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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

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Mafia raids target Ndrangheta in Canada


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Mafia raids in Canada targeted the Ndrangheta operations in the GTA arresting nineteen members on multiple criminal charges. More then 25 search warrants were executed in early morning hour raids in the Greater Toronto Area. An investigation into the Calabrian mafia known as the Ndrangheta that started back in 2013 being called “Project Ophoenix” targeted the highest levels of the criminal organization operating in the area.
operation Ophoenix
The two year long joint forces operation set out to dismantle Ndrangheta cells that controlled various criminal rackets including drug and firearms trafficking. Authorities say the specific organization targeted was led byGiuseppe Ursino and now deceased Carmine Verduci along with help from Diego Serrano who was also a serious facilitator. Ursino and Serrano were among the 19 members arrested during the mob takedown.
The Ndrangheta origins are in the Calabria region of Italy but have long had a presence in Canada with multiple families now operating in various regions including the GTA. The Ndrangheta groups combine their efforts both nationally and internationally to expand their power base and influence in multiple countries. The GTA Ndrangheta is believed to have had a hand in the recent Montreal mafia war which led to attacks against the Sicilian mafia aligned Rizzuto crime family.
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Gambino family mobster Edward Garafola denied prison release after stroke

Edward “Cousin Eddie” Garafola still remains a threat to the community according to the U.S. Bureau of Prisons even after a suffering a stroke which left him partially paralyzed. The Gambino crime family soldier is serving a 30 year sentence for conspiring to murder former Gambino underboss Salvatore “Sammy Bull” Gravano and his own cousin. The 77 year old mobster has a rash of health problems and according to reports can no longer speak and is an amputee.
Edward Garafola
Edward Garafola
Garafola has been a made member in the Gambino family since the 1970’s and plead guilty back in 2007 to his part in the gangland murder of his cousin and suspected rat Edward “The Chink” Garofalo in 1990. He also plead guilty to conspiring with former Gambino family boss Peter Gottito whack Gravano in 1999 for ratting on the family and former boss John Gotti.
Edward Garofalo
Edward Garofalo
Although his health problems are vast law enforcement sources say he has not been “put on the shelf” or retired by the Gambino family and could theoretically still give orders to mafia associates if released. The law enforcement sources said about Cousin Eddie “He was a real bastard back in the day,” Garafola is not scheduled to be released until 2028 and even though the Prison Bureau often grants sentence reduction for elderly inmates with chronic illness it doesn’t seem like he will be able to benefit from it.
Kansas City mafia has lost another of its elder members with the passing of Peter Tamburello a long time Missouri mob power. Tamburello was the last remaining member of the inner circle of long time Kansas City mob boss Nick Civella who died back in 1983. He served under Civella as a driver, bodyguard, and a trusted aid during his time in the mafia. Themafia in Kansas City also lost Carl Deluna the one time underboss under Civella back in 2008.
Peter Tamburello
"Peter Tamburello"
Tamburello was convicted along with mob boss Civella on conspiracy to bribe a public official and was sent to prison in 1981 until 1983. Then in 1985 he was accused of skimming money from Las Vegas casinos along with other powerful mob figures but was acquitted. Civella and his regime were both respected and feared with in the mafia across the country at the height of their reign over Kansas City.
The Kansas City mafia is currently being run by boss John Sciortino and under boss Peter Simone according to the feds. The family like many others across the country has diminished in size and power over the last several years but unlike some other former mob families it has been able to maintain a partial leadership structure.

Mafia News: New details of 1978 Lufthansa Robbery disclosed

Prosecutors have disclosed new details of the infamous 1978 Lufthansa Robbery some of which will be used as evidence against Vincent Asaro. The former Bonanno crime family captain is facing an impressive lineup of mafia rats including former Bonanno boss and underboss Joseph Massino and Salvatore Vitale along with former Gambino family associate Anthony Ruggiano Jr and his own cousin Gaspare Valenti.

1978 Lufthansa heist
According to recently released court documents Asaro kicked up an attache case filled with jewelry and gold to Massino who was his mobcaptain at the time of the heist as tribute. Massino will take the stand against Asaro to confirm the tribute payment with Sal Vitale testifying that he saw Massino in possession of the gold and jewels and that he was given a gold chain from the heist.
Ruggiano Jr will testify that his father Gambino family mobster Anthony “Fat Andy” Ruggiano helped Jimmy Burke and Asaro fence some of the stolen jewels from the robbery. Valenti claims his share was glommed by Asaro leading him to wear a wire and secretly record his cousin ranting about his participation in the heist. During a taped conversation Asaro said “We never got our right money, what we were supposed to get, we got f—ed all around, that f—ing Jimmy (Burke) kept everything.”
According to prosecutors Asaro blew his nearly $1 million dollar payoff from the robbery gambling at the racetrack. Each member of the crew was supposed to receive approx $750,000 for their part although most either were killed before they could collect or were just never paid according to the new court documents.
A roster of deceased participants in the 1978 Lufthansa heist have been released which include Jimmy Burke, Angelo Sepe, Burke’s son Frank, Tommy Desimone, Joseph “Joe Buddah” Manri, Danny Rizo, Louis “Fat Louie” Carfora, and Anthony Rodriguez. Asaro is likely facing life in prison if he is convicted on all charges in his upcoming trial. The Lufthansa robbery has long been a part of New York Mafia history and lore.

Bonanno family mobsters face trial as prosecutors play hard ball

Nicholas Santora
The massive 158 page indictment against them includes 299 specific crimes and a recent court ruling will allow state prosecutors to introduce even more yet uncharged crimes. A judge ruled that prosecutors will be allowed to introduce new evidence and testimony against Santora and his fellow mobsters on a slew of additional crimes at trial. According to court records prosecutors will also be allowed to introduce charges of extortion conspiracy which Santora plead guilty to a decade ago along with extraneous gambling evidence against all of the defendants.
The introduction of this new evidence and new uncharged crimes can be used to establish a background and relationship between the defendants and their intent to conduct a criminal enterprise as a crew with in the New York Mafia. The 72 year old Santora could be looking at what amounts to a life sentence of convicted and his fellow mobsters who prosecutors claim were his key aides within the Mafia family extended prison sentences.
Defense attorney Timothy Parlatore who represents Santora said that its terribly unfair that state prosecutors have worked so hard to turn a non-violent glorified gambling case into something much bigger while his client sits behind bars. He said the only violence they have associated with the case is all talk with weak wiretap evidence of his client saying on the phone he would like to do something bad to someone else but never once communicated the threat directly to that person or attempt to carry it out.