Monday, June 15, 2015

Fucushima Three Mile Island Chernobyl Washington State Alaska Canada and of course the Universe guys sure lie a lot and there is an infinite Universe instead of One Song I guess Virg was being nice to me right then...what does it mean when people are one person outside your body who is nice to you other people are god and i am satan is the idea well we are very insistent about something but i think i didn't successfully become a lesbian so i successfully became straight again had a kid and all that sort of thing but nobody is into listening to me now because i can't have children anymore and look normal but no i don't no makeup no hair and a twisted up left arm oops there go all the clients who when they thought i was able bodied and their version of female normal they all needed me to be a slave for them and work like a dog while they made all the money gee i wish i had a way out of that so I'm going to the hospital soon to have a colonoscopy that could easily turn into a bowel resection later on i guess i better live for the moment get it all done right and find out later i don't really have a colon anymore well that is life for you maybe if i believe jesus died for me on the cross then i can forget about all those other human sacrifice victims oops i'm dying.

Fukushima, Three Mile Island, Chernobyl: Putting It All In Perspective


the science of japan's nuclear crisis

A SUMMARY OF THE SCIENCE OF WHAT'S GOING ON AT THE NUCLEAR POWER REACTORS.Commission: U.S. Must Make Nuclear Plants SaferJust one thing: when hitler wrote mein kampf, and for that matter when his cadre GROUP B WOOPIE of about a dozen writers and his overly large cadre of several million people (including his victims, years later it includes the U.S. and everyone else) duh. Hitler went, "the u.s. is to blame. we are innocent!!!!!!!"
so....if the nuclear reactor goes off in japan, and there is a problem, "commission: U.S. Must Make Nuclear Plants Safer." Well, that is an obvious conclusion, since the reactor cores always melt down eventually, maybe we should make a new one every year, and fill up the planet with them while looking the other way on that. Maybe we should also reconsider doing WWIII because the entire planet is like two kids arguing this: 
"He did it, not me, show no mercy, Mom!" Two/thrreee brothers, always quarreling, I should spank them both. They both set up meltdown reactor cores, and their version is to blame someone else for what they actually up and did on purpose, so they could go that later. "SHE did it!"
So I liked the guy who snickered at the other table and said he did it, but he's just the third evil idiot. Let's have WWIII and stop being such a coward and get it over with. Let's all kill each other, other than spend forever blaming the other guy, gal or whoever for our problems. Oops, maybe it's because I'm a dying old lady so I didn't really mean that. "Too late, Hillary, the Bombs are set in motion...oh, you want us to turn that off, sure...there. Now, if you wanna change your mind again, think about it next time."

You know, "daddies" might get suspicious and have put in fail safes so if Hillary decides she's a dying old lady and why not take something out of the picture because she has nothing to lose...she will go, being an experienced mommie and all: "You know, they stuck in some kind of fail safes thing..." so she will be very hesitant, considering she is only supposed to react back. So it could be argued that Hitler and Japan are only reacting back. Gee, I wonder who is really to blame for the reactor cores melting down....

Say, Hitler was a daddy years in advance.

Yes, you got the part where I personally am Satan.

Oh no, maybe it's all been me, and I did it all. Hey, I was born in 1967, or what is it 1952..."you did it!" Case closed, both those two were hoping Mommy would go clean up the shattered table lamp(s). They "both" ran out the door, so they could go play with each other out in the yard while Mommy there cleaned up the table lamp...maybe humans did it?

And now, cats and dogs will save us all. Through having kittens and puppies. Man, those food bills get expensive. Say, maybe that's why the Holocaust: food bills. If we run out of money, we get kicked out of the domicile, while screaming for justice. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, supposing somebody else....

Sorry, world, but I'm not going to when it happens.

Scapegoating. I keep wondering why the dude is an Old Goat. Maybe to keep from killing your grandmother. "Say, that is me later, I better kill Granny now, that will fix everything." Maybe if an Old Granny assassinates Hillary...such as the Mafia, they are even older than the U.S., they could do it, hire some young chick who wants the credentials...oops, she has problems with it. Hey, I just want to go on living, too!

