Syria Genocide War Crimes

Friday, June 12, 2015

Thank the Lord? What if, say, I had a life? And it didn't have anything to do with my name? Well, America is incredibly popular.


And move to North Korea, where "your kind" belongs, y'all!

That's when I get labelled a racist, so that Blacks can walk all over me. They walked out on it, but now they are a poor poverty stricken little girl. Maybe Angela doesn't. Maybe she does. I shouldn't care about her, I should care about my husband.

The world now cares about me in obscene ways it shouldn't.

It always did, and took me over from birth. But, what is me? The thing it didn't take over. I'm still me, and it stays that way except even when I'm unconscious.

To replace the Jew with me, because he's now running for President.
Woody has already let me know I don't get to do that.
Hillary is Supergirl and owned by a major corporation, and otherwise couldn't be President.
Bill tried to kill her is obvious. So, she's a Witch, a Racist etc. running for President.


Everybody who forgets the President doesn't run anything. At all. Just smokes and drinks. vote is supposed to matter. No, it doesn't! It is the Electoral College. How many people recall that? I've "somehow been told" one gay dude, who isn't voting. And one gay dude, who doesn't have teeth, etc. And if I'm attracted to a man my age, somehow I'm gay. Like an old lady, say my Mom, who is so "gay" and all. I think Clark Moran got it right:

Woody Allen is secretly John Lennon.
I knew that, so I'm secretly Woody Allen. Just to throw you. I'm part plant, because I'm dying of jungle rot from Viet Nam. Which is actually Nam Viet or something. Cathay?

It's possible I'm from Vietnam. Originally. I'm named Karen. Based on Katherine or Catherine, based on Cathay, and God only knows (what God?) where Cathay was based. Maybe South East Asia. Okay, I'm even Dame Gretchley in that thing, you analysts and critics were right. I'm every character in that book, except for Artie Blend; he's a homeless street bum I met once who was probably a War Veteran in Iraq/Iran or something preliminary to that I met once in Seattle.

Then I added in Mark Campos, the man kind enough to kill Mexican pukes for us. He won a scholarship to a college and had to drop out and come to Seattle and eat me out, to force me to realize that me having children is no escape. No escape at all.

Now, they are threadworms. Also, hookworms. Who knows what else?

A good little Jew boy named Hitler....or Einstein.....

What if I myself was "the good little Jew boy?"

Two roads converged in a wood, and I...
I took the one LESS traveled by,
And that has made ALL the difference? I doubt it, because here comes Chernobyl.

In real life. No, I'm not a lesbo, I'm evolved and evolving US Armed Services personnel. My only evidence of this is a TV show called Shark Tank, which obviously involves people from the Mafia, original Italian stripe in general, who are actually software engineers with Mafia backing, much like John Parenti of Chicago back in the 1970s married to my sister Connie. They are an EVOLVED form of the Mafia, so they now own half the planet. The Jews own the other half. But, do they? If you look closely, the planet is only owned by middle men and their families, like the ones in the American Middle Class that turn up on the Ed Schuldtz show. I'm glad Jews try to recruit gays and lesbians, because they are showing up from somewhere else to be recruited.

So...the human race is just Army ants.

There are some real people I've never met, out there somewhere, they tend to live near vineyards and be incredibly wealthy. Out there in the mountains and boonies...I'm kind of what Julie Andrews played in the Sound of Music, but if you look closely, she's wearing a bowl cut for the Mentally Retarded explains Arnold Schwarzenegger's comment about the mentally retarded.

Arnie is indeed a Nazi. So, why does something want me to think I'm Hitler?

Because "I" lost to Einstein. Even my cremated genetic remains will be female. There are no such other options, but I will be blissfully unconscious someday, World of the Weird. You are crazy, so so am I. So there are no such other options but Starbucks.

Geniuses like Dr. King and I tend to run towards fat. He wanted to kill Malcolm X.

Life is just a blow of cherries. Don't take it serious, life's too mysterious. Dr. King used to yell his lungs out at "Jesse Jackson" and "Corretta Scott" because he was a paranoid psychotic. He knew that, and knew something else he wouldn't tell me. MAYBE EVERYTHING ELSE.

Steven Seagal, you're man enough. Chuck Norris isn't. Woody Allen is the dude who was man enough to sneak a peek at Karen S Cole's later reality structure and he mailed me a book where he laid out all of it. THERE IS THE UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS, CHUCK, STEVEN, EVERYBODY, OH BY THE WAY I'VE BEEN CONVERSING WITH BRUCE LEE and yes, he is from Beyond the Grave. They found that out back in the 1970s.

