Syria Genocide War Crimes

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Overpopulating the globe...with 1% of it being human beings...not 1% of it is dying from worms. However, 100% of it HAS worms of some kind. Indeed.

You are all now overpopulating the globe is why your fetuses are being ground up into paste and sold to you as aphrodisiacs. Where did you get your jobs?

There is no more welfare to spread around. Blacks ate it all up, burp.

So the disabled don't get enough. The REAL disabled, that is. which includes some blacks daughter, who isn't really disabled yet...will have to hit the streets.

Or, find a way to get on real welfare. She does have a SNAP card.

meanwhile she's not disabled enough yet to even apply for it

she'd need to be put on SSI and then she'd need a partner to help her on it

A prayer to whatever Gods that be...she and Nate go on SSI together and find a way.

It's really true; the only good hero is a Dead Hero. So the only good Black is a dead black. We're all niggers now, thanks to Chernobyl etc. Go be a "villain," or a villager, and get married and make children happen. Or have one kid. Or something. Be a villain. Even that. Go make love with people, have pets, do whatever. In fact, do what you wanna do, whatever it is, even if it's rape your Dad eat your kids and preach cow manure. It's all been done anyway. There IS nothing new under the sun, except for all the new things, such as the Internet.

You know, I'm not sure about rape your Dad.

What if the human race COULD go on living, at least for a little while?

Maybe I'm so far gone, I'm seeing a different world than the one...that is there, that I'm not seeing, allowed to enter, or be anything in, because everyone has to "let me know" they don't have sex with me. I don't want to have sex with ANY of you, including Reggie, or me.

Rape your Dad, rape your Dad, rape your Dad...nah, I'm not "easy to offend" because I leaned on a car without anybody watching. He's still "looking for a good time" and he "knows I have unusual sex with other women and girls." In short, he's insane, and set to leave me.

Then, because he thinks it has some kind of meaning (like Ron Schwarz did) he ends up dying on the streets, when he had a good home his own money helped me buy, back there somewhere. Because he's INCREDIBLY EASY, AND INCREDIBLY EASY TO OFFEND.

Ron, they were right. He's all the weird names he's been calling me: bastard, bitch, etc. Hitler was a bitch, because he called me one. No, he wasn't normal. Neither was Eva, his wife. However, what does normal MEAN? It means, like everybody else.

Monkeys with brains and no tails pollute, so we are not set to go places.

Not sure that's been done. He's been burned up alive in a house fire, after seeing the love of his life raped in front of him, worse than that even, and his children force fed to him. There are old German legends about that, in fact. Some of them must have actually happened. The same with the Jewish people, same thing. I do recall those stories, in fact. It's up to you to decide whether or not to take a side on either one, or to simply think people are kind of crazy and not do those things.

Me, I'm largely into killing time until I die, whichever comes first. So...chances are I do die, right in the middle of things, and someone or something will have to go on living without me. Maybe, several such somebodies. Well, if you're reading this, hi there. Maybe you will go on living without me, years after I am dead, and I wonder if you're checking to see if this is something worthwhile. If so, you're a search engine robot of some kind. Hi there, again.

Am I compliant yet? Or, am I too negative? The Nazis are still on the Internet.

Are they non-compliant, or too negative? Or, too male for you to bother them? Or, too female? I will never know, myself. I think it might be random, but then again, it's too out to get specifically me for some unknown and hidden and mysterious and weird reasons...I wouldn't know what they are. It sounds like the same old thing, and like I'm supposed to become extremely religious and suffer through it, while everybody else does something else.

Like go on living. On a dying planet. In a dying, polluted universe.

Well, my daughter is presently enjoying herself at Greenlake.