And oooohhhh, am I not sorry about that now. Well, all suicide methods that happen swiftly are well out of reach...including the bombos. Which will only go off when they are instant death, which will never, ever happen. To anybody.

Of course, there is a me you can count on. The gibbering spook, who is dying of something and hurting a lot. When I hear them both going at it in the yard, I go: "Hey, you two stop doing that!" So let's face it, the sale at the supermarket has a special on roast beef. Let's all hear it for the planet known as Cairo.

Well, maybe I go to eternal Hell and pay for all your sins. As a statue or something. To an Old Goat in advance. Jesus goes there, going, "I will save you all, by going in your place." Then, we take me seriously on citing that one.

I am a book ghost writer. I need your money, not to be your slave labor and your hidden Jesus because you can go, "That thing that is Mary thinks it is Jesus, it is a weird sexual preference and so we can take away its right to reproduce..." I already did, she's doing okay, etc. I know I won't have any more children..."We had boys, you can't stop us..." if that is the idea, based on my having one girl now, I guess the planet is going to seriously overpopulate. Well, I guess so, because even the real lesbians are generally having children. What of an old goat named Jesus?

I'll bet Barney Frank had a kid or four back there somewhere. So it's a bit rare to not have children, takes subhuman monsters, whoops I mean people, to choose on purpose to not have children. And we have genetic research scientists. In Germany too, who are churning out those who can NEVER have children.

Well...that seems random. suggestion once again, if we all have to blame the other guy for our problems and not admit who broke the table lamp is, let's have WWIII and get it over with and see if we don't have the nuclear firepower to have a limited nuclear war and get away with it. We don't. Obviously.

So...let's just make reactor core after reactor core melt down, because we can all make Mommy or daddy nervous that way by not doing the job right, fucking up and making the other guy do all the work of cleaning it up for us.

I rest my case. Rudolf HeLL. Not Rudolf Hess.

Then, they put the dude in Spandau, because he didn't finish the job. We are definitely heading for the final solution, which is either kill off the human race before it kills off the entire planet, or kill off the entire planet which made table lamps happen. So of course, the real reason I had a kid is because it made me give a damn. So that's why I'm paranoid psychotic. I figure by now that table lamps were made for me.Table lamps have been made out of human flesh.What if say, I said I was made for table lamps?

"She must be crazy, table lamps are a good thing!"

WElcome to eternal Three Mile Island, Japan.You are now in Hell. Case closed, that is what religion is for. Welcome to eternal Hell, namely life. Well, what can you do, when you're dying of radiation poisoning........largely, die of radiation poisoning, while noticing things are not wunnerful. So in the middle of this ongoing situation where nobody backs off and goes, "Oh, maybe nuclear power is always turns into, "Your Mom is to blame for it..." Say, why not blame some other lesbian or whatever for it. Say, old crippled young girls?

Let's all be a liberal and see if being sorry for our actions.......maybe if we explain that time is linear and only goes in one direction....perhaps there is a way out. We can human sacrifice just Karen, because she is a Queer...waitaminute, there is that one way out of that, but I already got married. So I voted for them to get married, to see what happens with that.

We're in the middle of a serious bout of sexual slavery.

"She must be crazy, table lamps are a good thing!"

Millions of people are dying of worms.

"She must be crazy, table lamps are a good thing!"

WEll, let's all just go to bed now and forget it.

Lights out, there's a nice Hitler, Japan and the United States. Or, is it the United States, Hitler and Japan? "Let's blame one of those boys for the problems, because we saw and documented his kicking over the table lamp in advance." Wow, he must be a genius. So, here's to read black and white color combinations, everywhere.
ha ha ha ha ha ha ahah the joker - was probably Hess.

Okay, it was really Hitler again, okay?