He's hissing at me, claiming he WAS an animal.

I hate to say it, fellow Jewesses, but we are finding something. There is an out there like Einstein said, and THERE MAY BE AN AFTERLIFE. Well, it might not be pretty. Also, chances are there SIMPLY ISN'T ONE. It's probably a human brain on drugs, germs, worms thing. I analyzed the entire Bible, all by myself, you'd have to buy me on that. I know there are millions of versions of the entire thing, too much to read it all in one lifetime. Analyzed, it is probably mostly a drugs trip. That's all I can say. Nothing more to say, it's not the Lord. My body is the Lord.

Thank you, my body, for being The Third Evil Man. It's See no Evil, Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil. Then, they file us away into Nuclear Shelters. Well, that's why the Pool Party. So anyway, we're ready for Russia and William Shatner the cop says hi.

Could be I'm now in my own little world for life. Where is Eternal Hell?

Hiding behind a woman called The Great Whore, whether male, female, white, brown, black, freckly, whatever, or whatever. Whatever.

--- Broomhilda well I just wanted to push a broom but so much for that.


I and Joe Olvera have been managing to do so, without the degrees. But "Olveras" does it there as a girl and I am stuck doing it as a man. A lone man, with no mercy. At all!


I keep thinking you'll leave me alone, so I can masturbate.

Then I only love Me, and the word Selfish is born.

Unfortunately, I never put anything there, I only removed something. was never "there" to begin with, because I don't have my little Jew groupie whoopie. And my family deserted me when I was born. And I have to do all the work, as a Sex Slave. So there is only one of me, my husbands never really loved me, and I'm stuck married to...Death.

Death, where are you? I need you, and it's Good Afternoon.

I talked to the Jewish God and he's always Satan, at all times. Jew-boy comedy (wait a minute, what if it wasn't so competitive and leaving the disabled behind so much? Then, girls would be allowed to do the comedy. Unfortunately, they are supposed to be fixing me lunch instead. I will go to Starbucks now and get lunch...predestination won again, with me.

DO SOMETHING AND GET THE HELL OUT OF PREDESTINATION OR THE WORLD WILL EXPERIENCE WORLD WAR THREE AND COME TO AN END. Maybe Angela Merkel is now our only hope. If so, she's maybe Hitler, the petty little Jew boy/girl from Germany. Well, Hitler was an Austrian and Einstein was a German. And Angela is not going to save us.

And neither is martial arts, so I broke up laughing. Let's kill the planet. We're putting people into Hell on it, and if the pollution clears up, WELCOME TO PEOPLE IN ETERNAL HELL.

whaddya think i'm going to starbucks bye....

Unfortunately, if I go back in time, I recall being inside Mom, so happy there. She was full of hard drugs, probably wine even beer, and cigarettes at the time. Babies are amazing; they have no idea what they are inside. So the word "slut" finally came up. I am one. Well, it was someone with a low thyroid really, and she just ended up on lots of drugs and hard things, you see. Such as soft cider, hard cider, etc. When you think about it, there is the middle cider.

So you end up on coffee, one way or another. Starbucks break coming up. I'm going to guess the adult male "black me" was indeed Barack Obama, like my entire high school said. If I'd stayed in the hallway, probably the Black Ogre there would have told me his oncoming name was Barack, and then he would have skipped out on the name Obama. But, only if I'd let him kiss me. Then, he would have taken me to a dark alley somewhere, and brutally killed me.

MY LESBO NAME IS BROOMHILDA! The bitch was always a Witch. No, I don't have any magic powers; I saved Seattle through the "right kind" of heavy breathing. Trouble is...I may have had some assistance doing so. But they all are weirdos who make fun of me, except for the ones who "chose" to do those "proclivities" for a living, such as the FBI, the CIA, the OSS, etc. Her Majesty's Secret Service in other words. Whoever they are, they are all too tall for me. So life sent me a guy on the rebound who now only remembers his first wife, whom he probably had brutally killed and replaced with the reject who looks like a pastiche of Hitler at all times. I think she is now in failing health, may have been the original "Joe" or whoever. My name is Karen might have saved me, because it's a female name. Well, that's just too simplistic for me, of course.

