Monday, July 6, 2015

Bob Calvert Talking with Heroes radio program

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You can listen anytime, 24/7, to Major Graham R. White, 3BCT 25ID Brigade Senior Operations Officer calling from Australia and More!

Most of you know that every evening we have dedicated our weekly program to members of . Also, a few months ago we agreed to do call in programs with 3BCT 25ID Soldiers.

We just completed a call in Program from Major White calling in from Australia which everybody can now listen to 24/7. The following is now on our social media pages:

Listen 24/7 to Major Graham R. White, Brigade Senior Operations Officer with 3BCT 25ID call in from where he and other soldiers are involved in a training mission in Australia. He has served our Country for 16 Years with multiple deployments, a lengthy tenure with the Ranger Regiment, and involvement with the Special Operations Community. Major White talked about their Pacific Pathways mission.

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Listen 24/7 Major Graham R. White, Brigade Operations Officer 3BCT calls in from Australia @broncobrigade Plz R/T

The following are our next programs:

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Listen 7/9 9pm EDT to a call in program from @NBUSASummit

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Listen LIVE July 9, 2015 9pm EDT or anytime later. We will have a call in program from the SUMMIT. No Barriers Warriors is a program of No Barriers USA, whose mission is to unleash the potential of the human spirit. No Barriers Warriors and Wells Fargo Launched Warriors to Summits 2015 expedition. The 2015 No Barriers Summit takes place in beautiful Park City, Utah, July 9-12, 2015. This event brings together up to 1,000 participants of all abilities and ages. Stay Tuned for More Details
A talk show page will be set up on our news site as soon as we know who will be calling in.

July 13th we will have another call in program from a soldier serving with 3BCT 25ID 

Also next week we will have another call in program from Australia. 
July 16th we will have another program with
July 23rd we will talk with Navy Fighter Pilot Jeff Hensley. 
The following will go on our twitter page:  
Listen 7/23 to Jeff Hensley 21year Fighter Pilot & Susannah Denney Equine Specialist @hooves4heroes
The following will go on our other social media pages:
Listen 7/23 at 9pm EDT to Jeff Hensley 21 years fighter Pilot in US Navy flying F-14 Tomcat and T-45 Goshawk. 2 Iraq Combat Deployments. Jeff is the Program Counselor for Equest, a therapeutic horsemanship center He helps veterans and military families transition to civilian life through the “Hooves for Heroes” program. Susannah Denney comes from a family rich in military history..Susan is part of developing the “Hooves for Heroes” program. Please SHARE
Direct Link to Listen:
We may have two more call in programs late July with more soldiers with 3CT 25ID. 
July 30th
Listen LIVE July 30, 2015 at 7pm MDT (9pm EDT - 6pm PDT) or anytime later 24/7 as leaders with  talk about their Fast Growing Alliance of Military Support Group Organizations, Veterans, Military Families, Caregivers and Corporate Partners. There will be Announcements on this Program!

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