One person, one Nazi, to blame for the Universe: Yes, it was really the Inquisition, knocking over that table lamp. Well, when you start making them out of human flesh, you're getting pretty desperate. 

But, you certainly have a weird obsessive sense of humor when you are keeping it a secret. Hitler ran around doing that and joking around about it, because he thought he had made his children happen back there, and oooohhhh he was such a Daddie, but he forgot about keeping them alive, you see.

So...if we keep making bombs and nuclear power plants happen, maybe someday we will get to die and leave before technology (the ultimate source of table lamps, all of them, including any I can NOT make happen...) manages to take technology and make something out of it. Namely, "I can blame someone else for having been born, so..." It's like this. We keep up human civilization until we make people into products, lying flat on their backs, grinding up their fetuses to make aphrodisiacs like somebody is hinting around about someone else not having children...I had exactly one kid in a complex world.If there ever was justice, she'd get to go on living, something would back off from doing evil on purpose, but you, who knows when it happens on purpose or it happens on bet, in the backs of our minds we think somebody is going to clean up the shattered table lamp, go run out the door and buy us a brand new table lamp.
"Surely the U.S. will solve all our problems. They are the new kid on the block (why, since the 1600s, that is such a recent time ago and all) and so we...let's have WWIII and get it over with. Wait, there is something left to live for for me personally...I mean, if we do that, it ends and my children will die...yes, and your grandchildren too, because other than that, we are all going to drown. In, er, a sea of chaos. From a lot of nuclear shit.
PooP. Well, I hope God there does flush my personal toilet. Other than that, I expect to come back as a spook, so that I can be to blame by the Ransom of Red Chief there for Knocking over the table lamp and breaking it myself. I have to clean it up, go run down to the store and buy a new one, etc. But you want me to also take the blame for generating the table lamp, having had the idea for table lamps in general, and for not being able to clean it up in by late old age..."You broke it, Mom: We didn't. We are innocent little lambie pammies because we are a group," is what's behind "We say you make a mistake and so we can..."
Have fun knocking over those table lamps. Accidents happen, so reactor cores melt down anyway, sooner or later. Wise decision, before somebody uses genetic research to make human monsters out of table lamps and human flesh, the hard way. Such as by messing with the Genetic Code, which took four billion years to evolve, and evolving it further by crossing human beings with table lamps and making weird, wacked out mansters from them. Maybe we can call them all Spiderman and make them run around the room, knocking over the table lamps.
"Boy, you sure have a table lamp fixation, lady?"

First you go to Hell, then you go to Heaven.

It is over then. No more table lamps.


I bet it's going to be one long, hot summer. I am going to try to drink lemonade, while feeling like the Muslim dude in the Austin Powers movie, whom they made jump off a cliff, break both legs, and go "Somehow, I must die Fuhrer." Because my mom was insistent upon that? I'm afraid so. So instead, and I really mean this, I'm going to go, "I must die for me."

So...I'm not going to take your death away.

You know, that has been said by us, at that. We womenfolk, lesbians, obsessive prostitutes, martial artists, whatever, I dunno. My husband does really love me, and someday, once again, he's a table lamp.

Well, two can play at that

I just end up dying in a bed at a hospital, going:

"Oh my God, where did my life go? I never really had one. Why am I dying, what...NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!1"

Or what?

Meanwhile, I have to go feel guilt ridden because I don't know whatever happened to Angela. I think Seattle was full of Holocaust victims, then they chase me to Kenmore with Eastern European women being marched past hanging dummies to reassure me all is well. With table lamps. That go off, melt down, and make sure my daughter doesn't get to reproduce or go on living...while everyone else somehow flits away to Eternal Heaven.

THAT is what religion is for.......loving your enemy...who killed Jesus? Why, girls and women killed...waitaminute, we're letting me know who is going to die my death for me!

"You people did it. We're out of table lamps now!"

I'm a Jewess, a ghost writer, we wrote the Bible and made those false claims about someone else dying my death for me...some people do that somewhat, by dying as heroes saving my life, someone like my Dad during WWII, but if he had died in it, he wouldn't have been able to have had me, so Hitler had his kids in advance when he was three years old, honest....