I'm going out for a walk to McDonald's, vu den because of the nice Chinese gentleman there. With luck, he's not there. Only the Mexican lady who isn't Caza Zooweiler. Yes, if you can't find real people in real life to be your friends, you become a fiction writer and start making them up. Once I lusted so deeply for one Bruce Wayne, I'm sure I married him and almost became him:

"I'M THE KU KLUX KLAN! YOU'RE THE KU KLUX KLAN! SHE'S...NOT the Ku Klux Klan," and by the time I got that out, they had already vanished. If I had to do it all over again, I'd have 20-20 hindsight, would have gotten up, and gone and gotten my bag and left.

Then, they would have succeeded in what you want so much: Black Vengeance.

It's masked by something in Third Grade that never happened. But this is what did happen: everything deciding I wasn't a member of it, including me. Oh, then it's all supposed to have been me. Well, I guess we're all thinking by now, it won't be. Will it?

I did it to stop the Great Seattle Fire of 1986, and it may have been Mrs. Cooper's. She's got a slave name from Archie Comics? I think not. So...I have something like pseudo-PTSD. Trouble is, so do all the other little cowboys and cowgirls. Or whoever it is. Maybe one of them was Hitler. Our "fearless" leader. The Nancy boy. If so, the planet is half male and half female.

So...nuts and bolts. The guys are now all mentally well, the girls are now all mentally fucked, and Keith back there isn't even a human being. Thus, like before, neither is anyone else. It's now claiming AGAIN that because I sunned, etc. The sun is still:


So...Edward Teller, the Jew, like Hitler, the Jew, like Einstein, the Jew, like Oppenheimer, the Jew...we might as well elect the Little Jew that Could as President of the United States. With luck, he'll start WWIII through proxy (are you listening, Vladimir Putin? Or are you apprised of this? Oh, yes, you ARE apprised of this. You know what? I never did wanna be Hitler. I'm sure by now, Hillary does. So I have no interest in voting for either the Jew boy or the Christian girl.

I feel too old now, because I'm part Cherokee, not from down Mark Campos' way.

Anyway, who know. I don't. DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I now have to be gone because I hit my own kid. While gone on meds.

They still believe in meds. Yes, if they are an old Spanish dude from the Inquisition.

Means they still are the Spanish Inquisition, killed Jo the original and don't know what I'm talking about. Eventually, "it" produces Jo the original at me. Like Dr. King said, there is no such thing as escaping the musical premise. Dude was in my boat after all. So, why fall in love with him when there is no need, because he certainly managed to rape me too. That's why my Mom was nothing but a rapist, my Dad was nothing but a rapist, my husband is nothing but a rapist...Jesus is indeed the imaginary Death that is supposed to save me from all the rapists.

Because the groupie whoopie is a continuous Rape Group.

So...I'm supposed to give up, want slut love either way, and go get coffee. At either Jay's Cafe, McDonald's, or Starbucks. Or, all the way down there at Slut Love, the burger stand called the bare ass chick sitting on a giant butt pie burger full of cholesterol. The Mermaid Girl sitting on a cup of caffeine is the Reason Why and now Starbucks is bigger worldwide than McDonald's. Which hasn't helped the area for some reason, so yes, I've been personally cut off (as it must have helped the Puget Sound region somehow) from...I guess I'm supposed to think now that Danny Bonaduchi is magic me. Okay, you win, I'm a lesbo slut that drinks BM at Starbucks.

I'm sure now ahead of time that is what the small or medium latte will feel like at Starbucks. Now I would like the Gaia goddess to reassure me that Virginia Jarvis was righter than that. Because she's the blue eyed blonde chick. I think I kind of see where this is going. Then I get that overwhelming urge to masturbate, like I'm the only slut in the world that loves me. Obviously, if I'm full of an overwhelming urge to masturbate, NOBODY AND NOTHING in this world loves me.

Then, I break down and cry, and here comes the worms. Okay, Starbucks it is.


Okay, it was all predestination, the planet offed us. It wasn't we human ants. It was indeed the damn planet, so just live on it and do whatever. Well, that is the Napolean complex. I go, just do whatever you're doing, and you go, "You chose to do something wrong!"

Mostly, in my case, I gave up. "You chose to give up!"

If you really think things like that, go watch "The Life of Brian" by Monty Python.

They will then make tons of money off the residuals...then, I have to lie. I have to go, maybe you will make tons of money off the residuals.

The Jewish maybe was supposed to save me. But no, I'm dying.

