Friday, June 12, 2015

The pollution will kill enough people that those in outlying areas will survive and find a way to continue as men, women and children. However, women will suddenly find themselves with a problem called LACK OF CLOTHING. How to solve it? There is no such solution and knitting clothes doesn't work. So...the planet has decided to strand me in Boerian physics and make me try to sacrifice myself to save my daughter. I chose that if that's what's going on, I'd rather save Adolf Hitler (my worst enemy) from going to Eternal Hell. No, I don't want or need to be ritually sacrificed for Joe St. Aubin, Jerry Lewis, or the Spanish Inquisition either. So I'm just going to have to not believe in Bluebeard, I guess. I really don't understand anything real anymore.

CHRISTY AND CONNIE didn't get to be Hippies
AND KAREN THERE doesn't get to be a Punk Rocker
Maybe all of those things are Dudes not Women.
So we have decided to call Karen a Lesbian Whore unto perpetual sex we're having with our families, while going on about how I must give us a Good Time.

Here you go:

Weird sex you've never heard of, in great details. There.

That was indeed 50 Shades of Puke. Well, soon, more on my part.


You know, I always did want there to be a USE for fat. There is a Native American folk belief. Fat is useful against hookworms, because it diverts them over to it on purpose. That would be of interest you see, because there is such a human propensity towards fat. We are able to gain (all of a sudden, that has vanished, though) up to 2,000 pounds per person, at five feet tall even. Even, even. And the days are still days, and the nights are still nights, Polish Weather Forecast.

So...the two uses for fat...calories, maybe some nutrients at that, and hookworm diversion. Well, I think the Wizard of Oz accidentally got something kind of right. The darn things have no brains and go anywhere they want, including into my fingers and toes. So yes, I might lose my hands and feet and other parts, it's been letting me know. Meanwhile, Reggie's fine.

The man puts them into the woman and the children suffer the most.

Thought that was bias, I was right. Children do indeed suffer the most.

It wants me to believe in the elves and fairies, and it keeps putting me into Lifelong Hell.

It's true masturbation is a problem, but it shouldn't be the way it is with me. Never should have been, and the nuclear thing and nothing else at all...everything fails to explain it.

Maybe I will reincarnate as Hister in the next life? Nope.

Already had Angela. Am set to die someday, hopefully, soon.

Well, not too soon. I have to wait it out, you see. Then, Christianity rips me off. As an old woman, I can't have sex anymore, and now I have very, very little to do to kill time. Funny thing is all old men and women are in my boat. Anything else never made any human sense...but I have no family status, that has been taken away from me, in exchange for permanent subhuman entity status. So the absolute proof of nothing is nowhere and the place is a giant piece of Shit.

Punk Rocker time, but I'm not allowed to be one....

Well, ummm. Maybe you should use condoms more often? No, just keep having those families and filling up those auditoriums. It is the three kids survive motif. Well, only two of us had children, so so far, out of three girls two girls have emerged.

Angela wants at most to have one kid.

I think we are the Salt of the Earth and have been practicing what we thing I know, I'm Daddy and so killer. Gee, I could give everybody hookworm. Unfortunately, everybody on the planet has been exposed to everybody else on the planet, so now we are all flooded with:


Which is how my "life story" got started. Yes, Daddy went to Okinawa. And saw that there hooker, which with my luck explains all the Germany references...maybe it was the ALL IMPORTANT BIBLICAL GERMAN HOOKER. Or not.

Sure. Well, maybe I actually have one or two or more OTHER SIBLINGS floating around out there somewhere, wondering how many Japanese or Chinese can dance on the head of a...maybe Kim of North Korea is my OLDER BROTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey, Kim, for all I know, you are.

Well, shrug. I bet it's NOT the case.

After all these years, blood relatives, who cares...the random event that happened was in 1986, was due to Chernobyl, as it happened in April (ohhhhhhhhhhh April 4) of 1986 but it wasn't on April 4 or 6 was it. So...........

Please stop believing in Jesus and God. It won't save you.