That could happen. Well, we then make subhuman monsters who need to reproduce, take over the world...giant squids. Sharks that eat naked girls come back to the memory. I think like Mercutio in Shakespeare, I am indeed going to cut out in the middle of the play, not going, "It's wide as a well and deep as a church door..." I'll say, because I'm an old lady who still wants to have sex. With myself, even, for some odd reason. Old guys want it too.

If my kid dies, I don't have much to live for. She's only the one kid. But I might still have my husband, so I have two people left to live for. In a way, it's like having two kids, who need to tell each other that each other busted that their you know what and left the pieces on the floor for me to clean up.

Angela...learn to clean it up before you break it.

So...she decided to not have children based on that idea.

Well...given the general direction the world can't even seem to be going in...I was hoping for at least one grandkid. Meanwhile, genetic research is ongoing, and they keep entering Canada and making nuclear reactor cores that eventually melt down while claiming, "We do a good job, it's getting better all the time, honest!" While I keep thinking, Old Goats. Who tend to blame the other guy for their problems...but gee, that is what I'm doing whenever I do that. So I've been seen in advance.

Once Hitler mentioned baking cookies in Mein Kampf, I went back home and made as many cookies as possible before I died. So Hitler is responsible for my making any further chocolate chip cookies? No, I recall planning on doing that anyway...but now I have let slip. I may have made MORE chocolate chip cookies after that. However, I gained a lot of weight from them.

So I'm sitting here, weighing 230 pounds.

Okay, Goebbels, you can arise and go now. I still don't get it though, about 1923 being the year you got your degree in something harmless sounding, while American television follows your philosophies to the letter. I guess it has something to do with the limitations of human civilization...

gee I wish I could die and go to heaven

About all that wishing, it is indeed Wishcraft. So up pops the Witch, Hillary Rodham Clinton...take it away, Hill. Hank Hill. A rag a bone and a hank of hair. Namely, take it away from the Jewish boy, because he wants to prevent the Holocaust by causing it in advance. I think whatever happens happens, but maybe it was called off in America in advance due to the fact death is somehow happening somewhere, anyway. Ron gave me some hope, but made it look like he was Jesus dying for me. You know, he said "Not so." Once or twice.

Well, I can dream, rightie?

Obviously, while I'm dying, I'll be in Hell, going, "Oh no, I've got to go on living and go to Heaven..." then I up and do so. I pass out for all time, instead of struggling to remain alive while thinking somehow I'm doing something else.

Wow, was I seen in advance this time.

I'm a little curious as to what my death will be like...Woody Allen seems to have mailed me something. Maybe it was Satan, not Woody Allen. Namely, Alan Konigsberg. Well, I doubt he even raped his children, okay? They lie from time to time, it's part of show biz.

Hey, Satan, put back that table lamp!

Nah, he ain't never going to do it.


I dunno, I did get up to look for a dangerous forest fire that I might get brutally killed in. I forgot I might get raped and given tertiary quaternary syphilis I probably already had...boy, could I use some justice in my life for a change...


Girl, am I lousy at writing fiction!'re NOT a girl, are you, Dear Reader? No....

How to end this? Hitler goes on living after I die...because we wanted to kill him so much. Then, I finally meet "Superman" there, as Supergirl, and he punches me out.

In other words, I reincarnate as Eva Braun, not Hitler. So I have to watch "my man," Hillary, who also can't get pregnant anymore but Chelsea keeps getting pregnant apparently, over and over and over again in Hell here, where I deserve to be so much for being born, sneezing, or offing Ron Schwarz when I had to talk him into something called enteral feeding.......get elected and throw me into a Concentration Camp (or maybe I just die at a hospital eventually, worried they will do that to my daughter, or melt down several reactor cores at her until she REALLY gets a message of some kind, like, "Sorry, you don't get to go on living."