. Well, that's probably unhealthy somehow, I'm sure. Or there would be such and such a purge for worms. Probably. Wouldn't know, and everyone else is just as ignorant as you and me, Professor Kim.

Kim Jong-Un loses temper with terrapin farm workers

(Well, hopefully he won't have me executed for running this. I think he would if he could. But he'd make sure I knew all about how it was all my own personal fault first, I'm sure.)

Workers at a North Korean terrapin farm probably wished they could withdraw into their protective shells Tuesday, after a visit from leader Kim Jong-Un who lambasted operations at the facility.
A large photo on the front page of the ruling party's official newspaper, the Rodong Sinmun, showed a clearly irate Kim wagging an admonishing finger at a group of officials in a building housing terrapin breeding tanks.
During his inspection of the farm, Kim "strongly criticised the shortcoming of its officials as a manifestation of incompetence, outmoded way of thinking and irresponsible work style," the North's official KCNA news agency said in a report on the visit.
Kim appeared to take particular umbrage at the fact that the failings he uncovered were in a farm set up at the personal initiative of his father, Kim Jong-Il, who he succeeded as leader following his death in December 2011.
"The employees who failed to bear deep in their minds (Kim Jong-Il's) leadership exploits could hardly perform their role as masters in production," KCNA quoted Kim as saying.
If all officials worked like those on the farm, North Korea would never achieve the visionary goals of his father, Kim said, adding that their mismanagement would also damage the prestige of the ruling Workers' Party.
Terrapin has long been a popular, if pricey, feature of Korean cuisine and is usually served in a soup that is valued for its nutritional qualities as much as its taste.
Kim Jong-Un, like his father and grandfather before him, conducts scores of "field guidance" inspections every year at civilian and military units across the country.
Each one is covered by the state media, and the reports and pictures nearly always project the image of a smiling or intrigued Kim, questioning and encouraging people as he doles out "expert" advice on their work.
Reports of a stern, public dressing-down like the one given to the officials at the Taedonggang Terrapin Farm are unusual, and undoubtedly deeply worrying for those on the receiving end.
According to South Korea's National Intelligence Service (NIS), Kim has ordered the execution of more than a dozen officials so far this year, apparently for questioning his authority.
The NIS reported last week that the North's defence minister, Hyon Yong-Chol, had been purged and most likely executed for insubordination and dozing off during a formal military rally.

(And here comes Russia, ready to invade the USA. Some more.)