Start believing in the Universe, that won't save you either. Neither will Allah, Salt 'n Pepper, or anything else. The sterling announcement is yes, you are each going to die an individual death someday and the only way you could be immortal is if we're all Dead, in Hell, and are all already dead. And some of us seem to have come back here faster than others.

Keith and the Dead Lesbo English woman? I think not. Whoever Joe Chill, the Penguin and the multiple Scarecrow Oppenheimer impersonators were, I now have been told they were all "Cherokee" and "Jewish" just because I'm supposed to be the letter R from Archie Comics. Namely, retarded. Reggie is the letter R back there somewhere because he's Remigio.

Religion is just to sway the masses. Nothing else doing there. Also, to make money.

WELL....I could use some money from something other than prostitution myself.

When, when will I ever find it?

Well...there are TAXES and I've been getting $500 a month more or less on a regular basis from United States of America TAXES, really...from the General Fund.

So if I'm a weird general that leads any strange armies, it would have to be General Karen of the General Fund. So I guess I don't like Cuba so much anymore, Joe St. Aubin, at that. However, shruge on everything. Say, are you still out there in Ballard, Joe?

Maybe not. I finally married a Catholic from the Spanish Inquisition, Joe St. Aubin. Explain that one, little shriveled up dwarf with muscular dystrophy...Jerry Jewess. Jerry Lewis. Well, yes, he was a hooker, an entertainer, and considering how much money those make (ball players too, etc. I think Toure was QUITE CORRECT and maybe the Bible did have a bit of influence at that.

So...the argument is that women wrote the Bible and insist that it is fact, not fiction.

What is the main point?

Ask a lady out, and have children with her. Even if it's more than one of them.

Instead of going gay on me, and having a same sex partner in bed.

But...the world is overpopulated. it's time to be married to a same sex partner, and have your own natural children.

So much for the Overpopulation argument.

Well, I don't have much to say now, because I only had one kid. And here comes pollution, to depopulate the entire globe while suddenly blowing off, and then there goes all the nuclear shit and a slew of females show up and tell me how moral they are, how immoral I am, or whatever, because I said the word, fuck.

Meanwhile, that's what everyone else is doing.

So we're right back to where I'm a mentally retarded slut hooker whore who is eternally pregnant with hookworms, roundworms, am so accommodating...the world is indeed living for Florence Nightingale here instead of the world. What is the name of the planet?


So, the thing is, Boerian physics is suddenly from MY generation is a bit peculiar.

I'm figuring my old Ohio University professor got it right.

Indeed, it's a conspiracy, but nobody's that into it.

Thanks to pollution, nobody gives a shit about me, really. Cars won even in 198sicko.

So..rape is good.

Why not ask a girl out, after she's over 18? Or, 21?

Well, I guess you guys are all He Men with excuses...mostly, that you are girls. Because you have enough money to ask someone out, but you keep insisting you already met your sweethearts where you were born or so.

So...I was doomed from day one because I was a useless, piece of shit Navy brat.

Must be it. All those redheaded it's just been me all along, none of the references have any meaning whatsoever. It's just shutting me away from all human contact.

It is indeed Remigio Venezuela Alzheimer's Peralta.

He did forget something at that. Not my birthday or anniversary.

He forgot how to be a human being.

So...according to a rapist named Bill Cosby...Jack the Ripper.

Regression. So my husband is just a mechanism.

Maybe, I'm not one.

I sure should be one!

Original Jew is revealed at last.

Well, Moses wasn't it.

Chicken and then the Egg.

Eggs don't lay chickens.

No, they don't.

Why I was glad I didn't have an abortion...any, really...but one kid, and the planet went haywire and made sure of something.

In my dreams...she does My Fair Lady...hooks up with Nate, and not Professor Reggie (alias Henry Higgins alias "Jack" there) and Nate turns out to get his dream, too. Not the Mercutio one, the one where he goes off of meds, doesn't tell me, and Angela surprises me later with a grandchild. If I DON'T die or kill myself, she might.

Unfortunately, now it's lying to me that the entire planet is loaded with hookworms.

And it's saying now that it's half the planet.

Just like it's been saying that only half the men are worthwhile.

I think the pollution winning is a very good idea.

THE END. I am hoping now that the Planet is committed to the Final Solution.