And although I took care of a Jew while he was dying, the Jew will not take proper care of me. Meanwhile, I took care of Ron Schwarz Mafia-style one way or another, but because he was a man he was able to take care of himself, most of the time. Same here. Maybe I am a man I'm not aware of. If so, perhaps it is indeed Hitler and not Einstein. Oops, it's because I'M TOO STUPID TO BE EINSTEIN AND I'm so stupid it took me forever to get the damn joke.

Woody Allen got it right away and decided to compete with Einstein. Trouble is, like Woody said, it's not much of a decision or a choice when you're a Jew, and a Jewish man, and an well it gets complicated from there...a Jewish American man who, umm. Anyways, that's why you get the writing of Woody Allen, the Jew boy comic. Who is one inch taller than me.

So...I have to compete and lose perpetually. Maybe that's how I won.

Well, that would be how Hitler won, since he didn't you know, either. No, he lost.

So...why was everyone all white at me at all times, and always hired for the job?

Because Hitler lost. So I'm at a loss to explain why everyone was a building. Instead of a person. There is Chaos Theory, but it's NOT the Butterfly Effect. Meanwhile, I'm sick and old before my time because I'm racially impure, part Cherokee Indian, and so I'm short. And fat. And sick. And growing nothing but older by the second. And here comes Aspiration, to let me know what aspirations are...oh so inspirational, like something like breathing.

Say, did you ever notice that you're always breathing, and NOT having sex once per second? Or staring at booby tits once per second? You're breathing around but not really once per second. So was Hitler, so was Einstein, so are we all. But you are convinced I am something else.

What is it? Well, you're trying to scare me, you see.

All of you, as one united person. Well, it's NOT a conspiracy.

You are now all Everyone else, and there is still no such NAMBLA for women and girls. Or girls and women. There is not now and never will be any such Man Boy Love Association for girls and women, in any way shape or form.

Also, there never will be any such Lesbian Mother's Defense Fund for men, funded by those who lured a short pregnant woman into lesbian behavior in order to make money from her. The first person slid down the African stake was indeed your Mother. Eve there.

Not, Eve is evil in the Bible. Then, I have to defend all the girls and women who think they are such a man. Well, I became a Man briefly in 1986, and can't seem to forget the incident. It might as well have been Vladimir Putin, who could have done what I did without getting raped. However, he has often been raped for doing such a thing. So it ended up being one of "us" instead.

Your mistake is thinking there are two of "us" and two of us. There is one of me. So you know, you are making no such mistakes, and you have groupie whoopie caught me at masturbation. Unfortunately you keep insisting the only two such masturbators are Philip Roth and Barney Frank and the incredibly popular heterosexual Harvey Milk whom you insist is gay.

I'm not gay, but when I say that, you say I am either crazy or homosexual. I'm also not a lesbian, but you filth have the advantage there. So now the two kinds of women are those with real people in their lives, and me, who only has Jack the Rippers in her life now. are planning on letting Reggie go on murdering me and catching him later? Maybe. Or you are planning on Reggie and Me being me as Archie Andrews, the usual suspects. Or you are planning on something, but gee I'm waiting for Christmas and don't know what.

Obama has already sent his filth to come arrest me. So...I have committed at most a third degree misdemeanor back in 1980 in Boulder, Colorado, same as a parking ticket. I was working in an adult bookstore, the whole thing was indeed a setup to get me raped. So was 1986, just six years later and you got me thinking I was looking for a house alarm and I would then find a house fire that the Black Community was looking the other way on, and then the neighborhood was the only place ever, and it wasn't, and I probably saved about half of Seattle from where that fire was headed.

So...why did you put the fire there? To prove the existence of Jews. Not God, just Jews. the elaborate plan is only White Republican Christians will ever win.

Nobody wins, because everybody dies someday, was indeed THE RIGHT PHILOSOPHY.

Then, how does one approach one's life? Apparently, by watching Television.

Or trying to make money off an Internet with serious bandwidth issues.

It turns into The Addams Family premise: we must sacrifice the old woman so that a new kid can come in. It was sicko then, and it's sicko now, but my "family" is doing that. I never had a family of origin, so now it's like I crawled out from under a rock.

Maybe I ended up in a tree, offering someone an apple. Oops, I'm the school teacher joke again.

(Gee, why didn't I etc. Then, that's no good. I'm looking for something that isn't there.)

