Wednesday, June 10, 2015

SEE the massive sex reference down below, and either stay alive or kill yourself. Then, do neither! First you go to Hell and then you pass out and go to Heaven. That's all.

Oh, "my kind" is from the Sun, not the Son. But my Dad was from a son. He was one, too.


And my Mom was from a daughter. Whoops, I'm not Jewish some more!

Spiritual Rape

These Internet WWW bums think if they force a "lesbian" cunt into your mouth, that "brings you back to sanity." Well, 100% of the human race is heterosexual would have been easier to say. But there is always someone who says, "No, it's not."

Usually, they believe in Jesus nowadays. Or so.

Spiritual Rape
By Gary Amirault

As an apologist for the Victorious Gospel of Jesus Christ, I’ve heard countless excuses from traditional theologians and lay people why Jesus can’t save all mankind. The “Spiritual Rape” excuse perhaps top them all. The reasoning goes like this: If Jesus forces someone to be saved against their will, that would be rape. Love does not force itself upon another. Jesus does not send people to Hell, they chose to go there of their own accord.

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard this line. And in my dark days of religion I probably used that same line on someone. In the picture is a bride about to commit suicide. Someone in another window is trying to convince her not to jump to death. In most societies, there would be all kinds of agencies on the scene to do whatever they could to prevent her from jumping including violating her own free will. And if they do succeed to prevent her from exercising her own choice to jump, there would be institutions in place to try to keep her from harming herself. Psychological help, drugs, social services, clergy and even a straight jacket and imprisonment for her own good! We recognize that a person who tries to injure themselves is not in their right mind.

Why is it so difficult for Christians to comprehend that a person who chooses to get burned alive forever and ever is not in their right mind? The reason why Christians can’t understand this simple proof proves that Christians are NOT IN THEIR RIGHT MINDS! They are insane even as I was insane when I embraced the doctrine of eternal damnation. It drives one insane.

Christians who think they have free will are going to have to have their “free will” violated to bring them to sanity. Anyone who thinks the Father of all mankind will leave billions of His own off-spring to be tormented forever and ever is not in their right mind. Thank you, Father, for violating our insanity so that we can truly see how insane we were to believe that allowing billions of human beings to chose to be burned alive forever was a loving act on your part. It was insanity!!!