Unfortunately, so was Hitler, so he won my sympathies. Einstein always made like he found something there and like it was what he was looking for, by putting it there. Except if you look really closely, he's a phony substitute woman called The Jew. Just like the dude running versus Hillary Clinton (he's not even supposed to be in politics, because he's a girl. Not a boy, oy! It's a sick joke from long ago, to put women "in their place."

The oldest trick in the book is to pretend it's some individual, isolated person, not some individual, isolated woman...yes, that includes so-called "us" of every stripe. I'm a stuck hopeful cripple now, just like Ron Schwarz, without benefit of my "phony woman" status. Gee, that would be makeup, which I can no longer achieve. So now, I'd better be a total rape victim at all times, which is what Hal the Computer was in 2001 a Space Odyssey. Nothing but a rape victim. That's why the mechanical voices were all supposed to be white women's voices. Rape victims.

Only disabled white rape victims, or the state would have to support alone, phony, welfare seeking Mexicans, blacks, Jewesses, whoever who need disability and support. Now that we are flooded with people on SSI, SSDI, Social Security (oh yeah, those are the one who deserve it and all) not your beloved relatives...ooops, that's all happened before indeed.

Maybe WWIII is a good idea, Vladimir Putin. But you and I are too cowardly to ever get anywhere near it. So is Hillary, so is Barack, so are we all. That includes Kim of North Korea. The only guy running around with any guts now is a martial artist named Steven Seagal. He made me laugh so much, I aspirated my grapefruit and now I'm dying of threadworms in my lungs. So what, I was already dying of syphilis and gonorhhea I contracted in 1980 as a glorified hooker in Boulder, Colorado, which was NOT the beginning of my problems.

Then, all my problems had better be "personal ones" and I'd "better be Hitler" or else. Well, they left us thinking Hitler is still alive out there somewhere, but he'd have to be about 123 by now. He could be, if he's still vacationing in South America, the one place nobody has ever looked for him in. Gee, if someone found his body there, they could make a small fortune off of it.

Well, that eliminates most of the desire to go looking for whatever that thing was.

Also, what if Steven Seagal and his obviously Jewish production company came along and killed you while you were looking for Hitler's actual body? Well, there are so many imposters claiming to be either Hitler or Hitler's body, because he was such a "bad boy" and raped women and made tons of us pregnant that they can't even find all the children of What's His Name.

So...that put Hitler in the permanent boat of being, yet, God.

Namely, What's His Name, the serial rapist. Who, Shicklegruber?

So...Alan Konigsberg. HE RAPED HIS OWN CHILDREN!

Wait a minute.




Even though the Ebola virus scare is completely over with. How about Chernobyl, hah?

It's from 80 million years ago, and doesn't sell. Right? So I now think you are all standing still, waiting for me to buzz past you and reject my husband.

He has a room waiting for him over at Jayne's. A cold one, in her basement.

I think the kitchen is very close to the bathroom. But, not right next door.

It's in a red house, and now there is a red car.

You're right; there is no conspiracy. You all live for me, so what conspiracy?

Leaving me behind, pretending there is a conspiracy. What if I don't love you?

By Karen Peralta, the glowing Dead Mexican from 1902:

(It's the only character I really am in The Rainbow Horizon, honest, buy my book makes me a paperback writer and gives me a small fortune, I have to beat up Alex Haley and not save my lack of a chosen people and run around being accused of lesbianism when all the other lesbians were not my identical twin, the white chick with the racial impurities):

Wait a minute, the only reason gays recruit is so that SOMEONE ELSE IS THEN THE GAY. The gay in other words, like the Jew. Nobody can stand being alone, and it's all each and every one of us has ever wanted. Say, send me lots of money, and I'll tell you how to live all alone as a sex-starved, love-starved woman, when a guy can get away with it and does frequently! Like your Mom always told you about, such as in the below!

I'd be dead and in Heaven. Of course, that argues that I could have had a life on Earth. Some kind of life, but as usual, the Gardens of Edens don't exist, and is a beach in the Puget Sound region where I and my Mom played briefly, running along the beach, digging in buckets etc. until I figured out I was alone and playing with nobody and only me and my lesbo Mom all the time. So...the idea was to make me be that, but I found out none of the lesbians would have me because I was too "ugly" and that's my life story, because I'm now an ugly old non-white woman.

Coffee. The Satan is coffee. Welcome to Starbucks, I just aspirated worms again.

I look white from a distance, but diseased. Then, I look diseased up close.

So Danny Bonaduchi is finally dying of worms. This whole thing has been a hallucination, and Danny only "lived for me" in other words there is no such thing as other people.

Gee, why don't I wake up in bed as a cockroach, as Franz Kafka?

Because I only love me, like everybody else does. Secretly. You've all let me know.

Karen S Cole, the undead 54 year old who can never get pregnant ever again, good riddance, now I'm only going back and forth. It's the human brain, that's all it ever does. The sex parts all want to have sex, apparently with someone else or each other, and the worms are eating me. If not for that, the germs are eating me. But for the last time, I AM NOT NAMBLA. In advance, I'M DEAD AND IN HELL, so actually death should be pretty normal. LIKE YOU NEED SO MUCH, IT WON'T BE. I'M GOING TO ETERNAL HELL, THEN VANISHING AND GOING TO ETERNAL HEA

Okay? Please do something with the remains, before Hitler shows up and eats them.

Adolf. It means wolf, get it? Do do something with my remains, okay?

If not...I'm the Wicked Witch of the East, and I'm lying in a bed instead of under the house. One thing I'm NOT going to do is crawl under the house and look for the water meter to see if the water is running and ask it where it is going to go. They aren't gauging it correctly. So they should either let that go and not bother with it, or renovate. One of the two.

So...I think I shall die quietly in a bed in Group Health Hospital. Because of all those white skinned Virgin Marys but in reality, Chernobyl is doing a great job of finishing them off.

Ron had all those advantages over me, so the point will never be proven through me.

Except that I was a Greater Man than both Hitler and Einstein combined.

Then, you decide I'm "attracted to women and girls." Nope.

I'm greater than my Mom and Dad combined, and Dr. King was pissant.

Oh, only ONE pissant. Thanks!

THANKS, RUSSIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now that I'm scared, I'm somehow not Don Knotts. Nobody will, unless they can get away with it, so everybody is now scared of me because they can't kill me directly and get away with it. So I'm supposed to go direct traffic on Bothell Way. Honest, I will!

That's how to lie. Bye! School is out, bye!

Oh, by the way, I would have taken out Coleman Calloway and Fabian Frazier would have run off and run away and gotten reinforcements, because they were waiting down the block. So it seems I am the gang rape sacrifice after all. I think I'll go have a Starbucks as Clark Kent.

Bye! Bye! Buy! Buy! Buy a lot, you always will!

There's a guy way ahead of me. It's always the Chinese/Christian/Jewish/getting pregnant white due, who is not a white dude?

The Republicans should claim that Hillary is secretly a man, or that the real reason everyone is raping me is because i'm a masturbator. Oops, hillary isn't willing to die for the country. Maybe if they brutally kill her, she'll turn into the Virgin all White Woman again.

Obviously, I had a past. No, I'm not dead yet. The planet is conspiring to make me believe I'm dead, in Hell, and heading to Heaven if I die. But it's too late to avoid being a rape victim as of my being a fetus in the womb. We're into churning out rape victims now.

Glenn Beck was right. There is no war on pollution in China.

And they are selling us dead, ground-up fetuses as aphrodisiacs.

Glenn Beck probably sees hookers, and is a Bad Boy.

I was a hooker, for four whole days in Boulder, Colorado in June of 1980, near my birthday.

Sixteen candles!

The world was created for Karen. There is nobody else in it.

I wish it was the other way around...,......someday.

If I win. About little i none of them are gay or lesbian or Q or whatever.

I found why Mark hates the Dairy Queen at last. It's not Wendy's.

Maybe he finally broke down and dated a Black girl of some kind. Probably virginal looking.

I rest my case. I was married and saw Mark Henry Campos.

Now what? Little boys throw rocks they already threw?

If they live for me so much or reject me so much, they live for me.

Well, Starbucks then. Where I get to have all that oral lesbo sex without having any.

I never wanted it, but you know, the forbidden fruit motif.

It was indeed pork, and I am indeed dying of syphilis and gonorrhea.

Why do you spell it gone-or-Rhea? Maybe I saw it.

Gone. Or Rhea Perlman. She does indeed appear rather gone, after the disabled.

Next, Blacks. Or, so somebody thinks.

The coffins were white and black and supposed to contain Obama.

So...the coffins were really supposed to contain Me.

It seems bloody unlikely. And I'm not an Anglo. Nor German. Nor Cherokee.

Most importantly: I'm NOT your Mom.

So now you're all Jackie Chan. Movie begins: